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While designing this years jewelry I decided to throw caution to the wind and go all out! Let me tell you, IT FELT AMAZING! #dimiloc #workcanbefun
I understand that there are thousands of faceless brands and at times it becomes difficult to tell them apart.  Dimiloc is my baby, it’s a part of me, it’s a gift that I have been blessed to share with the world.  I love knowing that what I do has helped women in some small way.  To hear a customer tell me how comfortable and beautiful they feel when wearing my designs, touches my heart in ways I can’t even explain.  So thank you for sharing and supporting over the years.  I look forward to what’s to come! 🙏 #dimiloc
There’s no wonder why women love the Norah Maxi Dress.  It’s modern, modest, timeless and let’s not forget, comfortable. #dimiloc
Folk-inspired prints incorporate fashion styles from around the world.  We are often drawn to such elements because they represent more than a trend, instead, this style draws on a deeply rooted way of life, an emotional connection, a rich history.  It’s no wonder why the rich colors and fluid shapes of this style is exactly what brings fashionistas to them time and time again. #dimiloc
Does this fabric look familiar? Well it’s the leftover fabric from the Alessia Maxi.  Hated to throw away such a beautiful print so I made a little Valentine’s Day dress from it. What do you think? I’m literally wearing “leftovers” lol 🥀 #dimiloc
There are times when you go out on a limb and it works.  The Sharon Maxi Dress makes the special occasion decision an easy one. It’s soft and ultra-feminine. #dimiloc
...when you work with great people everything runs like a well oiled machine. Thank you @andreachenice 💛 #dimiloc
Imagine the feeling you get when wearing your favorite t-shirt.  Now imagine, the t-shirt was floor length.  Well the Purple Norah Maxi Dress is “that” feeling from head to toe. #dimiloc was Monday.  But your Time is better spent helping others so I’m grateful for the day and all of its twists and turns.  The work never ends so enjoy the life in between. #dimiloc
Dusters have been big this Winter.  Still loving the way @tallswag rocked the Kye Duster from the Winter ‘16 Collection. #dimiloc
The key to accessorizing is “Don’t Overthink It.” #dimiloc
Do you ever layer your bracelets?  #afewofmyfavoritethings #dimiloc