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So the bike is a little small and I'm jot any good video Grapher and my bag keeps falling off with my bungee cord system but if you think that means I'm having any less fun riding around the city, you cray! Perfect spring day for a ride, get out and ride! And this!
Might as well post my obligatory once a month installment...Here with my Nonna and her brother "uncle" joe after our lunch feast as well as the only picture I took in my suit from Fridays wedding. And lastly the words on my friend Sam's house that are always ultra tacky but every so often really hit home and help you to take a moment to appreciate everything you have and hold dear.
get up get out
Red Beans
I suppose I can post some of these...
Where in the world am I and how did I end up here?
Driving almost halfway across the country to suprise my uncle on his birthday and celebrating with a Pats victory is about as bittersweet as it gets...I didn't get a picture of all the family that was over the house or the Ashley's cake, or the squeeze my cousin gave me when I rang the doorbell, but this picture of the two biggest pats fans I know helps paint a picture!
This little guy practicing his street fighter techniques while taking a nap with daddy dom...more pics to come when I get some better service!