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Doddington Dairy #MilkBar, Wooler, on the #A697, halfway between Edinburgh & Newcastle.
#IceCream, #Milkshakes, Great #Coffee & food!

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Autumn is happening - seems like Maple & Banana waffles hit the spot!
How is it the last Bank Holiday weekend of the summer already - athough this does mean it's Glendale Show on Monday 🎉 
We are open 7am-5pm Saturday and Monday (9am-5pm on Sunday), hope you all enjoy a great weekend and please share any pictures, if you come in to the #Milkbar 😃
We like to offer something that children want to eat, and hopefully that parents are happy for them to eat too! Here’s our Nibble Platter from the Children’s Menu which we hope ticks both these boxes! #doddilicious
As part of our ongoing plan to reduce the use of plastics at the #milkbar, we are pleased to have found a #smoothie spoon-straw, that works in our milkshakes, which is biodegradeable.  These are made of REPA, a 100% biodegradeable (non-toxic) material made from ground seashells.  It really doesn't look or feel any different from the plastic ones (that take around 450 years to decompose)!
New to Instagram - scan me to follow!! Still working out how this works, but I’m always up for new challenges!
We have Anna customising Knickerbocker Glories to customer requirements today - this one was a special request with caramel ice cream! What do you like in yours?! #doddilicious
Dive in!! #lemonmeringue pie has arrived - when it’s gone, it’s gone... 😋 #milkbarmade
Its’s been a busy weekend and we’d like to thank you all for visiting - with a special thank you to those who took the time to leave a @tripadvisor  review! #review #reviews #woolercafe #northumberlandcafe #woolermilkbar #tripadvisorreview #instareview #doddingtonmilkbar
We’ve transferred our kids menu onto a separate colouring sheet to make it clearer (& more fun!). Our full menu is available on our website (link in bio) #doddilicious
Not wanting to serve a #nationalchocolateicecreamday Sundae to customers without fully taste testing it first.... #beyondthecallofduty #customerservice
#nationalchocolateicecreamday is a thing!! We have responded with a special Sundae - ‘Utter Chocolate ice cream, chocolate cake, flake & malteasers - not for the faint hearted (or perfect for sharing?)
Poor Moo-riel, she has to put up with a lot... Some lovely bikers found her useful as a coat stand today - she never complains!!