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Premium Australian made 🇦🇺silicone gels enriched with vitamins to lighten, hydrate & flatten scars. Available at Chemist Warehouse & Priceline!

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DermaScar Classic; your essential for scar care.
Thank you Terri 💕 We love hearing your stories and progress!
Pink, blue, orange, green... What do they all mean?! Find the right #scarcare for you by visiting our website; link in bio.
Re-post by @robynlawley! Please excuse my red (damn flu) nose but I wanted you to see the progress of @dermascar and also how easy it is. I literally just put the gel on the scars after I’ve washed my face, then I put my favourite moisturizer on top :) ...I like things easy lol
Because why would you want to be anyone else? 💕
We love those behind-the-scenes glimpses of our scar stories coming to life. Thanks to Lisa for coming in and sharing the aftermath of her surgery. Head to our website to watch out TV ad now! Link in bio.
DermaScar Platinum C&E is jam-packed with vitamins and antioxidants to help soothe and visibly reduce the appearance of your scars.
We had so much fun working with Nathan on set for our TV shoot! Thanks for sharing the story of your cochlear implant with us. Visit the DermaScar website to see our TV ad 💕
DermaScar Platinum C&E - fits perfectly next to our perfume on the dressing table! Where do you keep your DermaScar?
Our DermaScar range has a variety of different gels to suit different scar needs. DermaScar Plus E is enriched with added antioxidant Vitamin E, which assists in fading dark or reddened scars.
We recommend keeping your DermaScar tube in plain sight, somewhere you pass by often so you'll always remember to apply twice daily 💕
Repost from @robynlawley! 
So excited it’s nearly spring I laid out on icey moss lol. Wanted to share an honest photo of my skin and progress with @dermascar since my accident and also a photo of the view.... trees and nature fulfill that other nourishment you need. 🌿✌️