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Oh my goodness, you guys, I have an 8 month old! Kai is just growing up so fast, it blows me away. These 8 month have truly been incredible. Today on my blog, I’m sharing my monthly Kai update and it has all the fun things he’s done in the last month + a bunch of photos! Follow the link in my bio to go to the post!
I love you a bushel & a peck @cjcab90 + #littlekaibear 😉😍🍎
Go Cubs Go? Rough game but super fun day!
On mornings that I’m at home with Kai I love to put him in one of his slings and cuddle him while I read a book and drink my coffee. It’s been my favorite morning ritual since he was born. Lately though he’s been really struggling to sleep all the way through his nap in the sling which results in lots of crankiness the rest of the day. For the first time today, I put him down in his crib for his morning nap and it broke my heart a little. He’s sleeping so soundly and I just know we’re going to have an amazing day but I didn’t get my morning baby snuggles. Which I look forward to so much on the weekends since I work all week. He’s growing up though which is wonderful but also hard for me to accept. I’ve dreaded this day for a long time actually and the day has finally come where I have to let go a little more. Trying to make the most of it though by sipping my coffee and reading my book out on our deck and enjoying this beautiful morning. I guess what I’m getting at is cherish every moment 100% because before you know it, they’ll be in the past and you have to embrace new ones.
I’ve been really really happy lately. Despite anything rough that’s going on, I’ve just been on cloud 9. However, today was just rough. I’ve been so clumsy all day and it got me really flustered. Kai’s going through leap 6 and boy oh boy is it a “treat.” Even my yoga practice tonight wasn’t satisfying. But I reflected on the day at the end of yoga and thought to myself, what is up with all this negativity today!? I should be so grateful for this life that I have and all the things that go along with it. I’m so grateful that I have hands to use, that I have the most wonderful baby in the world, and that I’m a student of yoga. Today was just one day and tomorrow is a new one.
Extra thankful for this tiny fox though for being my bestie and getting me through days like this and helping me to remember to be grateful for how blessed I am. I’m so lucky to have you tiny one 💛
We’re officially going back to the happiest place on earth in 161 days! Taking Kai to Disney has been one of the things I’ve dreamed about since we found out I was pregnant. I can’t wait for all it! Walking in to Magic Kingdom, meeting Mickey, Dole Whips, ALL the snacks, and some much needed sunshine during the winter months. I’ve decided I’ll be posting a weekly Disney photo to keep the magic going for us so get ready for alllll the Disney for the next 6 months! 🤗✨
My favorite family photo ❤️💛
Today’s Tiny Talk is all about going with the flow! This was actually my New Years resolution and something I’ve been working on all year. Tune in here on Instagram Live at 2 PM CST for the chat! I hope to see you there!
It’s fall y’all! 🖤🍂🦊
Tiniest one got a haircut is past weekend and watched his first ISU football game! Big day for our handsome little cyclone! ❤️💛
Ugh you guys I’ve been the worst at social media lately! Which is ironic that social media is the topic of this weeks Tiny Talks. I usually host these talks here on Instagram Live every Sunday at 1 PM CST but this weekend I just couldn’t get to it. My blog post for this weeks talk, The Problems with Social Media, is now live and you can go directly to it in my bio! I also just posted this weeks question in our Tiny Tribe group on Facebook! So hop on there as well and join the conversation!
As for the actual Tiny Talk here on Instagram though, I am going to have to postpone it till tomorrow evening. I will go live here at 7 PM CST to talk about social media with all of you! See you all then! 😘
My quick guide to New York City is now up on Tiny Dapper Fox! Follow the link in my bio for a direct link to the post. It’s filled with all my absolute favorite places to visit in NYC!
Also...wow was I a young one in this photo or what!? 👧🏻🍎🗽