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Bless Me GOD... New Year New Hope New Job same as Ma Previous Job...
The biggest creation by Allah, suddenly you can see the sky seems wave and looks like a billabong symbol. So when we saw it His biggest and His most beauty creation we should say Biggest Thanks to Him. Today our journey was exciting cause His Bless Us.
When we wanna get something different, we might to struggle and try hard and hard until we get the thing that we want it. You might to know and having knowledge about it. Let's try to do something useful for eachother then repeat and repeat until you get it.
Diamond is the symbol of unstable. It is on arupadatu level. Arupadatu is the world of non-reality or in nirwana. In the past time, they built stairs a bit high each other. It is show us how hard to go to nirwana or heaven. First level tell about the world of desire, it's telling us about life is a choice. If you choice negative side you might know the consequence of your choice. That's we call KARMA. Then if you wanna more to know about the story you could come here on YOGYA.

Follow general medical check up processing before back to the previous... Will around the world...
Our view Our Happiness... #singapore🇸🇬 #malaysia🇲🇾 #netherlands🇳🇱 #germany🇩🇪 #france🇫🇷 #unitedstates🇺🇸 #unitedkingdom🇬🇧 #denmark🇩🇰 #belgium🇧🇪
After we did short tracking and more adventure also explore it

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It is tourist place but in this place if you want to get the local souvenir. Some challenges to get it, you can haggle and here you will need the honest local driver/companion/guide when you wanna buy it. There is a thing that you must know which are souvenirs you can haggle or not. First thing they put the label price and second thing they don't put it. The thing that they put the label so you can't haggle. In this place you can try to know are you smart to haggle or not. You can try it...!!! #tourtravelandbackpacker
It is more than other rice terrace. Here we can enjoy and have more relax time. You can do your drone and also sometime you can play pigeon racing and get traditional plowing. Sometime it is very weird thing when you see some people carrying a lot of grass over their head,then you would be saying ohh God!! You won't ever see it in your country.

No matter what they think I am only wanna do the better thing.

Try to do the better thing. When being their companion. If you want to find us just find at Trip Advisor Tour Travel and Backpacker!!!! #tourtravelandbackpacker

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