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Pup mum. 🐶🐶 Power tools and mascara snob. Pediatrics by day. DIYer ALL the time! Succulent obsessed! JMU💜💛. SL & HTX.

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I made two of these last summer but only stained one. It was a lot of work to stain between each piece (I should have stained before assembly). The other one is still in our garage unfinished so I'm going to try using my @homerightps sprayer to finish the other one. 😂 half way perfectionist over here. The first half is perfection and the second half is not done. My therapist tells me don't work towards perfection. Work towards finishing. I should listen. Have a good day y'all! #anawhiteplans #sawdustgirl #girlswhobuildstuff #minwaxstain #wipeonwipeoff
Sometimes I let #ladykatetheaussiemix drink the rest of the water from my glass. So worth it 😂 do they make dog braces because that under bite is out there. I just love her so much.
Happy Monday! Wow this weekend was super productive. We spent Saturday  planting new #boxwood, #loropetalum and two #yewpine trees. We lost all of our front yard landscaping during the freeze and Harvey. Oh and I pushed Kate around in the wheelbarrow for a little bit too.  She loved it. Just look at her face. I'm back at work today and it's going to be a great one.
The goods from yesterday's #propagatingplants check my highlight reel for the dL on how I get so many plants.
Happy #internationalwomensday beautiful souls.
My composting worms arrived yesterday via @unclejimswormfarm. Sadly my first group died in #hurricaneharvey. I'm excited to get going again because  these hard working worms will eat ALL of our paper shreddings from our shredder bin and the majority of our food waste. In return, they give us nutrient rich #wormcastings for my plants.  It's really a win win and it's a super easy process to do. Let me know if you have questions. I created an easy list to follow but you can also check out  #vermicomposting for lots of great information. 
On a side note:
We cook with a lot of garlic and onions so for that I plan to freeze it and collect enough to make a vegetable broth. Yum! 
#crazyplantlady #succulentgrowing #abmplantlady
We took photos this weekend and I'm obsessed with this one! Kate's face 😂 is priceless.
Pro tip: when arranging a small amount of flowers into a larger vase use painter's tape to make a grid. This keeps the flowers from falling all over the place and makes it look fuller with less flowers.
Just finished shooting the kitchen reveal photographs. Wowza that was  a lot of work. We even took a few family photos. I'm excited to share everything with y'all.
The @hivehome_us thermostat has been the most welcomed addition to our home for the last year. We had the coldest winter and a super hot summer and we still managed to save money. We use our cellphones to program the thermostat to cool or heat our home efficiently while we were away. The Hive Welcome Home Starter Pack let's you adjust temperature, lighting and appliances from wherever you are. For more info, check out the link in my profile. 
Can you believe the thermostat lasted a year without a little #diy love? HIVE offers beautiful, colorful frames to match any interior aesthetic. That beautiful wood toned one 😍 
I decided to customize mine using a paint marbeling technique using nail polish. 
Swipe to see the process. Have you tried painting with nail polish?  #LetsGetLiving, Check out the link in my profile. Partnered with @Hive_us
Just over here just waiting on the bamboo plant stand. I feel like when I order something it takes forever. Just me?  #plantshelf
Happy Valentine's Day!