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“What was that? You were trying to win my favor by telling me how you’d like to %?!& me as I walk by? How sad that your brain is just for tacky decorative purposes.”
“Jersti, let’s take a picture,” Celeste said, looping her arm through her friend’s to pose in front of the expectant street photographer. Jersti groaned, trying to pry herself away. “I hate taking pictures. My hair always comes puffed out, making my head seem much bigger than it is.” Even so, Jersti remained next to her. The photographer asked them to smile and to spite him, Jersti didn’t. Celeste kept a modest expression, as to not make the picture seem so awkward when they looked back on it, but on the inside, she was smiling. Their beginning wasn’t much different than the mood of that picture; Jersti’s hot reluctance hadn’t been a match for Celeste’s perseverance.
“Excuse me, do you have that in gold?”
You know. From the very start Jersti was a Chloe — I had no other sculpt in mind that was able to pull off the look. But I saw so many tender Chloe’s, so many sweet and innocent looking ones and having her with that default FL faceup, I thought maybe she WASN’T my kind of bratty girl. I almost put up a sales post because I felt so deflated. It’s good the sealant went yellow and I had to re-do her face. I will take it as a sign. Because now she’s perfect and the expression is JUST right and exactly who Jersti is. And I love her. I know a lot of people dislike Chloe’s for either not being their cup of tea or their popularity (yeah I’ve heard that one too), but to me she’s not Chloe anymore. She’s simply Jersti, one of my most precious monster girls. I guess what I want to say is sometimes a doll just needs a second life. Maybe it’s not what we think at first, but with a different face or look, it’ll work out. I’m glad I stayed faithful. If I would’ve sold her I would’ve regretted it a lot. She’s always been a grail to me.
Now she’s really MY Jersti. 😍 Excuse me while I go nap with her. Actually, I can’t because I would probably roll over and squish her.
Jana is a botanical alchemist who can communicate with nature (namely flowers) and send an army of angry trees to slap anyone who dares to hurt the natural world. She’s got a really long, complex backstory that I might share later. I’m going to finish that story for #NaNoWriMo this year. I’ve probably re-written it 309483828 times now. It’s time to get serious and get it done.
I HATE YOU, #fairylandbjd — just take all my damn money. Omg. A tan Alicia and the MNF event head are to DIE for. Gah! Also, Alicia isn’t limited and will be available a la carte later! To be honest, I even like the Feeple head! Images cr. CP/Fairyland — posted on their image blog! • I am probably going to try to get a tan Alicia head / NS MNF event head in a split that doesn’t cost me a kidney. #bjdsale
The lashes decided to do whatever the fudge they wanted. Well, then.
The hair overwhelms the ears and that is saying a lot. For those who had asked — yes, it’s a #yarnwig ! I’m so happy with her. She is just perfect; everything I wanted and more. I wanna sleep on her hair.
Double the trouble. 🆘 So, when I first saw this sculpt, I thought I had found the perfect doll to bring home one of my most beloved ladies. But, when Sircca (tan) got home, she wasn’t who I wanted. She became her own person, dictated the color of her hair, the story of her life; and I am supremely happy that Scarlet was born. I’m not planning on changing her. However, when I held elf Sircca in my hands, once again, defied my plans and told me: “I’m actually Jana.” She became the character I had intended to bring home from the very beginning. And while Jana went from blond to redhead in my mind many times, it wasn’t until painting elf Sircca that I was certain THIS was her true aesthetics. It’s been six years since I’ve tried to bring her to life. Originally she was meant to be a Limhwa Half Elf, but now I’m satisfied I’ve found her in the size I most enjoy. If only I could bring her lover (who would’ve been an IH Asa boy) home, then I’d have my favorite OTP with me. Maybe someday, no? One can dream. Welcome home, Jana. I don’t even care that both of my Sircca’s are redheads. Honestly, I wouldn’t have them any other way!
My assistant today brought a stuffed animal — is it a sheep? Is it a llama? Celeste says it doesn't matter. You never know when you will need a giant llama-sheep to kick someone's ass. Or at least smother them. (Because in her AU she can bring inanimate objects to life.) Also, her hand kinda automatically jumps into this position. I'll consider it a personality thing.
OMG! I'm in love with my girls. Now I can really say Sircca is my FAVE sculpt. I'm obsessed! I was going to do teal/turquoise faceup on the elf, but Sircca never lets me do a damn thing and dictates how she will look. So this happened. I am pleased. I need to get my elf (no name until a wig happens) a body that is taller than Fairyland girls. I want a Dollits body, but I'm scared of the hybridizing thing because of that keyhole mechanism. I predict many injuries to myself trying to do it. I still want to try it. She NEEDS to be taller. Anyways. Shitty pic of them, but I couldn't resist.
So, the Internet has been down at my house for two days. It did not die with Irma, but it dies after it? Makes no sense. What's sad is I hate this company, yet I have to stick with them because it's the only provider that services this building. I HATE that. Here's Celeste being cute while I set up to work on elf Sircca.