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✨ma and booksmart are both in theatres✨


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worlds most useless curtains. put ‘em up myself.
@pitchfork listening diary is up :) link in the stories folks! 💋 #youreprobablysickofreadingaboutme #sorry #shelovesmusic
i heard a song today that made me feel small and it sounds like summer and it’s hot in LA and don’t smoke (i don’t, we all know us “hollywood stars” look “cool” if we pretend to) 💋💋💋
mom 🕊🕊🕊 #bigdog #bowlcut
nothing good happens after 2am. except, like everything. @chanelofficial
OUI OUI!!! #thereshegrows 🧚🏻‍♀️ i nominate @juliettelewis !!!!! bisous bisous 🌟 all the love @stellamccartney 💗🌎🌸🌳❤️
“le pré avec des peupliers” de claude monet 🕊
it’s all happening :’)
me & kylo ren #ready for star wars episode viii
greetings december!
*cues star wars music and letters floating in space: it seems the devil has been let loose and has found a new home in the presidents cabinet! giving him advice and tips on how to run the country! YIKES!!!*