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To all my homies that’s in the rap game, don’t feel discouraged. I know it may seem like we running slow but actually we not. Our clubs rock with a lot of music other places are scared to play. Our time is coming, we just have to be patient and keep fighting. The biggest thing we need to do is learn the business. We need to get fucked over in this business to learn what’s going on. We have great artist and great DJs. We just don’t have the experience to make ppl respect what we have going on! I’m gone scream this Mississippi shit forever cus i feel like we got it. Me & @hersheyblakk was discussing this situation like how is that every where around our state popping but us on the music scene. We must understand that we more powerful together than separate and we must learn from the ppl that’s in the position to teach. Instead of taking chances in the street take a chance in the studio and make a record you never made before. Instead of taking a chance on that pack coming from Cali, take a chance in spending money on urself for promotion and let’s let these ppl know who we are and how we coming!

Tell me I’m lying but i travel the world and I’ve played songs in Jackson, Mississippi before they popped anywhere else. I remember  Travis porter doing multiple shows on the state of Mississippi at the start of there career. I remember @hairweavekiller doing multiple shows, we do a @officialboosieig set better than other states, we was playing @nba_youngboy @iamkevingates @yfnlucci @moneybaggyo & money man before a lot of other places. The underground tunnel is thru Mississippi. We have (6) major colleges in the state that all have huge attendees from all over the world and we still mix in the culture from the south being Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas, Memphis & Alabama. Keep fighting family. Information is key. U can’t prosper at anything without understanding the process. #MississippiForever and to my DJs, it might feel wrong what your doing but your a DJ. It’s right! Keep pushing!!! #TheWorldsGreatestDJ
PSA... Thanks but..... 😂😂😂
It's Sunday. I need a Junk Pot with a cream soda and a beer! Lol
Ok bout to fly out Jackson lol. 
Some of the spots y'all naming all got frozen Crawfish.
Mannnn!!! Sumbody get me a venue. We doing crawfish Sunday’s somewhere for the summer.
The face I make when ppl try to pass me a swisha! #BackwoodBoss That's a nice ass roll! @backwoods_cigars I need another care package!!!!
#TLewisTuesday when i get in my bag, it’s scary hours!!! You see how @tommiee_ rocking with me!@champagnepapi taught me how to perform back in 09!!! #TagYaDay1s 📹: @cameraman_3d
You ever had front door service in ya G-Wagon in Sydney, Australia! •••••••••••••••••••••••••••
Neither have I, pic look good tho!
Welcome to #KappCityRecords #IWalkedToThePassangerSideDoor #SomebodyDidScreamMyName #SayingGetAwayFromThatTruck 🤦🏽‍♂️
Since I've moved to atl @kbotchey been like a big bro to me! Nothing but love and respect to Bruh!
Make sure y'all catch him on the new season of #LHHATL and also on the mic with me on Thursday nights!!! #KingBotchey Congrats my brother. #MoreWinsMoreSuccess
The crowd just do sumthn to my self-esteem! #PartyWithTLewis #TheWorldsGreatestDJTLewis #IamTLewis #Lame
Tonight we party after the festival!!!! Meet me @thecartersydney
S/O to @sinonymouspressplay;  @trndsttrmedia
Take 1... lol
Melbourne, Australia tonight we party like never before!!!
Meet me there! @ar_eventbookings
I.C.W.N.T 😈