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Fun night hanging with Ice Cube & The Big3. Thanks @bradley.dock for making @dscott.3 night! @icecube Today was a Great Day! ✔️👍🏾
The Vibe...#THEBIG3
This Big 3......✔️🤔 #TeamTrilogy
Friday Night Live at The Big 3! With my homies @beanpie22 @dscott.3 #FrontRowShorties I might take a 4pt shot before I leave! 4D is in the building....😂😆😉
We live!....😂😂😂😂😂😂
Boy you clean! Thanks @bradley.dock Some people talk about, and some people be about it, that way of Life!
Something New! BangBangAsianShrimpSalad
#YumYum 🔥🔥🔥
Yesterday was FryDaddy, today is GrillDaddy! #CheckThemGrillMarks uh! 😆😜😉
Bang Bang Shrimp 🍤 If u don’t know me well or work with me you might not get this one... Heaven is now! 😂
Bang Bang Fish 🐟 #GrillDaddyPOB
FryDaddy came out today, GrillDaddy tomorrow. #GoodEats Hot Like what? #BangBang🍤
The New New! 🤫🤔😆 Kid call them slides, I still say flip flops 🙄😳😜 Coming Soon...