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Day Fifteen - Cody approach, landing, random airport decor, and a deer chilling in the hotel parking lot.
Day Fifteen - Broomfield to Cody, Wyoming. Bumpy!
Day Fourteen was pretty much just visiting Colorado breweries. We hit three favorites, @averybrewingco, @trvebrewing, and @crookedstave! 😍🔥🛩️
Day Thirteen - We were having such a good time with my sister and her family doing fireworks stuff on the 4th that I forgot to take pictures. Instead, here's a bizarre artifact produced by my phone from an amalgamation of photos. #isthisart #aviationadventure
Day Thirteen - July 4th flight from St Louis to Broomfield, Colorado. Seven hours. Mostly across farms. I got a few naps in, but  had to stay alert the whole time.
Day Twelve - Last post. We ran into this #hotairballoon demonstration on our walk back to the hotel. Check out that propulsion system!
Day Twelve - Since we were stuck in St Louis, we had time to check out the arch and catch this beautiful sunset. Sadly it was already sold out, so we were not able to go up.
#stlouisarch #aviationadventure
Day Twelve - Shoutout to #4handsbrewing , one of our favorites from our cross-country #aviationadventure
Day Twelve - Here are some exterior shots of N924JW, per request of @recycled_trash_ . The clouds in the background prevented our depararture from St Louis, so we had to spend an extra night. 
Day Twelve - We absolutely loved the #citymuseumstlouis (giant playground made from #upcycled materials), which two of our DPW friends and @cross_face, helped to build/staff! I hope to come back to this special place with even more family and friends! 
#innerchild #aviationadventure
Day Eleven - The #stlouisarch was a welcome sight after a long flight!
Day Eleven - Coming into St Louis with 
#aviationadventure #stlouisarch