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Portland vintage Soul DJ, KMHD radio host- She's also party producer: Sugar Town, Club Nitty Gritty- 2 decades DJing, a lifetime of record collecting.

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The Wild Man!!!!! @mrmaeda last night was a blast
As I stated numerous times, I had SO MUCH FUN at #SpellBound last night ❤️ PLUS I got to play #EarthaKitt’s “I’d Rather Be Burned As A Witch (Then To Never Be Burned At All)” 🕷 Thanks for showing up with love & enthusiasm, and thank you for all of the kind feedback! Also, special thanks to Tara Perkins for making those delicious and adorable spider cookies!!!!!! and thanks to #WildmanJames for being my sweet sweet friend (and sometimes co-DJ) for nearly two decades! I’m so lucky! @taraperkss @mrmaeda #nowspinning #vinyl #vinylcommunity
Hard to capture in a photo. This is my favorite #SpellBound stage decor ever. My dream of a giant black cat DJ booth has come true!!! Hope to see you soon at the Kenton club
TONIGHT (10/13) party with me & #WildmanJames  @mrmaeda at #SpellBound at the @kentonclub ! The magic begins at 9 pm! Vintage spooky #soul, #rhythmAndBlues, and #oldies DANCE PARTY! #portlandnightlife #portland
Oh happy day! The voter pamphlet is here!!!
Pulling #45records for #SpellBound (THIS SATURDAY @ @kentonclub )! Check out these cool spooky  sleeves I bought from one of my favorite designers Elaine Banks @_purelaine_ ! Hope to see you all on the dance floor with me & #WildmanJames @mrmaeda ! .
#vinylcollection #vinylcommunity #portlandnightlife #portland #soulmusic
On the air soon until 11 pm! Tune me in. 89.1 fm in pdx. Stream at
Happy #NationalWolfAwarenessWeek! One of the many things we'll be commemorating musically TONIGHT on my @kmhd_jazz_radio show, Travlin' the Tracks! Tune in 9 - 11 pm every Thursday - 89.1 fm in #Portland, or stream at - R&B, soul, blues, & jazz-candy from 1940s - 1970s.
#HowlinWolf #TheBlues #rhythmnblues
HAPPY NATIONAL COMING OUT DAY! I'd like to acknowledge that this holiday is still VERY important, as we are slipping further and further into a more dangerous world as anyone who is not a straight white man is pushed to the fringes. .

One year ago, the current administration refused to condemn the use of the death penalty as a punishment for homosexuality world-wide. They are just A-OK with gay people being slaughtered simply for being themselves. .

Hate crimes & MURDER of LGBTQ people (especially trans people, & especially trans people of color) are on the rise right here in the USA. So, when I'm told by straight people that things are much better for LGBTQ people (which happens pretty often) my response is- well . . . I guess? .

I guess things have changed in some ways, & yet maybe not so much. Discrimination still happens, perhaps maybe even more so now, because people's bigotry is activated when seeing LGBTQ people living OUT lives. .

So, needless to say, the fight for freedom and civil rights is not a war that can be won, but in fact, it's an ongoing battle to gain & MAINTAIN basic rights, acceptance, & the ability to live with dignity. .

And one last point, as I mentioned recently, our rights are your rights. Nobody is free until everybody is free. If there ever was a time to wake up to that reality NOW IS THAT TIME, So let's band together and fight our asses off for each other!

Thank you
Mississippi is def in the spirit right now
#IvoryJoeHunter was born on this day in 1914 in Kirbyville, Texas. He defied categorization in an industry that has been determined to draw racial lines around genres. Though he is generally considered an R&B artist, many of his recordings could easily nestle perfectly within a country set list.  He was a master musician and songwriter, performing in a variety of styles throughout his life: jump blues, R&B, country, soul, rock 'n' roll, & beyond. AND he performed right here in #Portland at the #CrystalBallroom on Halloween 60 years ago in 1958! .
Working on this week’s episode of my @kmhd_jazz_radio show & just realized I still haven’t finished going through my #LP collection to see what I have. Since I spin primarily 45s at my dance parties, I hadn’t touched most of my LPs for many years prior to getting my radio show. So, I had forgotten much of what I have in my collection. Today I happened upon my #1970sJazz records. I’ve been on a bit of a #QuincyJones kick since watching @rashidajones Netflix doc about her dad. So glad I found these!
#vinyl #nowspinning #vinylcollection