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Portland vintage Soul DJ, KMHD radio host- She's also party producer: Sugar Town, Club Nitty Gritty- 2 decades DJing, a lifetime of record collecting.

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I was up til 2am last night planning my radio show. I awoke briefly at 7am to discover the queen passed away. I spent the next 11 hours REplanning my show in her honor❤️ SHE DESERVES IT! tune in at 9 pm at 89.1 fm in pdx, stream it at @kmhd_jazz_radio #ArethaFranklin
TONIGHT 9-11 pm (PST) 89.1 fm. I’m celebrating the music lineage, life, & legacy of #ArethaFranklin on @kmhd_jazz_radio! Stream it at .
#vinylcommunity #nowspinning #vinyl #soulmusic
Deeply saddened by the news of the passing of #ArethaFranklin. There are very few artists who reach the level of widespread significance that Aretha has throughout her life, and this is a loss felt across cultures around the world. However, my heart especially goes out to her family, friends, & to people from marginalized communities for whom Aretha was much more than a singer- She was a blazing light of hope during times of darkness. Using only the power of her spirit and her god-given talent, she sparked A REVOLUTION in the hearts of millions. Her example should stand to remind us of the power of music to lift spirits and change minds. Today I will cry MANY tears for the loss of this angel who has been a lifelong hero and inspiration to me & countless others, but I will also be celebrating the fact that she existed, AND WILL ALWAYS LIVE ON as her music continues to inspire us, especially during these troubling times. THANK YOU ARETHA!

As you might imagine, I will be celebrating her heavily ON MY RADIO SHOW TONIGHT ON @kmhd_jazz_radio 9-11 pm (PST) at 89.1 fm, streaming at
#ArethaFranklin #soulmusic
So excited to have this #LatinSoul classic on vinyl! Plus it came with a free @reverblp cork slip mat! #LatinWjatchamacallits #DianeAndCarole #nowspinning #vinyl #vinylcommunity
On this day in 1937 the #GoldenGateQuartet had their first recording session. The group helped introduce gospel music to the mainstream
I think I’ve posted this photo in the past but it’s the only #Aretha pic I have on me right now. Praying for a miracle. (Also pictured, Clara Ward)
I’d never run across one of these freeform promos before. Have any of you diggers?  #motown #vinylcommunity #vinyljunkie
Went to a Value Village for the first time for a long time. This was the only remotely interesting thing in the store
Message for our times
I’m on the air at 9 pm (PST) at 89.1 fm.  Also, I wish I had one of these microphones
TONIGHT: It’s that time of the week again to pack up & travel the tracks with me on @kmhd_jazz_radio ! Thursdays 9-11 pm 89.1 fm