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Thank god I’ve been to London and shot so many pictures. I just don’t have any time here for new ones. It’s just really time consuming and exhausting to visit all the cute  Christmas markets in ma city🤷🏻‍♀️ #FirstWorldProblems lol
This dude who worked at the carousel looked till the end and I swear he thought how stupid I look because it took me so long for a picture but it was so cold ☹️ #DoItForTheGram #MotelRocks
I really want to live in London one day but I’m convinced that I’ll be broke within a month because of these amazing breakfast spots. This one was one of my favourites for sure🧡
Story Time: this will always be my favourite skirt because it was the first thing me and my best friend talked about... kinda stupid but still cute tho 😂 #StillRemembered hihi
What I learned from the streets of London? Wear whatever you want. It’ll always look good because every corner is just absolutely stunning and saves your outfit 😃 #MissYouLondon
I’m missing these amazing cute little Cafés in London so much😞
typical-blogger-inspiration-leaf-in-the-hand-picture CHECK! 🍂🍁🐿
It is so hard and nerve wrecking, to take pictures in public. Do you have any advice on how to handle it? asking for a friend lol #SheinGals #BlackFriday for 20% off, use code ‘BF18965‘
Will never get over this outfit. It looked good in my mind and now looking at the pictures I just looked so much like a witch🧙🏼‍♀️😂#CoventGarden #London
Shoutout to @sheinofficial for keeping me super stylish and making me look rich lol ♥️ don forget to use code ‘BF18965’ for 20% off your order! #BlackFriday #SheinGals #Shein
I’m receiving quite a lot messages regarding my hair, asking how I get them like this. Currently I’m using the curling Iron from @t3micro and I’m loving it! Do you want a Tutorial? Not going to do one haha just asking 😂 #TooStupidForVideos
This picture don’t captures my actual excitement but I was so happy when I saw these cute pigeons. I was so scared that they will shit on me but they didn’t so that basically means I was accept to be a Disney princess💁🏻