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We sell take off diesel parts fast shipping and great prices! Based in SC #Cummins #PowerStroke #DetroitDiesel #Rigs #ISX15
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http://DieselTruckParts.us UNLIKE other used diesel parts sellers we don't slap new paint all over your parts mating surface just to make it look pretty!!! You want to get your truck back up and running or look pretty??? Most of them paint the whole thing bolt threads, mating surface and all!!
http://DieselTruckParts.us Note to self sell steering wheel and column SEPARATE from now on!!! 😂😂💯✔
when every one at the shop has that crud!!
125hp Reliance Electric motor
$24k new. $17k OBO for this one.
New FULL SET #Cummins 5.9 high pressure Fuel Injectors $1800 OR BEST OFFER!
https://DieselParts.us and https://DieselTruckParts.us would like to do some featured articles on YOUR RIG!! Please DM us pics of your ride and any info to include! Also send any links you want included ;) We will put it up on both of our sites and send you the link!

We will also use these submission for drawing for %off gift certificates that dont expire should you ever need parts!! So send them to win them!!
https://DieselParts.us QSB 4.5  Turbo on the way out! Thanks for the order 😁💯✔
htts://DieselParts.us busy weekend! Parts on the way out now! Thanks everyone for the orders!
https://DieselParts.us #Caterpillar #cat C7 Acert for sale $6000 shipped complete!! Contact for more info!!
https://DieselParts.us stay tuned