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*swoon* #mcm #mancrushmonday #mountaincrushmonday 🏔😍✨💚
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Vallahornet, 830m.
When the demand is so high you gotta double stack the shampoo 🙃 you kids and your Nag Champa 💜💜💜💜
🎶And another one gone, and another one gone⠀
Another one bites the dust️🎶⠀
We're now completely sold out of our Summer Mojito Limited Edition Refreshening Spray! 🌴 Thanks to everyone who bought a bottle again this year! 💚⠀
We've never had an Autumn Refreshening Spray 😢 We'd love to hear your ideas for one! It should be able to be formulated from essential oils, have some kind of minty or mentholated component, and be season appropriate 🍁
🎶Reunited and it feels so good🎶
Can’t get enough of that sweet Nag Champa scent? We have Liter bottles so you never have to go without 💜
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Finally replenished my shampoo!!! 🖤. #ManIveMissedThis #FeltSoFood #SmellsAmazing #Favorite #NagChampa #Dreads #SoSoft Thanks again @Dollylocks
Not sure what you need? We took out the guess work with our curated Care Sets available exclusively at 💗 Available in travel sizes to take on the road (or on a plane or whatever your travel method of choice is 😋)
Are you following @dreadheadshop yet? Well you should be! They post great tips and a little birdie told us they are doing a pretty awesome Dollylocks Giveaway right now 🎉🎉🎉
Monday to Friday, we pack orders twice a day to make sure your package gets on its way ASAP 📬💕✨
Photo stolen from @seeingstarsfall 😙
We still have bottles of Limited EditionLazy Lemonade Tightening Spray waiting for you to adopt them into a forever home! 💛💚🍋🌿💛💚⠀
Available on and
Summer time is the perfect time to do a deep cleanse - being outdoors enjoying the warm weather can lead to extra dirt, dust, pollen, etc stuck in the hair! Our pH balanced Detox Kit is designed to leave your hair super clean without damage 💗

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Dollylocks goodies! Yayyyy!!!! I’m trying out the New Limited Edition Scents- Island Orchard🌴 , Lazy Lemonade🍋, and Mojito! Of course they smell AMAZING like all their other scents! I also stocked up on detox kits and coconut lime grapefruit shampoo bar with mesh bag to store the bar in. @dollylocks I love your products and the personal touch you include. Much love ❤️Americanrasta #loctician #locs #dreadlocks #americanrasta #dollylocks #california #highdesert #inlandempire #hair #organic #ilovewhatido #qualityproducts #exellentcustomerservice
😭😭😭 'Til next year, babes!
If you snagged a bottle, we'd love to see you with it! Use #dollylocks on your post 😘
Dreadlock repair, reconstruction, and extension by our ever-talented Caylin of @dollylockssalon 🤩 Call 727-643-1124 to set up a consultation 💜
📸:@morgin_riley “Here's to your morning does of voyeurism.  I just wanted to take a second to brag about how fantastic the @dollylocks Nag Champa shampoo bar. I Have tried both the liquid and the bar now and I personally prefer the bar, I love how sudsy it gets in my locs and the scent of nag champa lingers for so long. Washing my hair is such an extreme and painstaking task with it being so long so I'm not going to lie... I slack off for weeks before doing it so by the time I get around to washing I have a bit of build up, but it leaves my scalp feeling fresh, clean and it is also residue free which is MANDATORY for maintaining your beautiful locs. Literally my hair never feels cleaner than when I use this bar. I just love it so much!!”