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We in Good Good hands, I got that Thang! #TravelSafe We in same team! #TeamSafety
This is crazy, I used to be 6’8 😜 but this 12 year old will be passing me very soon! Man how time flies. #GreatKid #GreatGrades #GreatHeart 6th Grade but soon to be 7th Grade. 🙏🏿
PlayOffsOnlyBaby! Game 2... #OKC/Utah
Game 2...What will be the story line after the game? OKC or Utah?
Does Playoff P have another great game or does someone else take over? #SideLineShorty or Does @spidadmitchell help his to to tie it up? #NBATV
GM 2, does this cool Dude show up again? Or do the Jazz tie it up 1-1? #WestSeries #OKC/Utah
OKC/Utah series. @spidadmitchell answered a lot of questions in Game 1, let’s see what game 2 feels like. #Playoffs2018
Playoff P!
Post Game! Melo and RUSS! #OK3
It’s a GT Thang! My man Matty Harp! #GTFamily
We’re locked in OKC/UTAH #PlayoffsOnlyBaby
3DTV aka SideLineShorty! OKC has always been good to me. This should be a good series. OKC/Jazz