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Nola Krew in the thick of it! After some big boulders and Joshua trees and taco Tuesday at the Padres game and pioneer town shenanigans and hotel pools and National Park sunsets and plenty of Del Taco were back at it for #Coachella week 2!
#inspiration... happy super super day nola
Might be 28° outside, but the super dome is LIT (that caption works again!) Clemson v. Bama (go cats!)
It's not raining in the DOME!
Panthers vs.Jets @ the meadowlands, with two first time NFL gamedayers and a bunch of panthers fans from across the country! #whodat
What's up instagram. Thanks for showing me pictures of many of the things I am thankful for this thanksgiving, sometimes you help, sometimes you hurt. You truly  made me wish i could have been in twelve places. I didn't really take any photos but I always wish I did, but here's one on the bayou as i was driving over the bridge and one at Grand central right befire i caught thr 1a train. There won't be any pictures when I get home in the middle of the night and I open my fridge and I'm sorry I didn't get to do it all, but for all regardless, I am thankful. Thankful to spend the morning with my nola fam, the afternoon with big extended family, the evening flight across the eastern seaboard, the midnight train back to CT, and the morning with my mom whenever she wakes up and sees me on the couch :)
So the bike is a little small and I'm jot any good video Grapher and my bag keeps falling off with my bungee cord system but if you think that means I'm having any less fun riding around the city, you cray! Perfect spring day for a ride, get out and ride! And this!
Might as well post my obligatory once a month installment...Here with my Nonna and her brother "uncle" joe after our lunch feast as well as the only picture I took in my suit from Fridays wedding. And lastly the words on my friend Sam's house that are always ultra tacky but every so often really hit home and help you to take a moment to appreciate everything you have and hold dear.
get up get out
Red Beans