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We spend hours of research daily & specialize in NBA FD. DM for details on GPP/50-50 packs. Join our team today!

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Very solid day today, our main lineup in the early games yielded 3x and we cashed in just about everything in the night games as well. Back at it tomorrow!
Such an odd night of fantasy hoops last night. Lots of good research was put in and so many odd rotations occurred which made it very unpredictable. Back at it tonight as always!
We were all over the pelicans game last night but so was everyone else. With DJ not playing in the 4th, it kept us right in the line where we won some and lost some. Back at it tonight
Tough slate last night but we pushed through and were able to finish in the top half with a core under 300. Back at it tonight for@more hoops!
Misread the field last night as we were high on Mudiay vs Sac and that really hurt us in the end. Big week ahead, ready to get back on track!
Another solid win with our main lineup last night and that includes a Beasley injury and no 4th for DJ! We played it right and cashed in all contests! Back at it tonight!
Another chalky, crazy slate with nutty ownership. Our picks finished ahead of the curve though and we hope this momentum builds well into the weekend!
Not an easy slate last night, we won a bunch but also just missed the mark in some as well. Back at it tonight, as we really like the games tonight.
Unfortunately didn’t cash last night after a monster win streak. Giannis and James were too tough and we tried to go against the chalk. Back at it tonight and ready to rock!!
Wow what a great night for team hoops again! Our main lineup has won every game since the all star break! One thing very important to note here is we didn’t have AD in our lineup and still finished toward the top in all cash games! We also cashed in GPP! Looking to extend yet again tomorrow!! #fanduellineups #fanduelwinnings
Team hoops remains on 🔥🔥🔥we haven’t lost a main lineup now in cash games in a while and out of the last 15 slates we won 14 of them! (important to note 14/15 where the one we lost was due to the pelicans floor incident a few weeks ago!) We continue to keep this hot streak alive! Back at it tomorrow! #fanduelwinnings
Haven’t lost cash games with our main lineup since a week before the all star break! We finished right above the line tonight but a win is a win! More hoops tomorrow!