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"Forget about using your phone and easy access to information in Cuba, because there is a very limited internet connection, available in only the largest western hotel or in a public square. It’s back to the days of traveling with a good travel guide and taking the advice of those you meet along the way." - @elisabettalilly
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Read more about Elisabetta's honeymoon to Cuba in our latest #TravelWithPhotographers post on the blog, via link in bio~
Nothing beats a wall gallery that's ready to be hung up! Thanks to @lindsaydelisiophotography for the amazing video~
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I started photographing people at a young age. I was drawn to National Geographic’s way of capturing a soul through people's eyes. I wanted to photograph an individual and be able for someone across the world to understand a hint of who they are. With the interactive motion quality to how I shoot, couples get to be themselves in front of the camera without feeling posed. I desire to photograph a real moment rather than a staged one. Thanks for coming along on my #instagramtakeover for #designaglow! Follow @hannahrosegray3 for more!
I am a foodie at heart. The way bread breaks apart to dip in fresh olive oil and the way turmeric smells when you add it in very hot curry makes my heart spin almost like nothing else. Food photography, or should I say lifestyle kitchen photography, is my passion. Not only do I get to eat all the dishes after I shoot, I get to build relationships with chefs in town. I love being apart of getting the word out there about new local restaurants opening up and building relationships with the ones who are about shifting the culture of food in town.
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Family sessions are so dear to my heart. Families change, they go through different seasons together and over the years I’ve been able to watch certain families grow up in front of my camera. They are fun, entertaining, usually evening sessions that end with us chasing the sunset laughing along the way. As each couple never photographs the same, more or so no two families photograph the same. I get to find what makes them them and pull that out to document.
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I believe in marriage the way I believe in the sun. I see it all around me and see how the goodness of marriage helps the world continue to spin. I believe marriage creates space between two people for love to thrive and individuals to share in this wild crazy life together. 
Wedding photography is more than simply capturing moments of an event, it’s documenting a part of history that grandchildren will look back on and gain an understanding of who they are and where they came from. It’s a beautiful thing.
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I’m a swim for hours in the ocean kind of girl, a camping, messy bun, yoga pants weekend kind of girl, who loves nature as much as I love food. The water has always been apart of my life after growing up on Lake Erie. I’ve been fortunate to swim in the deep waters of the Mediterranean, learn how to surf off the coast of Hawaii beaches, and float in the middle of nowhere in the Caribbean. Travel and water have inspired my heart to know people and cultures of the earth which therefore inspire my photography.
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I’m obsessed with how Design Aglow was able to emboss my logo perfectly!!! My good friend @korymiller hand drew my logo and created a vintage rose feel with a modern twist. I want my clients to feel important when they receive a letter or package from my business so I strive for excellence in presentation. The rose gold did just the right thing, don’t ya think?
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I’m all about bright white walls with florals, eucalyptus leaves, and the smells of candles burning. I work from home, as do many freelance photographers these days. You will always find me listening to a podcast, audible book, or loud music as I edit the day away.
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Hello, this is @hannahrosegray3 on an #InstagramTakeover for #DesignAglow. I’m a small town Ohio girl who now lives in the mountains of Flagstaff, Arizona (yes it’s not only a desert) where I photograph the romance of weddings, the stages of family, and flavors of the food industry. Others describe my work as joyful, romantic, and artful with a hint of warmth and sunshine. Come along today as I show you my life through imagery.