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Zizania uses nutrition to reduce medication. We teach people to eat mindfully without sacrificing taste. All our recipes are ALL YOU CAN EAT.


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Disconnect. One of the best ans neglect therapies is vacation.  It could something short and simple like a weekend in the coutry, a yoga retreat or a weekend in Manhattan.  Bryans Park as pictured in this pic is a great place for relaxation, food and drinks. You can enjoy all that sitting on the grass gazing at the afternoon sun or at the stats in the e evening. Indulge it's good for you.
Grilled salsa. Another wonderful recipe to keep you fueled and your blood sugar stables. It is a perfect zizania formula: high micronutrients low macronutrients. Here is the list of ingredients : onions, squash, tomatillo,  scallions,  plum, jalapeño. Indulge it's good for you.
Looking for ways to decrease your blood sugar? This Korean style pancake fits the bill. Kale onions walnuts zucchini add both natural sweetness and essential nutrients.  It also good for weight loss.  Indulge it's good for you
Blueberries and beets salad. Simply delicious,  reduces blood glucose,  lowers cholesterol and helps w weight loss.  Indulge it's good for you.
Have you seen this?  Jackfruit is making its way into the American market.  It tastes similar to pineapple but sweeter with a meaty texture. Lot of vitamin C and A with loads of fiber.  Lot of vegan meats such as pulled pork are made with jackfruit.  Give it a try!
Lowering your blood sugar is easier than you think. Peanuts are a great  tool. They are rich in copper,  polyunsaturated fat, protein,  fiber, and B vitamins.  When taking vitamin D, always take it with some fat such as peanut butter to help with the absorption. Peanut butter is your best lean protein. #diabetessucks, #weighloss, #glucose
Hanging out in the Shenandoah valley today. Nothing like the a communion with nature to restore energy and health. Join me!
Wanna fight inflammation,  diabetes and pain? Here is your vitamin pill. This beverage has about 1000 mg of vitamin C, the mint acts as liver detox and blood purifier, and the kombucha helps your GI stay healthy. In a blender mix cucumber kiwi mint and kombucha and some agave nectar. Eh voila!  Wanna recipe?  Request one via link in bio. No charge just sharing the joy of health.
Papaya: nature's custard. High in fiber and vitamin A, vitamin C, along with a digestive enzyme papain, papaya is an excellent food for combating diabetes, inflamation and autoimmune disease.  Indulge it's good for you!
Nothing helps with diabetes and keeping blood sugar stable like pumpkin seeds.  They are a powerhouse of nutrients : high in magnesium, zinc, folate, and of course fiber and protein.  Make them a staple in your diet.
Sharing a happy thought this Monday morning.  Imagine yourself as a ladybug: happily living among flowers and helping gardeners grow healthy plants. Complete freedom to live the life you want.
The best way to slow down digestion and prevent sugar spikes is to eat a high fiber diet.  Protein does not work. Greens are rich in fiber,  vitamin K, vitamin A, and oodles of anti-oxidants.  Now if only they can b made into dessert!