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Nisha planned my birthday. I asked her make sure my nephews make it. All 3 of these kids will do great things in life. Their uncle and aunt have been with them since the beginning. They love our kids the way we love them and the motto is always family first.
Thanks all who called and wished. I was a bit tied up.
As I get older I’m consistently reminded that the priorities don’t ever change and the smaller circle is always the move.
God & Family. Everything else comes next.
📷: @magnus_the_young_bull
Make sure whoever is around you has your back for real.

Juicy, Max, Nisha ... all day 1.
📷: @urmil_
#butterchickenboys with our Chilean brother on the side, always.

Family first.
📷: @vermaphotographynyc
Thank you 2018.
2019, we keep pushing culture.
@hafandhaf , u bodied this.
Put in a lot of work this year. Probably more than I ever have. 
The team and I have put together 2 great events to celebrate a successful 2018. Consumer experience is always numero uno. 
I dj 2 bangers on NYE. 
For my food loving friends, I play a dope dinner experience early on with my brother @djavipst at @baarbaarnyc (one of the dopest restaurants in NYC). After we eat, we turn up. Salute @chefsujans & @fit.foodie.diva !

And for all the people who just wanna dance like we used to, we launch 🚀 the vibes @chelseamusichall ! This is for the dancers, the girls, the guys, the hip hop heads, the Desi music heads, and yes we play the latin vibes, afro beat , dancehall, and trap. 
My crew is on set and I close out the night. @djjuicy , @ashgofficial , @djarjun1129 , @djkkv and me handle the vibes.
And Incase u ain’t no so my guys @anikkhan_ & @raghavworldwide hit the stage in the late night. My sis @hafandhaf will paint live. 
Salute @aifnyyp , @browngirlmag , @djusaevents , @_productofculture_ , @rootsgearofficial , @urbanasian , and the entire squad on this one. 
Tickets in my bio.
Swipe to see all the details. 
#2019 📷: @vermaphotographynyc
Indian people make eggs different. This is Sindhi eggs.
Onion, Tomato, Cilantro, Cumin, Red Chili Powder 🌶, Black Salt, and a couple of top secret spices. Lit. 
Happy Holidays.
Took a trip to BK today. That’s the best family picture we could get and Shaan was about to rush the photographer. 
Happy Holidays from my squad.
📷: @lifebythezee
How Does streaming impact the music business ? What’s your opinion ?
Artists , producers , djs , music fans ... let me know your opinion on streaming  and how it affects the business ... talk to me baby.
By the way , salute my fam at @tidal for allowing me to curate a playlist repping my culture. My #Tidal #certifieddesi playlist features from some of the biggest and up and coming artists from the diaspora. I’m giving all my friends a free @tidal subscription for 30 days , link in bio.
Happy 28th birthday to my wife , partner , backbone , best friend, Nisha. Stuck by me through it all. Never left my side. We got the best gifts GOD could give us. Everyday is a celebration but today is your day. Happy birthday.
📷: @calligrafist (🙏🏾)
Love my sister. No matter where we are at in life my sister will always be by my side. Happy birthday Sharan. Great things ahead in 2019. 🎁.
This season at @butterchickenpodcast was incredible ! As we wrap up the season it’s only right to have our brother @raghavworldwide join us to talk music and real life. We talked about the journey and all the highs and lows it comes with. It was an honor to chop it up with our homey, the storyteller, Raghav. This is the season finale. We thank you for supporting the #butterchickenboys 
Link In Bio.