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Portland vintage Soul DJ, KMHD radio host- She's also party producer: Sugar Town, Club Nitty Gritty- 2 decades DJing, a lifetime of record collecting.

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TONIGHT on "Travlin' the Tracks" we'll swing ever so lightly into the holiday season, revisit vintage Portland's Broadway, make some musical wishes for the coming year, and celebrate #NationalDayOfTheHorse with R&B and jazz versions of singing cowboy tunes. Join me from 9 to 11 pm at 89.1 fm in #Portland or stream it at Vintage soul, R&B, jazz, blues, & gospel!
I did not come to appreciate soul music via punk rock, but I did come to appreciate aspects of punk through soul music. I appreciate the fact that punk has often been inspired by soul and has at times, ethusiastically celebrated vintage soul artists. I appreciate that like soul music, punk is community-oriented, and like soul music, punk music is art-as-activism. It is often music with a conscience and a heart.

Other genres of music I grew to appreciate via soul & jazz music: classic country, gospel, latin boogaloo, afrobeat, rocksteady reggae, bossa nova, folk music, ska, mambo, cha cha, calypso, junko, mariachi, 1960s Europop, beat, garage rock, bollywood music, hip-hop, and more.

As an appreciator of music, I've learned that while genres exist to help to market music, they also create misconceptions and serve to keep people apart, locked in boxes. In reality, While music does have origins, there are no borders or boundaries in music. It's a fluid cultural collaboration. It's what gives me hope that people CAN find a pathway to peace.  And I’m honored to have the opportunity to share music with you whenever and wherever I can.

I don't care which pathway you travel to find music, just as long as you get there.

and now I'm reminded of that Oletta Adams song. Hmmm

This is an old flyer (designed by Memphis punkster Jamie Valentine) for a punk soul party I was invited to DJ many years ago in Olympia, Punk Rock City USA. I think I grabbed this from @mrmaeda ❤️or maybe Giles?
It’s radio day! See you on the @kmhd_jazz_radio airwaves tonight! I have a fun one planned for ya! Vintage soul, jazz, r&b - 9 - 11 pm at 89.1 fm in #Portland
#FrankSinatra was born in Hoboken on this day in 1915. I have a soft spot for Old Blue Eyes and so did #Portland when he played here in 1957. Here is the ad!
Remembering #BigMamaThornton on the 92nd anniversary of her birth. Icon & inspiration
This guy gets really dressed up to shoot toy pool.  Check out his coat!
Nothing but space-age supplies for MY sewing projects
TONIGHT on my @kmhd_jazz_radio show, I will play a lot of vintage soul, R&B, & some blues and jazz as well as a small set featuring songs about miners. It's National Miners Day! 
9 - 11 pm at 89.1 fm. Stream @ .
#soulmusic #nowspinning
TONIGHT - join me for my @kmhd_jazz_radio show - vintage soul, r&b, blues, & jazz records - 9 - 11 pm at 89.1 fm in #Portland - stream it @
HBD #LittleRichard ! ❤️
In all my years of record digging one thing I've consistently noticed is that cover art for #LionelHampton is usually superbly designed. I guess he was quite the muse! Here are 20 of my favorite designs.

#vinyl #midcenturyillustration #midcenturydesign #jazz #vinylcommunity #mcmgraphics #midcenturygraphics #mcmillustration
Not a great photo of me, but @deejaydaddycool looks cute and I’m clearly happy, so I’m posting it anyway ❤️ #SugartownSnoball