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Gods will for your life is to have "Great" relationships. Some relationships are for certain seasons, I’m thankful God planted my cousin in my life by blood, not for a season, but for a lifetime. Congrats for winning the Norwegian cup cous! I know how hard you worked for this. Champion 🏆🏆🏆 @arnoldorigi77
VFL Wolfsburg 3 - Mönchengladbach 0. Big up to the team 👏🏾 & @ymalli10 @danieldidavi11 @josuhaguilavogui ⚽️⚽️⚽️ #Godismyguide
J O Y #DO14
Baby Maliyah 👼🏾#Godchild
+3 💯 @vfl.wolfsburg  #Godismyguide
Happy 50th dad.
Im still learning of him daily on and off the pitch. He made me the man I am today.
After his professional career, he could have gone back to kenya. He decided to stay with his family, for their future.
Meet my dad.
There was one man who always believed in me. Who taught me so much, always had patience, who was always there..
Back in genk, where my professional career started. I realised from a young age that it wasn't easy to get to the top.
Adversity will test you on the inside #Keepfaith #DO14