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If anyone would like a simple song from me and my new favorite toy...this one goes out to you. Finally found an instrument that my tiny fingers agree with, and I’m having a lot of fun learning. Anyone want to join an auto harp club? Is that a thing? Ten points to anyone that knows who sings this song that I adore. ❤️
Playing your songs + missing you. Happy Birthday ⚡️⚡️⚡️
Two weeks, today!! ⚡️ Ohhhh, I’m excited.
Woke up feeling like this. Hi 2019. We’re ready. Hope you’re dancing through this opening day. Sending all kinds of love ⚡️✨⚡️
Acceptable to wear these for how many hours straight? Asking for a friend...
Such a gorgeous, whimsical night. The harpist & lady operatic! The bags, the shoes! Thank you @rogervivier & @gherardofelloni ❤️
Have a happy, happy, happy last night of Channukah...
SO looking forward to returning to this room come January! There will be a new show, unbelievably talented friends @gilllandry, @callmemargot + a few surprise guests. Here we go again @cafecarlyle! ✨
I had such a wonderful time alongside these special women Friday night. It felt fantastic to share our joined thoughts and experiences with all of you. I was quite taken by the amount of kindness and openness in that room, it resonated with me immensely. A big thank you to @cleowade for letting me join in on this heart to heart. A big thank you to all of you that came, it was incredible to meet you & listen to your stories. And a big thank you to @omearalondon for not only hosting us, by allowing all the proceeds to head straight to @warchilduk. ❤️
To those of you that will be our Friday night London friends, we are excited to sit with you, meet you & hear what you lend to this conversation. I’ve derived great inspiration from my dear friend Cleo, her book & furthermore, her commitment to making space for these conversations. Feel lucky to be able to get involved! On top of it all, all proceeds from Friday night go straight to War Child, a charity close to our hearts. Hope you can join us. Link is in my bio. Xx
Half of all refugees & displaced persons around the world are children. In the conflict & upheaval that forces them to flee their homes, thousands of children lose their parents to violence or are separated & endure long journeys on their own. This #WorldChildrensDay, I am thinking about these girls and all the other young children I met on my trip to Jordan. The children who have been forced to flee. In 2017, an estimated 173,800 unaccompanied & separated child refugees & asylum-seekers were reported worldwide. If you want to help, please consider making a donation to @refugees. One of their key roles is helping unaccompanied and separated children seek asylum to help restore their futures. You can follow @refugees to learn more. #veteransday WorldChildrensDay #UNHCR #refugees