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B E S T x B U D S !!! King Shaan & I !
As we get into this week try to remember that if we work with others, if we work together, we are bound to make a bigger impact in whatever we do. Unified CULTURE(S) has been a recurring theme with my professional efforts. We have to continue to embrace that.
Be proud of your culture , but try embracing other cultures too. 
@adidas & @pharrell are creating global impact with the celebration of Human Diversity. The @djusaevents team and I were brought on to play our part in the NY roll out. Thanks @adidas , we are #heretocreate ! Take a scroll thru some of the recap pictures. NYC is a diverse place , I’m proud to rep this city ALL DAY, EVERYDAY. 
Also I got a new mixtape out, it’s fire, and the whole concept behind it is Diversity while paying homage to Pharrell. It’s lit. 🔥. 🤷🏾‍♂️ my mixtapes are always lit, this one is super lit. (Fee link in BIO and thanks @bbcicecream_nyc for the support)

📷: @calligrafist (mostly)
Had a long and productive couple of weeks. Thank GOD for Sunday. Have a blessed week and always listen 👂 to the kids b.
Happy Buddha & Angry Indian. 
Did a set with my brother , one of the greatest DJ’s of our generation,  @djfatfingaznyc last night at @bbcicecream_nyc ! Not sure when this was or what I just played but this was a moment captured proper. 
DJing brand events is way different than parties. Me and this guy have fun wherever we play. We have performed together in multiple cities for all types of events but NYC is where we flourish. @adidas embraced us and let’s us do us, the #heretocreate movement is very real. 
Also, we have a joint mixtape on the way but before you get that one please download the @pharrell x @adidas tape I jus did for @bbcicecream ( link in bio , please and thank you ) 📸: @calligrafist
This is another side of #BROWNEXCELLENCE ! Not all of us are doctors or own gas stations ( salute to those who do that) , this group here is a few musicians & creatives from our community. Get familiar. We opened it up for everyone else to follow.

Last night I partnered with @adidas to help curate and roll out the new @adidas @pharrell HOLI collection at @bbcicecream_nyc ! We launched a dope ass mixtape on @desihiphop ( link in bio, please listen), designed a fly menu , pulled up in a rickshaw , decked out @bbcicecream_nyc with imported flowers from the mother land, and played a mix of rap, dancehall , afrobeat, desi , and so much more. My brother @djjuicy ran the entire @djusaevents partnership with our agency partners @roundhousepdx ! Here we got @cookedbyraj , @djjuicy , @nehrujackets , @anikkhan_ , me , and @rajaforlifee ! We brought in our friends @stylisheventsny & @chef.anand to help us deliver an event representing us and everything NY stands for ... DIVERSITY. Human Diversity in honor of one of the greats , @pharrell . Thank you to our family at adidas for ensuring WE were involved.  And to @mimzsquared , you and your team are legend.
📸: @calligrafist
DJ Sharad’s new mixtape “Connected” is a  project paying homage to international artist @Pharrell celebrating his latest collaboration with @adidas. Inspired by the Hindu festival of Holi, artist ‪Pharrell Williams‬ showcases his creative flair for celebrating human diversity with new footwear and apparel designs.  The release is scheduled around the Holi holiday this Spring. 
In honor of the collaboration, DJ Sharad mixes some of his all time favorite Pharrell records along with fresh tracks from some of the hottest artists from the global South Asian community.  DJ Sharad showcases artists of South Asian heritage hailing from all over the world including New York, California, The UK, India, Africa and beyond. The mix tells a story and more importantly shows how we are all CONNECTED through music, art, and fashion. DJ Sharad continues to bridge the hip hop and South Asian communities with every release. This is his third mixtape of 2018 with a few more already in the pipeline. Staying true to his culture, DJ Sharad has chosen to release the mix exclusively in conjunction with DESIHIPHOP.
📸: @calligrafist
Link in my BIO.
#brownexcellence at the @theplazahotel NYC last night with my Queen 👑 . Drank some Pinot Noir, ate some dumplings, shook some hands, in bed by Midnight. Salute SJS, thanks for the invite.
We call this the executive duo.  @marcoglorious and I have been leaving bodies on the floor for years. Together we hit 80 cities over 4 continents. 
We stayed loyal to each other, our individual brands, and our company for over 15 years.
He is a GOAT amongst an industry full of snakes. In the past 15 years he did a 4 year NBA Deal , followed up with a 5 year plus deal with Nationally syndicated Wendy Williams Show and he helped grow our company @djusaevents 10 times since we opened up. Between social, corporate, and TV he hosts 300 dates a year. #trusttheprocess
Left LA Friday night, woke up in Cancun Saturday morning. Sh.t, Shaved, Showered, played a party til 430am last night at the JW. Sunday woke up FaceTimed Nisha and the kids, thanked GOD. Now ready to play some songs for a few really nice people only because my parents listened to me. They bought me 2 lineartech turntables and a Gemini mixer in ‘93. Listen to the kids bro. Happy Sunday and Stay Blessed Beloved.
Went to LA for a few hours and made sure to check @badmaashla for the famous FRIED BUTTER CHICKEN SAMMICH. I guess it’s legal to sell Crack in Cali. My West Coast homey @nakulbadmaash delivered an unparalleled experience. This place is Certified Desi at its best. Please baby more #ButterChicken in LA. Extremely proud of the team behind this family business. #BrownExcellence (the evidence is in my IG story highlights )
📷: @calligrafist
Happy Walemtimes Day 😀. Love you Nisha, Shaan, Naya. ❤️ 🖤 💜. (Nisha made us do the matchy matchy vibe ... Shaan and I just followed her orders, Naya had no opinion on it)
Dropped 2 Mixtapes in 4 weeks and got a lot more on the way. 27,000 plays early. Thanks to the artists and labels who send me records. Anyone has an opportunity to be featured , just send me your records and if they are hot we go. 
Thanks to all the supporters for reposting and sharing. 
Check the link in bio for that 🔥. Love you all , even the haters who look at my IG story but act like y’all don’t know me. I see you fam. Love is love.