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Darlington based
We can restore lustre to paintwork fix swirl marks and revamp interiors
Paint correction ,protection & ceramic coating
Est.March 2013

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As it states ^
New car protection detail for more details feel free to message
Sound on 👍 over spray covering 100% of the flat surfaces not what I need !! Customer cars been supplied to him like this !
Minor correction and full exterior coatings !
Looking wet
Porsche Cayenne in for the “devils detail” leaving pretty much no area un touched and aim to achieve the best possible finish and remove all possible defects in this case also orange peel removal with a full wet sand. 
And trailing the new ceramic coating from Gibson motor sport aka Gibson shield f1 ultima
Horrific condition on a brand new car ! These are even light surface marring !
Boxster s major correction detail full write up on Facebook  now , final pic shows you how bad this one really was
Flip paint ranger rover any one ?
£100k 6k special order colour from factory  you think they could atleast remove there left over sanding marks .... cars covered in them 🤦‍♂️😔
Well this is different