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The babe is back 😍
#Repost @elise.buch with @get_repost
Sunset in my face while the new dreadies are slowly killing my scalp, check out my new YouTube video to see how they were made and how the first day has been 🎬 direct link from my bio 🌿💗
You all are definitely the best followers and fans we could ask for! We were SO overwhelmed by the huge outpouring of love for our Valentine's Day photo contest 💝 We love sharing pics of your cute faces showing off your Dollylocks purchases! Use #dollylocks so we don't miss it 😘
Dollylocks FAQ: Can your products be used with wool dreads? Short answer: YES Long answer: ... also YES 📸: @cicadapurr with 🖤💚💜
Seriously in LOVE with my @dreadcove #wooldreads I just washed them last night with my #nagchampa shampoo from @dollylocks and they smell SO AMAZING! Every time I use it, I love it more!!! Loving letting my hair down to flow today. It's been so damn hot but I needed to not restrain my #fairylocks today and let that #energyflow  #alt #alternativegirl #dreads #dreadcove #dreadhead #dreadextensions #dollylocks #heavenly #bliss #comevisit me today!! #itsbeautiful #piercing #piercings #piercedgirls #inkedgirls
Can’t decide? Don’t know what scent they’ll like? Pickup one of our Travel Size Samplers (soon to be updated to include Lavender Sky 💜)
📸: @honeysuckle_ptayto ・・・
So excited to try out these shampoo bars from @dollylocks if you have dreads and struggle with products to use these are definitely the way to go. Residue free. Also have freshening and tightening sprays in more beautiful scents
Thank you SO MUCH to everyone who entered our Facebook Valentine's Day photo contest! 💖 Congrats to Holly Jo with the winning entry!🎉 (which was chosen via random number generator because we couldn't possibly have picked 😚) ⠀
Would you all like to see more contests/giveaways in the future?
There might technically be a month left of winter but it’s sunshine and blue skies for us this weekend! Monday is a mail holiday FYI 💕 Cheers everyone!
📸: majestic babe @hella.hippie ・・・
She was all hair, hips, and hell. 🥀
What would YOU do with $25 to spend on You could get a Tightening Spray shipped in the US *plus* you’d have a little leftover AND you’d get a lollipop 🍭 Enter our contest on our Facebook page for your chance to win!
Shoutout to @lyndsaygayle for sharing their #Dollylocks purchase with the IG world 😘
My #dollylocks #nagchampa tightening spray has arrived. It smells like heaven. @dollylocks thank you for the strawberry pop :) my favorite 💕 #dreadlocks #dreadcare
So in love with all the love in our feed today! Love for family, besties, furbabies, yourselves, and of course significant others 💗 Spread some love, y’all 😘
📸~ @namastamber ・・・
I hope everyone is giving and receiving a little extra love today. 🦄
Want to win $25 credit for Check out our Facebook page for our VDay Photo Contest! You can use your winnings to  pamper your dreadlocks with one of our Care Sets specially tailored to needs of your hair 💗 📸@cherryvillain ・・・
I just received my @dollylocks order in the mail! Everything smells amazing 😱😍 I’m going to wait till my locks are older to use the oil, but I may use it on the ends since I’m leaving them loose. My husband tried the Champa oil on his beard and it smells amazing on him as well. I tried the Coconut/Lime lock tightening spray and it’s really helped tighten up my young dreads. I haven’t used the Lavender Sky refreshing spray IN my hair but I misted it around and was so surprised that there was peppermint in it too; my favorite combo!!!!! Can’t wait till next week to use the Rosemary/Peppermint shampoo too. #dollylocks #dreadlockshampoo #younglocks #petdreads #partialdreads #halfdreads #fairylocks #elflocks #naturaldreadlocks #naturallocks #naturalhaircare
Giveaway time!🎉 We want to show you some love for Valentine's Day 💋 Check out our Facebook post for how to enter ✨Contest ends Feb. 18. Tag a friend whose hair could also use some love! 💝⠀
18+ US Residents only - see complete rules and details:
Required reading weekend wisdom from @_meandmydogs💕
Abridged version: social media popularity =/= your value, be authentic, take breaks from social media, comparison is the thief of joy, and don’t forget to have fun 😘
Hello, friends! 🤗
I'm back from a much needed social media break and wanted to share with you a few things that I've been reflecting on....
1. Social media popularity does not equal self worth. We get into the idea that the more followers we have, the more liked and even loved we are. It’s a bit of a popularity contest, when in reality; It can be a false facade. Feel confident in yourself regardless of your online presence. You are so much more than a number
2. Be unapologetically yourself. Just like in day-to-day life, it’s so important to be you, and not worry about what others think about that! Why post or write something that isn’t completely true to who you are?! Be confident in yourself, even on the internet! •
3. Moderation is key. Allow yourself a certain amount of time on social media and then give yourself a break. I’ve found that when I spend too much time online I feel disconnected and not present. It can also shift my thoughts into a more negative space and brings down my energy level.
4. Don’t compare! We all know that comparing brings heartache and unease, so just don’t do it! When we get into that number mentality of more is better we start to put a value on our lives based on our online presence. We are all different and all have strengths and weaknesses. Don’t allow your social media statistics to define who you really are; allow your real self to shine through.
5. Don’t take it too seriously! Social media, just like life, is meant to be fun and enjoyed. Don’t overthink it, don’t take it too seriously, and just enjoy the positive aspects that it brings to your life!
Sending love & blessings to each and every one of you 🙏 •
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#humpdayvibes courtesy of @megwithoutsound 😒
Maybe a contest to liven things up?? 😁It’s been a minute... ・・・
Slowly but surely kicking my own ass over here. #mondaymotivation #workout .
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