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When times get hard, South Florida knows how to come together! BLOOD DRIVE at the HITS HQ for the victims of the #StonemanShooting! Thursday, 12pm-7pm! TAG 3 PEOPLE WHO SHOULD COME!
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Happy Mother's Day to my better half, my partner in crime, the love of my life and the amazing mother to our amazing little girl. @heatherannenaples Hope you enjoyed your day, Adalynn and I  love you and are so lucky to have you!
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When bae really GETS you. Thank you @heatherannenaples happy Valentine's Day 😂❤️️😍 you are legend.
Happy Valentine's Day... feeling blessed I've got these two valentines for life ❤️
🙏🏼 honored to be amongst this company
I didn't post this because of my feelings about our new president. This frame is a gift my sister got my 3 year old daughter for Christmas. After dipping my toe into the cesspool of Facebook and social media comments around the net today I was disgusted by how many men referred to this election as somehow "putting Hillary back in her place" or "she should have known her place" before running or "now she knows her role" as a woman. It's 2017 and to anyone who feels that it is suddenly ok to not only think that way, but speak it freely, I say shame on you. I'll be damned if I'm gonna let some insecure assholes try to create a world where they think it's ok to tell my daughter what she can or can't be, or what her "place" or "role" is, solely because she's a woman. To the newly empowered who think the world now spins in the narrow way they see it, be careful with your words. 4 years is not that long, and you might just wake the rest of us up to show up not just like we did 8 years ago got Obama the first time around, but even greater. Just cause we have an asshole for a president doesn't mean being an asshole has to be acceptable. Fathers, remind your daughters they can be anything they want to be, and assure them that they deserve to be treated better than this narrow pathetic view that a insecure and uneducated group feels suddenly empowered to speak out loud because of who our new president is.
This is the realist shit ever
Me and @heatherannenaples