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Zizania uses nutrition to reduce medication. We teach people to eat mindfully without sacrificing taste. All our recipes are ALL YOU CAN EAT.


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Strength is often at the core. It's the ability to deal with pain and crisis with your head up high while keeping your cool. Show your strength today by forgiving someone who trespasses you.
Happiness is in simple things. Without a healthy body, happiness is just a dream. Change your diet. Break away from disease. Imagine the possibilities. Download your free  healthy eating guide and get started today! Follow link in bio.
This is a webinar I m organizing. Free for all with a probiotic guide to help you get more out of your food and avoid the 3 cardinal mistakes people make about probiotics.  Contact me to register.  Link in bio.
Are still eating baby carrots?  Did you that they are fully grown carrots cut into small pieces? They don't taste good and are much older than regular  carrots.  They are also poor in nutrients.  Compare with an organic  carrots for a true flavor.
On this Easter Sunday, I would like to ponder one question: does love set you free or does it cage you?
Today's INSPIRATION: you are not alone. Whether you are battling an illness, grieving the loss of a loved one, or just trying to cope with a crisis,  know that  you are not alone. There is someone out there who will give you a hand if you know how to ask the right questions.  You have what it takes to get beyond this.  The burden is given to those who can carry it.  Make today your starting point.
How should you take your probiotics, liquid, pills, powder? Probiotics are bacteria.  They do live, consume, and die. The probiotics in a pill form can stay on a store shelf for months if not years.  By the time you use it, 3/4s of it could be dead.  The remaining ones may not colonize.  The best probiotics are the ones in a liquid form that you can drink.  They are always alive, they continue to multiply in the solution, and they will colonize once in your gut.  Always get the probiotics that say several billions on the label.  Tomorrow we will tell you about probiotic foods!
INSPIRATION  of the day.  Think about the possibilities, if only you could say "I can" instead of "I can't"; "I will" instead of "I wish". The only one who can stop or motivate  you is you. So why not tell yourself you can?  When you change the way you look at things,  the things you look at will change.
I promised you a post on probiotics.  As a nutritionist, I hear this every day. “yogurt has probiotics”. This is a myth promoted by the dairy industry.  Yogurt has one type of probiotic, acidophilus.  There is a tiny amount in yogurt and most of it is dead by the time the yogurt lands in your fridge. Additionally, yogurt has casein, the milk protein which causes inflammation.  So dump the yogurt and reach for a glass of kombucha or some fermented foods such as sauerkraut.  My friend Sharon @wild.success has a whole book on fermented foods.  Our next post will be on probiotic products.  Stay tuned!!!
Gut flora: the second brain.  Did you know that there are 100 trillion species of bacteria in your colon? that's right, 100 different types and each type is made of billions of colonies. Without them, you could not digest food, you could not make/absorb vitamin K, you could not excrete waste, your colon cells would starve (bacteria makes SCFA which feeds your colonocytes). Keeping a healthy diet rich in fiber, vitamins, and minerals is how you keep these little helpers healthy.  Do you see where I am going?  stay tune for our next post tomorrow about probiotics.
INSPIRATION this Monday 
When you dream, dream big. Dreams are free so why limit yourself. Instead of saying "I want to ..." dream of the things you would do as if you have reached that goal.  For example, instead of saying I want to lose weight, picture yourself wearing that evening gown of the size you want,  see yourself dancing, dating, scuba diving,  whatever it is that you want to achieve after you reach your weight goal.  Give it a try, it'll give you wings to fly.
Feeling thirsty?  This fruit is low in  sugar but tastes very sweet, very hydrating due to its content in water. Not rich in nutrients but if you are concerned about calories , one large Asian pear is 42 calories,  less than an apple or a banana.  So indulge it's good for you!