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The High Commander Of The Multiverse, Master Of The Mystic Art’s, Indigo, Lyricist, Songwriter & Practitioner Of Chinese Medicine. NN/Kamar-Taj ❤️357


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I’ve always had powers but as a toddler I had red hair and a Vegeta trim. So a massive thank you goes out to the amazingly talented @friezah for taking one of my baby pictures and turning me into a Super Saiyan. Big up my brother, I’m such a fan of your work and it’s a massive blessing and privilege for you to do all of my artwork. you are the best 🖖🏽💙
I’m walking the path of a Dr but I still can’t save myself
Mood @feelgoodpropaganda 📸
Ten Ten girl you’re looking Ten Ten pull up with your friends them number Seven Shen Men (Point number 7 on the Heart channel, Shen Men translates to Gods door or the Spiritual Gate) oh and just for the record the glasses are non prescription, I have 20/40 vision @feelgoodpropaganda 📸
Massive shout out and big love to the zoo keeper himself @bignarstie for last nights antics. #BDLBIPOLAR live was a madness. A big thank you to @dicerecordingsltd for having me down, @izziegibbs shut it down as per usual. Hold tight @motionsdreammedia for the visuals. Lastly big up everyone that was involved and helped make this possible and all the gang supporting. Go get your copy of the album if you haven’t already love. #BDL 🦍
Spaceman 👽👨🏽‍🚀 @alexpotton 📸
I went back to spring boroughs (jungle) earlier in the week for an interview and to take a few photos for @hometownproj. Was kind of mad reminiscing and touching on some old stories, got all the kids in the ends ice cream and it was nice to see they’ve put some playground apparatus in the estate. Much love to @alexpotton for the photos, go check out the movement NN 🖖🏽💙
A massive thank you to the good people over at @mlblondonseries for the care package and a big shout out to Flora for the hospitality and taking care of me. Overly appreciated, much love 🖖🏽💙
@bignarstie BDL Bipolar is out now on all major platforms to buy and stream. So go and get that now. Nothing but love for the feature my brother, I feel very blessed to be a part of the album 🦍
“Fuck you and your ego, I don’t wanna live illegal, but they don’t treat us equal, I’m surrounded by this evil I do this for my People” @izziegibbs. People video out now 🖖🏽💙
These 3 mean the world to me, masters of the mystic arts. This is Kamar-Taj 🖖🏽💙
@izziegibbs 96LS headline show, big up @grimeculture for the photos 🖖🏽💙