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Woohoo cheers! We’re getting crazy over here 😜 (with water? 😂)
No but seriously, this week I’ve been focusing on my wellness goal of drinking my daily water intake and it’s been going surprisingly well...but it is only Tuesday 😏
I’ve been trying to drink 72 oz of h2o a day + an extra 16 oz if I work out. So far so good!
What are you focusing on this week to take care of yourself a little better?
You know how when you were younger and there were some songs that resonated so strongly with you? You could just plop yourself right inside the song and it was like the lyrics were about you.
I was thinking about all of this while driving home from yoga yesterday when I was listening to “The Wolf” by Mumford & Sons (it’s my favorite song, btw). I was thinking about how I use to listen to songs like this one and how I longed for someone to feel like that about me. 
But now the lyrics resonate with me in a whole different way. That song is my life. And the lyrics are about Caleb + Kai. It’s amazing what some time, hard work, patience, but most importantly pure love can do for you ❤️
Photo by @hannarobertsphotography
Close enough to kiss 😘
My OG snuggle bug 😍
Kai’s obsession with Mickey is real, friends! When he’s playing with his Mickey & friends puzzle, he constantly has the Mickey piece in his hand. During bath time he won’t let go of his Mickey bath toy. He finds it instantly when I put him in the tub. We drags his Mickey around every where. My heart races when I think of his face when we walk in to Disney World. I seriously cannot wait. 50 days to go! ✨
My family is everything to me. I realize how cliché that sounds but it’s the truth. I do everything for my people including taking care of myself. They keep me motivated to be the best version of myself and simply to just keep moving forward. I love this crew of mine so much. ⠀
I’m sharing all the family photos we took during our mountain photo shoot with @hannarobertsphotography today on Tiny Dapper Fox. Follow the link in my bio to see all the photos!
Hey there fellow mamas! First off, I want to thank all of you for following along with #sling365. It means so much to me that you’re here!⠀
Obviously I have a huge passion for all things motherhood, but especially babywearing. I get so many questions about how I wear Kai in my @wildbird slings that as a little intro I wanted to go over some of the basics of why I love babywearing!⠀
• it keeps Kai close to me. We’re heart to heart when I wear him. He can feel my heartbeat and warmth and I can feel his. There’s nothing better than that!⠀
• it keeps Kai safe. I love all the attention he gets when we’re out and about but I hate the germs. I’m not a big germaphob but during flu season, I’d prefer strangers not to touch him. Wearing him does a pretty good job at keeping this minimal. ⠀
• i can be hands free! I can get some housework done, read, drink coffee, breastfeed, shop, you name it while wearing Kai in the sling. Plus it’s a nice break on my arms. 
Tag a few mama friends in the comments on this post who love babywearing too or maybe would really benefit being introduced to babywearing!
The biggest happy birthday to my handsome baby daddy hubby! We love you beyond belief and are so grateful you were born 29 years ago! Thanks to you, I have Kai. Thanks to you, I have Wrigley. Thanks to you, I have this life. I love you forever & 3 days ❤️ @cjcab90 
Photo by @hannarobertsphotography
Sometimes plans don’t work out. We bought these fun new mid-century modern style couches for ourselves as our big Christmas present to each other and they ended up being a huge bust. Long story short they weren’t comfortable or safe and they’re long gone and not coming back. So back to our good ole IKEA couches we went. Well Caleb and I don’t stop dreaming. Sometimes it’s one of our faults but most of the time it’s our biggest strength. We kept brainstorming on how to revamp this living space in our home and we settled on the most exciting idea. We moved our current furniture around to simulate our idea and we’ve never been so in love with our home. Keep an eye on this space...it is slowly going to transform in to our dream living room! But for now I leave you with a little view of our new rug and coffee table that C built 🤗
Feeding our body what it needs but also what it deserves is so important. Over the last 5 months or so I’ve really grown to appreciate all that my body does and can do. I’ve been trying my hardest to give it the love and attention it deserves. I always think about how I will feel and what all I can do if I truly take care of myself? I’m not going to lie, I didn’t do the best job of caring for myself the last 26 years. But when I got pregnant with Kai, I really started to change my focus. Fast forward to actually giving birth and recovering from that and wow I’m truly amazed at what we as humans can do (especially women 😉)!
Today on my blog I’m sharing all my heathy habits I’ve been trying to create for myself and taking them in to 2019 with me! Follow the link in my bio to read the post
So I kind of lied yesterday when I said I didn’t make any goals for 2019 🤥
It’s no secret that I love babywearing and I love sharing it you all so dang much. I literally wear Kai every day. I can say with absolute certainty I’ve had him in a wrap or a sling 95% of the days he’s been born from when he was 2 weeks old to today. I plan to continue this amazing way to keep my little bird close to me until he’s literally outgrown it at 35 lbs. He’s 19 lbs now...so I think it’s safe to say we still have some good time left in our @WildBirds!
In 2019, I am making it a goal to wear Kai in one of my @wildbird slings AND share it with all of you here on my stories every day. I’ll save them all to my mom life highlight story, too. I know so many mama birds and mama-to-be birds who could benefit from babywearing or that are already interested in this aspect of nurturing that I want to open myself up as a resource to you all! I figured this would be the perfect way to share something I’m so passionate about for one but also the different materials, colorways, names, sales, etc that WildBird has to offer! You all can just message me from my stories, leave me comments, or send me an email anytime you want to know something or just chat about babywearing! For those of you that are already in the flock, want to join me!? I’m going to use the hashtag #sling365 for all my posts. 
Also I know we’re already on day 3 of 2019 and I did wear Kai the last 2 days but as usual am late to the game on posting this exciting part of 2019. On the 1st I wore Kai in Hoopoe and yesterday on the 2nd I wore Kai in Spangle modal. I’ll post our slinging picture from today later in my stories!
*Oh! And I’d also like to add this is in no way sponsored by WildBird nor did they ask me to do this. This is 100% me and my massive love of babywearing thanks to their slings 💙
This afternoon I pumped for the last time at work. I officially started weaning this week and while I’m sad our breastfeeding journey is going to come to an end, I’m not sad to say goodbye to my pump. It’s crazy how much can change in a year. At the very beginning, I contemplated being an exclusive pumper. Now, I walked out of that mother’s room with a smile from not having to go back in there for a long while. I’ve truly loved breastfeeding my baby boy beyond belief, and I’m looking forward to only nursing for the next couple of weeks before it’s all over. 12 months strong. I feel like a warrior, and I have Kai to thank for that 💪🏼