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Premium Australian made 🇦🇺silicone gels enriched with vitamins to lighten, hydrate & flatten scars. Available at Chemist Warehouse & Priceline!

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We're wishing for a Vitamin C boost this year! DermaScar Ultra C helps to maintain skin elasticity and strength, as well as lightening and reducing scar pigmentation. What special little something's do you have on your wish list this Christmas? 🎁
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Our full DermaScar range includes our DermaScar Classic, Ultra C, Plus E and Platinum C&E. Which one would you like to see under the tree this year? 🎄
Visit our website to find out more:
What does beauty mean to you? 💕
The greatest gifts you could ever give someone are strength, confidence, the ability to love themselves... But those things don't fit under the tree! 🎄 Good thing we know something that can help with your scars to help you feel confident in your own skin; DermaScar Plus E, with 10% Vitamin E for anti-inflammatory effects and speedy cellular regeneration to help those scars heal faster.
They only call it a risk because the reward is so worth it 💕
Who was it who said that the best things come in small packages? We can't help but believe it this holiday season - this small package is DermaScar Platinum C&E, enriched with both Vitamin E and C for maximum benefit, including the prevention of photo damage and extra moisturising to reduce scar pigmentation.
Getting our skin ready for a summer of beach days and pastel sunsets like this one!
We like to keep our DermaScar on the dressing table in plain sight so that we remember to use it twice daily. Where do you keep yours?
With summer just round the corner, remember to keep your skin well looked after. @valerie_star shows us that a wide-brimmed hat and large sunglasses go a long way to protect your head, eyes and shoulders.
We love beauty, happiness and confidence, but it doesn't always come easily. Look for the small positives in every day and let them bring a little sunshine to your life!
What's your pick? 
A) Citrus fruits (Vitamin C)
B) Avocado, nuts and seeds (Vitamin E)
C) All of the above - DermaScar Platinum, enriched with both Vitamin E & C!