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Taking pictures after eating a lot wasn't a good a idea... I look so preggo in this one 😂
Throwback to this amazing coffee date where I had an mental breakdown and my friend had problems with her stick-on-bra hahaha a little more truth of behind the scenes😂 #SorryMaggie
Fun Fact: I hate knees so much because it always looks like, that there are demons trapped inside haha omg pls just look at it😭😂
Taking selfies for Instagram is so weird. I put so much make up on but it looks totally normal on the photos but to be honest... I looked like a drag queen in real life😂
BROWS: @anastasiabeverlyhills diprow In Medium Brown & DuoPowder in Ebony
LASHES: @Luxilash in Chanel
LIPSTICK: @HudaBeauty Liquid Lipstick Flirt
Thought to put a little bit of colour in my feed. Let's hope & pray it won't look that bad but how with this amazing blouuuuuse😍
We stood in front a Café and there were people staring at me, I was embarrassed af but instead of looking away I looked them deadly in the eyes until they stop staring ahaha  #whyamilikethis
Obsessed with these Bluetooth headphones lately. Used them unfortunately only once because my little brother took them away from me😆 #SudioMoments #Ad
This dress from @trendyhubuk is making me feel some type of way... currently my favourite summer dress for suuurreee🙌🏼 #werbung
Fun Fact: I don't like to invest a lot of money in my hair and therefore I avoid the hairdresser as long as possible hahaha I guess this is the secret to my long hair?😂😅
I love this picture because it makes me look so chill but deep, really deep down in my mind I killed about 10 people... #stillthenicesthumanever
Will always be obsessed over mommy's belt that she owns more than twenty-five years... I'm definitely going to give it to my future daughter, or son. #favshirt #luxegal
Loooove the background. I guess I found my new location spot for the pictures 😃