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I was traveling for work this whole week and got home last night. I had quite the reunion with this little guy at the airport and it was the best feeling ever to have him run in to my arms! The mom guilt was super real this week and I’m so grateful to be back home with my boys. Being a working mom can be difficult at times but it also makes me proud that Kai will see how hard I work to make our family’s dreams come true ✨
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Happy Father’s Day to our superhero dad @cjcab90! Kai looks up to you so much and we both love you beyond belief. Thanks for being the most incredible dad to our little guy, pup, + bump!
Missing you a lot this weekend 😘
We’ve been keeping a little secret lately! Kai is going to be a big brother! Baby #2, aka Peanut, will be joining our little family this November!
Photo by @hallie_duesenberg
Confession: I almost booked an end of summer trip to @waltdisneyworld yesterday. Must. Have. Self. Control!
When’s your next trip to a Disney park!?
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This little guy had his first swim lesson yesterday! I had one of those major mom moments yesterday, too, where when I went to wake him up from his nap I said the words “it’s time to get up Kai, we don’t want to be late to swimming!” It was the first time I’ve had to say something like that and it made me feel like the ultimate mom. Oh how I can’t wait to say that a million more times in this life. Being a mom is just the best 🐳
Just Disney dreamin’ over here ✨
Live the life of your dreams. That’s what this season of life has been teaching me and I intend to do just that ✨
Lately I’ve just been really trying to live in the moment. Less screen time, more presence. This little human and motherhood have taught me so much in the last year and I’m forever grateful for the person Kai is helping to evolve me in to. Thanks for making me a mama, Kai Bear. I have you to thank for reminding me to be the best version of myself and its just one of the billion reasons why I love you so much 💙
Photo by @hallie_duesenberg
May the 4th be with all of you! 🤖✨
Hey friends! I know it’s been awhile but sometimes we all just need a break from social media, I think. I’ve been taking the last month for some much needed R + R because it’s been a big couple months for us. And by big, I mean, I have some really exciting news to finally share with all of you! 
I have officially accepted a new position as a Project Manager! I’m still with my same wonderful company and get to see all my favorite humans all the time but I can finally say I have my dream job! Through it all, being a mom, a wife, a daughter, a friend, all of that is so important to me, but my career has also always been super important to me. I’m so excited to have made this jump that I’ve been dreaming of for a couple of years now! Up until today I’ve been splitting my time with my old job, but now it’s fully time for a new adventure. Thanks for always being here and sticking with me! 💙
I believe in Nashville 🤟🏼
I’m sharing my Nashville travel story on Tiny Dapper Fox today! Follow the link in my bio to read the post and see all the fun things I did while I was there!