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Before the newly opened @forward__space had reached all of its design and buildout glory, there were bare walls, a concrete floor and the promise of dance. My friend, unbelievably talented choreographer @kristinsudeikisdance & I felt compelled to film the first people to move through this space. So, pre demo, we directed this, capturing these angel humans/company members alongside brilliant DP, @Salessi. The power of dance + music is an undeniable thing. At three I told my mom I wanted to dance & there was no looking back. If you’re in NYC, you should take a class alongside these artists. They. Are. Magic. Missing class over here in London...
It was about this time last year. My parents waited anxiously to see which way the wind would blow, where the fires would spread. During the course of a week, they were evacuated multiple times, each time they left with their dogs, a small suitcase and the hope that their home would remain. 
The fires are back. They are saying that these are the most destructive in California’s history. Hearing about all the loss...the lives, the homes...it’s heartbreaking. If you can help, please do. Thank you Cleo for this guide. 
Ways in which we can help our California family:

1. Check in on your friends or even friends of friends who live in the area. This is scary and really traumatic. As my friend Laurie aways says during hard times “it’s better to say the wrong thing than nothing.” They will appreciated it. There is nothing worse than feeling alone and unseen in your hardest moments.

2. Text ‘CAWILDFIRES’ to 90999 to donate $10 to @RedCrossLA to support the food sites and temporary shelters they have set up across the state.

3. Donate to  @LAFDFoundation by going to SupportLAFD.org to support the firefighters and first responders who are truly heroes in this crisis.  The money you spend here helps them to buy urgent supplies needed like hydration packs for the firefighters. 
4. Donate to @baby2baby by going to link in their bio to help get essential items like diapers and baby wipes to the children and families affected by the fires.

5. Donate The Humane Society of Ventura @hsvc_ojai to support their efforts to shelter and feed the animals fleeing from the fire. 
6. @airbnb has launched a page that allows you to donate extra rooms in your house for your displaced neighbors and relief workers deployed to help. If you want to open up your home and your heart in this way, link is in my bio.
Cut off my hope you’re having a wonderful day...but no matter! Just had to say that I’m so inspired by those of you who have been galvanizing, offering rides, knocking on doors, making phone calls, highlighting where to show up, how to be prepared. I’m inspired by everyone who took the time, difficult as it may have been to get out there and vote. I’d love for you to tell me how today went for you...maybe make mention of what the highlight of today was, at the polls or elsewhere. If you’d like, tag me in a photo with your voting sticker and I’ll post some of them on my feed. #iamavoter #votingmatters
November is coming, it’s practically here. Remember, remember... #absenteeballot
Was an absolute privilege to serve on this year's jury for @Tribeca & Chanel’s 2018 #ThroughHerLens competition. After an afternoon of presentations & deliberation, we awarded Suha Araj & Maryam Keshavarz's ROSA as the recipient of full production grants. I‘m beyond inspired by today’s team and each of the competition finalists. Such a blissful day celebrating women in film. #tribecafilmfestival #chanel #womeninfilm ❤️🎥
Love this @laurajhaddock. The countdown is on. 🙌🏼
Will be her backing singer anytime, my arms need no twisting. ❤️❤️❤️
Our weekend’s fearless leader, magic maker, Birthday queen. New Orleans you were well worth the wait. Cleo, you’re the host of dreams.
At midnight we’ll have had thirty years of you. What a gift of a human, best friend and brother you are. Jason, I love you endlessly. 🎂♥️
It was a weekend for the books & now I am on a love comedown...Jess ♥️ Pierre
The trailer for Berlin, I Love You is out now. I was thrilled to be a part of this and to direct again, especially as Luke Wilson is a dream to work alongside. Here you’ll see a bit of our segment, Lucinda. A little sneak peak if you like. ♥️
You make me so happy it looks like I’m crying. Happy Birthday my sweet. Wanted to post a few other photos but didn’t want to make Steven jealous... ❤️