The Greatest DJ In The World

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❇️Lil Wayne official DJ #HoodrichDJ #CoreDJ said ✳️ for club/mixtape booking! 🏠#TheJack - Atl

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Still asking Who Is TLewis?
The Greatest DJ in The F*ckin World!!!
Crowd going so crazy you would think @asapferg was performing!!!
DJs feel free to borrow this mix!!!
Everybody Tag @asapferg to this post!!!!
Put me in my element, I’m on GO MODE!!!
When TLewis bring ya out, I BRING YA OUT!!! #FestivalGod #Like&Comment if this turned u up!!!
From Jackson, Ms to Atlanta, Ga!
God is Great!!!
Mood when she declined my date... 🤷🏽‍♂️
Been had it, just ain’t had to talk about it!!! #JuKnowDat 4th of July 2018 swag!!!
Had to post before y’all think these rappers did it first!!!
Young TLewis Ali! 📸: @atlpics
PSA to all of my ppl in Jackson! PLEASE REPOST & SHARE!!!
Back to school is approaching and iI have shoes to give away! I gave A few 100 pair of Great/Good shoes and HATS 🧢 are in the hands of @itsteezythomas to distribute around the city to families in need. Thing is they are ONLY size 8 & 8.5. If you need any shoes contact @itsteezythomas 
God Bless... Hope these shoes find families that really NEED shoes for back to school of whatever circumstance. Luv!!
“Major move fuckin wit me baby! You gotta get with it or get lost ya dig”!
Essence Fest 2018’ Vibes with my big Unk @snoopdogg
We partied, smoked good and had a GREAT TIME doing so!
I just want the world to know how serious I am...
#CrowdControl by #TheWorldsGreatest #PartyWithTLewis #TagYourTurnUpFriend
Major Vibes last night @atlgoldroom @teyanataylor & @imanshumpert had to #PartyWithTLewis #TheWorldsGreatestDJ
📸: @imagesnmyeye
Evil Genius...