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mama bear + dog mom
i like to travel & i like to snuggle. semi-professional ice cream taster & wino.
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We’ve had our first quiet, lazy day at home for has felt like months today and it’s just been the best. Sometimes you just need a day to reset to get back on track, ya know what I mean? What’s your favorite way to reset after always going going going?
My newest post on Tiny Dapper Fox might be a bit TMI but it’s so important and reassuring to a lot of mamas and mamas to be out there! I’m addressing all the sweep under the rug weird and gross stuff that happens to us with the miracle of life. I remember when I was pregnant I would search the internet for hours trying to find real lay it all out there information on the “scary” stuff. Now that I’ve been through it, I wanted to share this wisdom with all of you! Follow the link in my profile to go directly to the post 🤱🏻
Day drinking with my favorites and strolling around my favorite museum. Sunday, you were a good one ✨
Our excitement over a day at the Field Museum are on opposite ends of the spectrum 😂
Amen friends, amen 🙌🏼
Kai Bear takes on the zoo! He’s not real sure about giraffes...I think he’s more of an elephant kid. Takes after his mama 😉🦒🐘
This helped me get out of bed this morning. I usually spring out of bed every morning to go wake Kai up but for some reason today I was just really really tired. Remembering that little human needs me more than anything always restores my motivation to keep going all the time. He makes me better every single day 💪🏼
Print by: @jenessawait ✨
A few days ago I posted our family reunion travel story on Tiny Dapper Fox! Last month we road tripped out to Ohio for our annual family reunion and it was Kai’s first trip! Follow the link in my bio to read the story 💙
Some new pillows to freshen up the fam bam room 💙
Our little firecracker’s first Independence Day! Love you so much my little Kai Bear 💙
Happy Birthday America! I am so proud to be an American and would never want to call anywhere else home 🇺🇸
Our little Kai Bear update no. 5 is now up on Tiny Dapper Fox! I’m sharing all the fun things he’s done this last month and a bunch of new photos in the post! Follow the link in my bio to go directly to the post.