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We spend hours of research daily & specialize in NBA FD. DM for details on GPP/50-50 packs. Join our team today!


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Great way to finish off the nba week and rest up for all star weekend. We had no problem cashing in everything with our main lineup last night! #fanduellineups
Our 9 day winning streak came to an end last night due to lots of chalk out there. Our GPP did put up 362 though and won no problem. Back at it tonight!
Our team has been on absolute 沐・ 沐・ we have now won with our main line 9 days in a row which any DFS player should know is not easy to do! Our main lines have been so strong they are cashing everywhere! We love the slate again tonight and looking for a double digit win streak as we head into all star break! Team hoops is on a roll! #fanduellineups
Another solid night with our main lineup that cashed everywhere. Main has won 8 times over the last 9 days and probably would have been 9 if it weren窶冲  for the roof issue in NOLA! Hope to stay on fire into all star break! 沐・沐・沐・#fanduellineups
We continue to keep our win streak going and were just a player or two away last night from finishing very high. We also played early only and main cashed nicely yesterday also. Big week ahead for team hoops!
Our main lineups continue to cash every night this week and we are going strong into all star break. Let窶冱 keep this trend going up up up! #fanduelwinnings
Another solid night last night for team hoops. We won the 50窶冱 and also GPP games! Looking to extend this into the weekend! DM if interested!
Our main lineup won again last night on a very chalky slate. Hoping to keep the win streak going tonight!
Another challenging slate with major chalk. We won but certainly not with ease. Back at it tonight!
Our main lineup had a nice win today for super bowl Sunday even with an injured Giannis. Looking forward to see how our nfl flex picks do tonight! Good luck pats and eagles fans!
Did you play Donovan tonight like we did? Main lineup 笨 GPP lineup 笨 5 player we missed thanks to Westbrook窶冱 poor outing tonight and the phx blowout game. Almost 3/3! Big weekend of games ahead for us and our team will be playing the nfl flex for the super bowl!#fanduelwinnings
Definitely did not love the slate last night but we did come out a winner with our main lineup. We are a big fan of the slate tonight so looking forward to it!