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I went to the nearest convenience store in our house to check out @selectacornetto 's new #CONEfessions cone lids! 🍦🍦 This whole CONE-cept is so cute because of their 32 pick-up lines that you can use to your crushie! πŸ’• Oh, I wish I really have the guts to CONE-fess to him! 😒 Can you? 
Go to your nearest store and choose your favorite pick-up line! Don't forget to tag @selectacornetto and use the official hashtag, #CONEfessions 😊😊
Oh hey, digital world! Its been a while huh?
I just realized that college life will really lessen your social life. 😩 Still posting my summer trip simply because I haven't gone to places except home and school. And oh! I'm sharing you a video, my friend made, from our Lobo trip. Just click the link on my bio!!! β™₯β™₯
Sharing a rare photo of me with make-up. Hehe! Anyway, how was your July?
Everytime my friends asked me what my shoe size is, most of their reaction is 😱 Maybe because my feet doesn't look like size 9 at all. Who's same with me? Short but wide feet? πŸ˜‚
Giving you some tips and advices in my new blog! It's all about how to plan your 18th birthday or commonly called as #debut πŸŽ‚πŸŽπŸŽˆπŸŽ‰ Clickable link on my bio! 😊
Calm before the storm.... Keep safe everyone!! β˜”β˜”
Mandaluyong is popularly known as "Tiger City" because of its outstanding performance in business and economics that's why it makes me want to discover more the hidden gems of the city where I was born and raised. 🐯 But because of the environmental aggressors that I've been exposed to like air pollution and UV rays it makes it impossible for me to explore more the city. Good thing @VaselinePH introduce us the Healthy White Sun Pollution + Protection I can now confidently say that I am ready to wonder around the city and even outside the city. 😊Try this perfect lotion too and be city ready always like me! #VaselinePH #IAmMandaluyongReady #IAmCityReady
I am not really fond on wearing jewelries maybe because I'm not used to it and I'm acidic. But upon seeing this cute tassel from @russetaccessories it makes me want to wear those blings and coordinate it to my ootds. β™₯
My goldilocks hair, everyone. πŸ˜‚ * The rain keep pouring down and I want to remind you to always keep safe!!
I am lucky that I got to see this beautiful beach before it become known to others. Missing this paradise already...
In the middle of Grand Central! I really love the vibes here. β™₯