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The High Commander Of The Multiverse, Master Of The Mystic Art’s, Indigo, Lyricist, Songwriter & Practitioner Of Chinese Medicine. NN/Kamar-Taj ❤️357


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@bignarstie BDL Bipolar is out now on all major platforms to buy and stream. So go and get that now. Nothing but love for the feature my brother, I feel very blessed to be a part of the album 🦍
“Fuck you and your ego, I don’t wanna live illegal, but they don’t treat us equal, I’m surrounded by this evil I do this for my People” @izziegibbs. People video out now 🖖🏽💙
These 3 mean the world to me, masters of the mystic arts. This is Kamar-Taj 🖖🏽💙
@izziegibbs 96LS headline show, big up @grimeculture for the photos 🖖🏽💙
@izziegibbs 96LS EP is out now to buy, stream and download on all major platforms. This is an incredible body of work so please check it out and tell your friends to do the same. Much love. 🖖🏽💙
The Holy Trinity 🖖🏽💙👨🏽‍⚕️
The Five Elements @friezah 🖖🏽💙
Proud to be supporting @izziegibbs on his headline show, this is not to be missed. Get your tickets while you can 🖖🏽💙
How you mean, my bro @irishpaddy32c project soon come. Get involved people, he goes hard. Trust me #dicelife 🎲
@intenserhys Presents. This Sunday at the loft in Kettering