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Good morning^^ ☕️ #vscocam #vsco #dalat
That moment when your go-to places feel familiar yet so different after that special someone left. They left, but the sentimental memories remain. 
#vsco #vscocam #jakarta
On an afternoon stroll around Kota Tua with a good friend o' mine, @poypachara. He took more photos of me than I did for him. I felt like a tourist. Hahahaha. 
#vsco #vscocam #jakarta
Away from home....
Let's go outside. 
Outside is free. 
#vsco #vscocam
Feeling adventurous #withmysuperga. @dedaydedi  @lisnaadwi @mandapuspi
Can you guess which movie poster I am trying to recreate? Hahahaha. Weekend is coming, why so serious?  #vsco #vscocam
Tea, anyone? 🍵
The tradition of returning home during Eid al-Fitr holiday is not only about visiting family and relatives. If your hometown is Bukittinggi or anywhere in West Sumatra, mudik is also the time to pamper your tastebuds with its famous traditional cuisines. 
If you are going to Bukittinggi this holiday, make sure to visit Los Lambuang, or literally translated as stomach hall, a culinary complex  located in heart of the city. 
Worry not, my friends. They won’t overcharge you even though you don’t speak the language, or because it is the right time to change prices. You just need to worry about your weight.... and health. Tambuah ciek! #GoCoconuts
One fine afternoon by the lake (?) #pulangraya
Lychee tea seger nih....
Y u too yellow... 🤣