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My guys Tommy McNamara, Jonathan Lewis, and Sebastian Ibeagha of @nycfc pulled up to the grand re-opening of @adidas at @queenscentermall the other day.

They asked me to join the team, but I told ‘em I only play sports that involve turntables & mixers.

Thanks for repping and passing thru. Thanks for repping the city so well. Oh yeah and we got em to dance too. For real for real. (Check my IG story for the facts)
A friend of the family @therealsuraj201 ( founder of @sneakerroom ) stopped by the @butterchickenpodcast studio and told us his story. 
He tells us about his humble beginnings as a kid from the projects. We talked about his current projects with @nike and how he was able to donate hundreds of thousands of dollars to various charities along the way. 
We talked family, fatherhood, brotherhood, business , and sneakers of course. This episode link is in my bio now and on @soundcloud , @itunes and all other platforms. Listen and learn something. 
Welcome back to The @butterchickenpodcast with @djsharad and @djjuicy. On Episode 3, The Butter Chicken boys sit down with the legendary owner and founder of @sneakerroom , @therealsuraj201. If one word could describe Suraj’s come up story it would be IMPACTFUL. The temperature of this week’s Butter Chicken is HOT. Grab a cold lassi and tune in! And as always, thank you for your continued support!
I picked up a bottle of this a few weeks ago. My life been great ever since. I spray it all over myself right before my gigs. You should try some.

Thanks @coltranecurtis (one of the greatest inventions ever).
Everyday is Father’s Day. GOD gave us these 2. We good. Stay Blessed.
Thank you to my friend & brother @djjuicy for a great gift. I love @djsharad so this gift is really perfect. All my DJ’s around the globe ... wherever you are playing , let’s f*ck tings up this week.
Our homey from across the pond @thejazdhami came by the @butterchickenpodcast studio and dropped gems for episode 2.

Listen to the story of his come up, how his family supported him, how he linked up with @yyhsofficial to make his biggest record yet, and who his inspirations are including @usher and @craigdavid ! Jaz is continuing to work hard and make his mark in global Desi music. We are glad he came by and shared his story. 
Listen, subscribe, rate, enjoy.
#bhangra #bollywood
Welcome back to the @butterchickenpodcast with @DJSharad and @DJJuicy. This week, the Butter Chicken boys sit down with the exceptionally talented and world-renowned, @thejazdhami . Jaz discusses his classical training background and the people who have been an inspiration to him both professionally and personally. Other ingredients in this week’s dish include Jaz’s most illustrious achievements and where his musical journey and career are headed. You don’t want to miss this simmering conversation! Grab some extra napkins, because this one is cooked with extra sauce! Link in bio! click, listen , subscribe , all that ( available on Sound Cloud, ITunes and all other platforms). We are documenting our culture , our way , no filters , just real talk.
Have a blessed Sunday. 
My sister Sharan made this with love. 
We are extremely thankful for the little things, like some home cooked food in a classic plate. Those who know , really know. 
Did you ever eat #alooparatha ? Did you ever have this plate in your house ? Let me know.
Thank you Nisha. 8 years complete. 
Thanks @grandhyattbahamar , great property and service.

We. Will. Be. Back.
2018 started real dope.

Naya turned 1.

Shaan turned 3.

I dropped 3 mixtapes. All have been extremely well received.

We recorded an entire season of @butterchickenpodcast, it’s fire. Soon come for the street.

I djed all over the country and bodied every event I touched.

The @djusaevents , @djusadesign , & @djusaweddings team broke bookings records from all previous years. We are at our best yet. The team is working extremely hard. We opened up our NYC office this past week. 
With that said, it’s time to be out for a few days for a much deserved reset.

Nisha and I are celebrating 8 years of union this week. She needs me, the kids need me. I need them. I am out. See u in a few days. Bless. 
Thank GOD. 📷: @vermnater
My lady took us to the county fair yesterday , days like this is why we work so hard.