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Congratulations to @miya_doll for this amazing release of Suki. It was love at first sight. She is so cute! Go check her out; she’s available for a limited time! There‘s also a giveaway for this pretty little head. Check out the post for more details! #miyadollgiveaway
Once again, thank you to @sindollsbjd for making her even more perfect to me than she was. Them eyes are slayin’ 💕
“It was then, during the first snow of that fateful winter — a lifetime ago — when I saw a soft contentment in her expression, and she looked at me, right through me, as though she could see what I began to realize; I loved her. I still recall that night because it was the beginning of my life and the end of it, all at once.” — Neva
I was doing a test shoot to see how much color correction was needed with red hair/tan skin (cries) and a stupid  scenario happened, lol. This time we read from Jersti (left) to Brigitte (right)! And yes, only the first pic has green eyes as I still prefer blue for her. I’m unsure if the red hair will stay. Anyways! Brigitte and Jersti have one class in common at the boarding school: dance. Though Bri is older, they become friends through rehearsals. Jersti wants to major in dance, but her mother forces her toward a science degree so she can compete with her sister to inherit their father’s company, and Brigitte wants to major in science, but because of her father’s past crimes, she’s unable to go anywhere near a lab.
I’m dead, y’all. If any of you write stories or create comics or just characters in general for your dolls then you know that you can go through a bunch of different concepts before you settle on one. Jersti is a character I created 8 years ago or so. Her original concept was curly, strawberry blond hair. It was her older sister (Jana) who was the blond one with the straight hair. Both with green eyes. Anyways. As the story changed and I made her more an outdoorsy girl (so she gets a lot of sun) because she turns into a feline beast (curse) and sees it best to be out there than around people. So, I saw her tanned with lighter hair just because I usually don’t like having the hair in similar shade to the skin. But tonight I’ve put on this wig and I’m dead and I’m crying and — it’s like sometimes the first concepts really stick or hit the nostalgia feels, you know? I’m sharing my super old shitty doodle in the second panel so y’all can see what I’m talking about. Obviously, in the first run she was also not tan. I am as torn as Natalie Imbruglia. I don’t know if I will keep this wig or make her a curly, blond one like this. Thinking back on the nightmare it was to make this one, I hesitate, but I really think the waves need to make a comeback. I think it would really fit that outdoor, boho vibe. Yeah?
Baby, it’s cold outside. ❄️
I love making stupid #bjdphotostory . And here’s one about what happened in the previous pic behind the scenes! It reads from Brigitte (right) to Scarlet (left) LOL!!! FYI: they live in an AU, so things work a little differently there. Brigitte is demanding I make her a chair — just for her, in black. She doesn’t fit on the couch I made. I never expected to have more than two MNF in my life, but here I am. With four and it’s counting. XD Anyways, enjoy my stupid story.
TIP: Those Sweater Ornaments make amazing (slim) MSD attire for that perfectly festive holiday photo that grandma would be proud to get as a greeting card! 😂
November 13th — Happy Birthday, my dearest Brigitte Salkjern ~ 🖤 Born 366 days before that pesky soulmate you’ll hate for a long time, before you realize you’ve been smitten with him for longer than you care to admit. Love-hate is my fave romance trope, y’all. I’m having so much fun writing them out.
“Make the jingles stop~!” .
Took this Grinch with me to Target to pick up some more sweaters for my Korean bae — and, oh my word, the jingles are stuck in our brains. Help. Please tell me we aren’t the only ones this happens to, lol. And yes, she took another sweater. Her fave colors are black, gray, and red.
“You got something to say about my dear grandmother’s sweater?” 🤜🤛
First of all, how hilarious are the ugly #Christmas sweaters these two are wearing? LOL! I got them from Target (grab them in that Christmas ornament section!) You’ve got to get some for all your Minifee’s, y’all. It even fits the F bust on Fairyline (which is like the C bust for A-line) and even my new DZ B45-012 body! I just got it today from an in-stock DZ doll from DDE. AND IT ROCKS! What a truly wonderful body! The resin is so good, pretty much the same texture of FL and the resin match is 98% in my eyes. The body is a lot more beautiful in person than in promo pics. She has such wide hips, but has been able to fit MNF leggings from TTYA and Endless as well as some regular MSD skirts and jeans (that were too big on my Minifees!) She’s now perfectly in character! Taller, but not out of scale. I’ll do some comparisons later since I have the 3 bodies from Fairyland. For now, I’m super happy. Brigitte is slaying!