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Yellow moong dhal and basmati chawal also known as yellow lentil soup and white rice. 
Growing up, this was 2 to 3 times a week. Now my kids eat this 2 to 3 times a week. I eat it on some Mondays and some Thursdays.

Nisha makes it as good if not better than any Aunty. 
You ever tried this dish ? It’s lit AF.
Welcome back to the @ButterChickenPodcast! We are beyond excited to be launching Season 2 of BCP, and couldn't be happier to do so with the extremely talented artist @BabbuThePainter.

Babbu stopped by while she was in NY recently and chopped it up with us for some buttery conversation. The #ButterChickenBoys and #BabbuThePainter dove deep into history. Babbu told us about what growing up was like, being cool, wanting to make her own clothing, going to art school and what her parents thought about her pursuing art.

Babbu had us laughing the entire convo while also painting the picture of how hard she's had to hustle to get to this point in her career. She explains what #Bakwaas means, merging Indian culture with art + hip hop, how to separate social media from reality, and her skin tone being powerful! We also chatted about her @Converse campaign, that one time she broke her elbow, promoting confidence in women, and when her mom found out she had tattoos.

Make sure to tune in to this buttery weekly programming as we launch the beginning of #Season2! 
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Shout out to our friends @hubhopperofficial , we are officially available on their app. 
Thank you, come again. 📷: @vermaphotographynyc
My brother @djkaranj , always watching my back , and always watching my levels. 
Happy 30th Birthday.
GOD BLESS little Brother
(not bro, not broski, not homey ... just brother)
📷: @vermaphotographynyc
Y’all wanna understand where #UrbanDesi comes from, just go through my mixtape catalog.

I did this tape in 2006 along with many other tapes before this one.

The mixtape was the platform that allowed DJ’s to break music before it hit radio, parties, and the streets.

For anyone new to our culture, these tapes were the gold standard. For anyone young and just getting in the game, understand how many artists were on on these mixes before they popped off and got their deals.

Many artists from this era didn’t make it past local and some went on to become global superstars. It’s all about the hustle and how passionate you are. 
This tape, “Desi’s Goin’ Diamond” featured records from @jaysean , @musicbyrr , @belly , @massari , @raj_tigerstyle & @popstigerstyle , @jassisidhu , @raghavworldwide , @jcsona , @s6boyofficial , @blitzmusic1 , @gdeepmusic , @bilzmusic , @roachkillaofficial , and so many more , all of them whose music I truly support and will continue to support. 
Back in those days we would print 10,000+ tapes and sell em ourselves at $10 a pop. Then the artists would pop off and charge us thousands to show up at the parties and perform. The good old days.

Salute my brothers @nivlanyc , @poberoi , & @cookedbyraj ! We carved out a little piece of history with “Be Easy” ( that was the first Urban Desi record on Interscope, ever, all facts). @chachiofficial , we had the studio locked for days to do these tapes. 
@urbandesidocumentary , thanks for the inspiration.

Salute my guy @gaurav_jee for digging this up. 
Swipe for track list. 
LINK IN BIO for all the mixes.
Whatever she lacks, I'm right over her shoulder
When I'm off track, mami is keepin' me focused
Happy Labor Day y’all. I DJ’ed in Delaware Friday, Chicago Saturday, and then back to Delaware last night. I can safely say I left bodies on every dance floor, dead. This is pre-show last night , the lovely @sarahpinkviolin and myself vibed the f out (the show is in my story).
More importantly, I’ve been in the gym all summer and have really been working on my legs. What do you think? Can you see the results?

Salute my family @djusaweddings on the production.
If we don’t support our young artists then how do you expect everyone else to?

Here’s a young brown kid who happens to make really good songs. He tells a story many from all walks of life can relate to.

We got an opportunity to chop it up and allowed him to tell his story so y’all can understand where he comes from. He goes by the name of @anikkhan_ and he is our guest on the @butterchickenpodcast season finale this week.

Anik and his team are a group of young hustlers working their way to greatness. 
In this week’s episode we talk:
... and more.

#BIGFAX out now , everywhere. 

By the way: Is it chicken curry or curry chicken ? Let me know. 🐔🐔🐔 x 📠📠📠
One of the absolute greatest dessert inventions ever. #jalebi is incredible in flavor, texture, and color. Anything containing saffron is always better. This is one of my favorite sweets. What’s your favorite sweet or dessert? I wanna know.
🍮 🍨 🍭 🍬 🎂 🍰 🥨 🍫 🍦
Real happy I got to meet this young brother @anikkhan_ . He has a new record called “ #BigFax “ out now and it’s pure fire.

Friends, I humbly ask you to support by copping, streaming, sharing, and spreading the vibes this young man just put out (link in his bio) . This record gonna get you into the weekend real nice.
- Men lie, Women lie, Stats Don’t
*** to all my dj friends, send me ur email and I will send u a special dj pack for the record, fax bro ***
📷: @hyfn
This week on the @ButterChickenPodcast, @DJSharad + @DJJuicy sit down with international music artist, @Raxstaruk. The #ButterChicken Boys + #Raxstar chop it up about #HipHop and #Desi music, the support behind his career in music, being the first in his family to go to college, and being the black sheep of the family. Rax tells us about his OG mixtapes, working at Staples, his influences, his #HanjiHello apparel, and the first time he was on radio!

We learned about his immense love for music and the everyday hustle that goes into the lifestyle! Our favorite part of the discussion was when we spoke about “features” for other artists. Legendary talk.

When a couple of dope DJs and an incredible artist get in a room, you can only imagine the gems that were dropped. We are honored to know this brother, and we’re sure you will be too after listening to his story. 
Head over to #iTunes, #SoundCloud, and all other podcast platforms to hear this week's buttery episode. Rate, subscribe , comment, and like. 
Salute our bros @raxstaruk , and @lostrocketuk the play maker. Appreciate y’all. 
This is a big fact. (but always watch out for the snakes 🐍 and always watch your back)

Have a blessed weekend beloved.
This week on the @butterchickenpodcast, @DJSharad + @DJJuicy sit down with the a rising star in the fashion business, Yash Dongre. @DongreYash discusses fast fashion, Desi fashion, joining the family business, and his being lead by a very hard working mother, @anitadongre + her ambitious drive. He walks us through the distribution channels they utilize for business, the history of all the brands his family owns within the fashion world, and the @anitadongregrassroot brand that he is spearheading here in New York. Yash also shares a recent highlight for the family, when one of their pieces was worn by @KimKardashian for @VogueIndia .

Make sure to head over to #iTunes, #SoundCloud, #YouTube and all other podcast platforms to hear this week's episode!" LINK IN MY BIO

Photo: @vermaphotographynyc