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📌based in JKT, INA
✈AUS : 20-29 June
🛬JPN : 22 June - 1 July
✉ mailtodiarymakan@gmail.com
💬LINE : DiaryMakan


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My source of daily sweetness!! A chocolate cake tart combined with some vanilla ice cream
What a magnificent choice to relieve your day 😍😍😍
Such a magnificent view in Mt. Buller! 😍😍😍😍
Have a goodie bowl here yum!
A great trip for holy-days!
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Taking a hot cup of tea!! In the middle of the day after skiing 😍😍
Super delicious and refreshing!! 😁😁😁
Counting down to our trip to Japan tomorrow! Any ideas of place to go?
P.S. this trip will be entitled as the-high-season-affordable-trip LOL
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The yummy pork belly means holiday is comin' !
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Deliciously Egg Tart by @breadlifebakery still makes me drool again and again!!
One of the things to consider to buy when coming to this store!!!
Duh kalo malem bawaannya laper. Jadinya pesen @jianbing.heroes deh pake gojek. Gak cuma harganya yang mulai dari 15k aja per porsi, isinya ngenyangin banget. Cus!
Saturyay brunch-yay!
Take some super bowl with meh!
Bang! The goody salted egg chicken is my jam! Holiday is approaching soon, please be prepared
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Have a good dinner, people! Apa sih makanan Indonesia kesukaanmu?
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Spread love not hate 😚😚
Let's have some fun, peeps!