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Designer; Thinker; Cook. Founder of @LondonIsYours. Currently in Sydney.
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~ Eye spy, with my little eye, me not being able to resist asking people questions at conferences.
~Stop at the rocks.
~ Always sunny in Sydney, apart from when it rains 4 months of the year.
~ Either someone is dropping a new record, or there's a proposal on the horizon.
~ Make it a Yorkshire.
~ You lead me down, to the ocean.
~ One whiskey and pressed apple please, bar keep.
~ Up the gunners.
~ Whoomp, there it is.
~ Right quick, Nigel Sylvester with these bike flips
~ 1) Turmeric lattes are peak hipster 2) Turmeric lattes are vile 3) I'm not a hipster
~ In the outback, you walk on the tracks.