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I love the thought of loving you for a lifetime. It’s just sometimes..... I also feel empty at it.
Me before enjoying a bowl of authentic tasting beef pho.... #vsco #vscocam
I usually have a question of two before I go to sleep; from a simple question like what to have for lunch tomorrow to question like what keeps us in a state of self-doubt. One's probably should take ownership of oneself. Good night.
Feeling gwapo lel...
Good morning^^ ☕️ #vscocam #vsco #dalat
That moment when your go-to places feel familiar yet so different after that special someone left. They left, but the sentimental memories remain. 
#vsco #vscocam #jakarta
On an afternoon stroll around Kota Tua with a good friend o' mine, @poypachara. He took more photos of me than I did for him. I felt like a tourist. Hahahaha. 
#vsco #vscocam #jakarta
Away from home....
Let's go outside. 
Outside is free. 
#vsco #vscocam
Feeling adventurous #withmysuperga. @dedaydedi  @lisnaadwi @mandapuspi
Can you guess which movie poster I am trying to recreate? Hahahaha. Weekend is coming, why so serious?  #vsco #vscocam