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Policy Analyst and Mapping Technician. Cannabis liberation through sensible regulation, that is the mission of our law office. 💚

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"I am also driving."
Delta Sunset Drive.

Turn the volume on.
Michelle Alexander delivering opening plenary to the 2017 International #drugpolicyalliance Reform conference, challenging us to place #racialjustice at the center of the #drugpolicy movement. "We must align drug policy with the work of building a multiracial multiethnic society that truly honors all of us." #therevolutionbeginstoday
#reform17 #endthedrugwar #ssdp2017
Visibility from Oakland to Atlanta
Typical Bay Area view from tonight's social venue.
Neither is Instagram. Do something.
Damn burners. 😳
We built this thing.
Cocktagon: The final erection
Still building, but the ends well in sight!
Just another playa sunset.