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Designer; Thinker; Cook. Founder of @LondonIsYours. Currently in Sydney.
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~ We operate a trumpet-free zone on these streets.
~ Pottin' about in Ha Noi.
~ Gearing up for my first Local Measure conference in Vietnam.
~ Peng Hung- Chih's Farfur the Martyr. If you don't know what that is, Google it because it's weird.
~ Wrote an article about Dropbox, got invited in for lunch + swag.
~ Bodypoppin' Fridays.
~ Ramen needs to be a 3 meals per day thing.
~ 500 hour flight will suck, but can't wait for Aussie summer cycling on the other side.
~ Can't believe my friends are getting married.
~ Provincial towns you jog 'round.
~ Strawberry swingin'
~ I'm back you flaming galaaaas.