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Thank GOD for the DJ. 
This week was mad busy.

Saturday we produced Wu Tang Clan’s 25th anniversary in conjunction with @livenation & @footaction , we put the entire production together in 24 hours.

Monday we took @anikkhan_ to Shade 45 with @djenuff and @theheavyhitters ! That was dope. Thanks to the squad there. Y’all show love and we appreciate it.

Tuesday I played the launch of @soulerhq with @mouthmedianetwork ! The highlight  was hearing @wex speak all facts. He started as a DJ on turntables. Crazy.

Wednesday we supported @rajaforlifee album release for “Rebirth”, Congrats King. He did what he said he was gonna do. Work starts now.

Wednesday I held my sis @therajakumari down for her show at Hudson Terrace. DJed her set. She murdered it.

Thursday we launched Sole Fury for Reebok at @champssports Times Square in the snow. We built the production over night and it came out dope.

Thursday we also held our first live studio audience @butterchickenpodcast with our close friends, family, and fans and were able to debut Raja Kumari’s record in Queens. That was a moment.
The weather was nasty and all our real ones came out despite that. You mean everything to us.
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Tonight I play a college party.

Tomorrow (Saturday) l’m guest DJing in @bbcradio1 Asian Beats in London with @djlimelightuk & @kandman and I’m gonna break a ton of new records on the international airwaves. That’s my favorite part of the game.

We have a small team at the @djusaevents and all of us have been running 1000 miles an hour. Sometimes we don’t even see each other for days. We continue to work like our back is against the wall and we have nothing. Salute my entire squad, we are powerful. 2019.

Thank GOD for the DJ. None of the above would be possible without this DJ thing of ours. 📷: @thedonlikecheadle
On this week’s episode, the #butterchickenboys decide to put together a live buttery experience with their friends, family, and fans to get the story of Grammy nominated artist and cultural icon @therajakumari. In fact, @djsharad and @djjuicy bring the Queen to Queens, New York (their hometown). In this saucy episode Raja Kumari talks about her early days, training in Indian classical dance and what impacted the start of her musical career. Exploring all genres of music, to taking a chance and moving to Mumbai to further her career as an artist, Raja Kumari continues to take risks! The boys and Raja also touch on several milestones such as, being the first South Asian Woman being signed to @epicrecords, her Grammy nomination, and how she was able to create a loyal global fan base. Wait, there is more! Raja Kumari debuts her new single #Shook live on @butterchickenpodcast , you don’t want to miss this episode! A special thanks to @_productofculture_ @dissdash_world and all our attendees for trekking through the snow to witness the live experience. The #butterchickenboys also want to thank their partners @queens_bully @browngirlmag and @bira91us for their help and support. LINK IN BIO NOW! #brownexcellence #brownrenaissance 📷: @calligrafist
Last night @rajaforlifee dropped “Rebirth”. It’s been a long time for this young man. A lot of y’all doubted. New record is called “Let’s get to it” , I’m breaking it on BBC Radio 1 this Saturday in London. 
Shout to every #Patel In the world. If every Patel streams this record my man Raja will become a millionaire in a few minutes. Ha. Let’s go. #workstartsnow
I asked Anik to show me the billboard last night after we visited radio. He showed me the billboard. 
Crazy part is we didn’t even start turning up the gas yet (as a community , just saying). Enjoying the moment but remember the #workstartsnow !

This is like the time you brought home a test paper with a score of 95 and your parents said “where’s the other 5 points?” Desi tings. 
Salute everyone on the team behind this project, let’s turn the fu$k up now. All of US.
Zoned in, anywhere I play. 
I played a few songs at @baarbaarnyc this weekend for a couple of good friends, 137 songs to be exact. A little Jigga, Ye, Fab, Biggie, Jeezy, Cardi and Drake mixed with some Raxstar, Anik, Raja, Raja Kumari, and Rishi Rich mixed with some Ozuna, J. Balvin, Bad Bunny, and El Alfa and boom ... its a lituation.

No one can replicate my sound, I play what I love.

Congrats @thechutneylife & @pinankp , honored to create the soundtrack at some of the most important events in your lives. 
Philly.Fam. = Legendary.

Great vibes, food, and drinks at this downtown spot. Baar Baar is contemporary Desi bridging music, food, and art, representing our Culture extremely well. 📷: @_niharmakwana_
GOD & Family > Everything . #HappyDiwali from US. 
GOD gave us everything , the rest is a bonus.
In this week’s episode of the #ButterChickenPodcast, @DJSharad and @DJJuicy sit down with artist @rajaforlifee.
Raja and the #butterchickenboys talk about the hustle of surviving in the music industry, and the particular struggles Raja has had along the road. From devastating losses to overcoming substance addiction, Raja has come out the other end shining.
He has worked with artists including @myfabolouslife and @torylanez on collab records. We are supporters of Raja’s new track #IslandGyal (which broke a million plays on @spotify ) and are excited to see what the future has in store for him! With a new project on the way and a strong work ethic , he is kicking down one door at a time.
Follow @butterchickenpodcast and click the #linkinbio for the full episode.

Thanks 🙏🏾, Dallas. Another city I love. And I been playing in Texas for my entire career. One of the best states to DJ.
#bollywood x #hiphop x #desihiphop
2018 has been an incredible year for our agency. 
This year we really were able to build with some amazing brands and some amazing people, allowing us to do what we do best ... push the culture by connecting music, art, food, fashion, tech, and most importantly, people. 
We curated a dinner series for #internetionalcurryweek , a global initiative put together by @bira91beer ! In doing so we managed to bring together a whole bunch of dope creatives and we even managed to have our brother @thejazdhami play the smallest, most intimate show of his career. This was an amazing project. 🙏🏾 to all involved. Juuuuheardddd.

Salute @baarbaarnyc for hosting us.
@butterchickenpodcast has the sauce u need. 
Thank you , come again. 🙏🏾.
I learned a lot from these guys about brotherhood and partnership. This was an incredible episode of @butterchickenpodcast !

On this week’s episode of the @ButterChickenPodcast, @DJSharad and @DJJuicy sit down with OGs in the footwear space, brothers Nick ( @nick1six ) and Ankur Amin ( @ankurs_away )of @ExtraButter. They chop it up about life as Gujarati immigrants in Queens in the early 1980s, and the virtuosic level of entrepreneurship and family bonding that brought the Amin brothers to where they are now. Nick and Ankur bring us through the process of Extra Butter’s first collaboration with @Reebok and emphasize their values of team building and family support. From owning the @Renarts1981 chains, to bringing in their passion for cinema, Extra Butter has developed into a truly experiential brand. Some #bars dropped in this episode: what you build, builds you. Needless to say, this episode is #extrabuttery!  LINK IN BIO!

📷: @bigballerbenson
Butter Chicken 🐔 
Shrimp 🍤Curry
Goat 🐐 Curry
Dhal Makhani 🍜
Palak Paneer
White Basmati Rice🍛
What’s the best on this plate ? You know my answer. 📷: @imtiazcc
GOD gave us everything.