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Gather your order, summon your courage and enter a new Escape Room world of magic and wizardry.

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We had an absolute blast on our opening day yesterday - thank you so much to all the brave Orders who joined us! But, sorry folks, our fave moment had to be when we welcomed our first four-legged visitor!
We're open!!!!!!
Congratulations to the Lindsay family, our very first customers!
It's been a day of deliveries! First the delicious #PumpkinPasties from Cater Italy which we'll be serving in our tavern... and then our actual tavern furniture! We can't wait for #Friday
We open in but two weeks!
Sharpen your riddling skills with a teaser from our Complete Compendium of Unsolved Mysteries... #Edinburgh #Magic #EscapeRoom
If Kim Karashian was a witch, this is what she would fly on.
Some Wizards have disapparated and left their cloaks. Too much Butterscotch Beer? Kids never drink and apparate.
Someone has lost their hat. If it is yours, find it in the Lost Property Room.
Butterscotch Beer is here!