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Proud Father. Sneaker Designer Contestant ''Lace Up'' on YouTube . Artist + Fashion Designer contact info 610-522-7441

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Believe in yourself ALWAYS! Do not wait for others approval! 🤟🏾🎨🤟🏾
Morning therapy 🎨🎨
✊🏾 The support be real
Make sure yal come check out this amazing event next Sunday ! May 6th 2018 from 3-7

Drinks by @kalimas_cocktail_koncoctions 
Dj @djwayne_stackz 
Photography @lexlensllc @litotakeover 
Video coverage @litotakeover 
Bloggers @_justagirl1_ @_blaquediamondsngems 
Food @karitakitchen 
Fashion show @queenkyrene @dezign_your_identity 
Vendors @kalimas_cocktail_koncoctions @kimusdesigns @dejatheartist @nikkimoon_creations @domeafavor__ @loveit_style_boutique @lawpublishing @inspireme2c @sierrasale1 @queenscrownllc @routinerefresh @thefancycrumb @t.kinggm @leilanisluminescences @oshunvibez_ @_parrislane @gypsylaneart @klubkisses @luschiouslipss @hernameisree @butterflydij @ramsayempire @klosetgoals @shesprettycreative @2inspr @airsanders_ @sparkskeona @the_pinkboutique @3brosandbrews @alisha_boo410 @hotheadzhairstudio @dezign_your_identity @liveprestige @dreambigphilly 
Performances by @almighty_hayze @vinciano_the_prince @y.ryda
Releasing these soon 👀♦️♠️⛑🎒🍄🌹🥀☄️🔥🌪💨🌊🌊🌊🌊
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Life was easier! The only stress we had back then was homework 📚😅
Shout out @kenjonescomedy for consisting putting on these dope shows @ridiculouslyfunny1
New owners of my work 🤟🏾🎨🤟🏾
Painting live 🎨 for @ridiculouslyfunny1 comedy show ! *This painting sold* 🙌🏾🎨
Working on some cool sneakers 🎨🔥⚡️☀️🌹🍔🍟❤️💔
Deja turning up @djwayne_stackz 😂😂😂😂😂😂
🍂🍁🍃🌿☘️🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥💨💨💨💨 #420