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#domesticabilityathome #domesticabilityfosters 🐶🐶 Power tools and mascara snob. Pediatrics by day. DIYer ALL the time! JMU💜💛. SL & HTX.

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Finishing the last few baseboards downstairs and then I'm going to chill by the pool for a bit. Why is it already 100 degrees outside? #buildlikeagirl #tallbaseboards #homerenovations #snakeplant
Do you name your plants? I've named most of mine but this one needs a name. Please vote. 
1. Krull the Warrior King
2. Princess Sophia

If you get the movie reference... BRAVO! 
#hinduropeplant #succulents #crazyplantlady #chinoiseriestyle
Succulent cupcakes.
#succulent #unicorncake
Thirty, curvy and thriving. 🎂 🎉
Inspired by @providenthomedesign and @uglyducklingdiy I made this faux marble dog feeder to match our newly remodeled kitchen. And since I'm not blogging right now, here is a #swipetorial (hashtag by the diy og @damasklove ) swipe to see how this easy project came together. .
#diy #purebond #ridgidtools #imadethis #woodworkingcommunity #sodomino #makersmovement #workwithyourhands #lonnymag #howwedwell #buildlikeagirl
Espresso at my favorite coffee shop. A new MacBook Pro. I don't really know how to use it because I've always been a Windows gal.  Y'all I just looked at my blog photos on this computer. Ew! Why didn't y'all say something?? #hotmess Anywho, what apps do I need? I've already downloaded @lightroom @officialcricut and @sketchup_official what programs will allow me to draw my furniture designs? I've a book full of them and I'd like to digitize them.
Stop scrolling and listen to me! This little beauty just  vacuumed my floors while steaming them! Yes, 1200 square ft of #ceramichardwoodfloors sanitized not just cleaned all in one motion. Using just water! No chemicals! This is life changing and I just had to share because I know a lot of y'all have pets and sticky children. Ive been really struggling lately to keep up and I could almost cry because this just cut my cleaning time in half!! I want to thank my readers who recommended this amazing machine when I asked about a steam mop. Oh and I bought this with my own money.  @bissellclean doesn't even know who I am.
He's supposed to be wearing a cone but he removed it somewhere in the yard before jumping into the pool. She's sitting still and between me and Toby bc treats were involved in taking this photo. Happy #nationalpuppyday to these two who get me out of bed everyday.
I made two of these last summer but only stained one. It was a lot of work to stain between each piece (I should have stained before assembly). The other one is still in our garage unfinished so I'm going to try using my @homerightps sprayer to finish the other one. 😂 half way perfectionist over here. The first half is perfection and the second half is not done. My therapist tells me don't work towards perfection. Work towards finishing. I should listen. Have a good day y'all! #anawhiteplans #sawdustgirl #girlswhobuildstuff #minwaxstain #wipeonwipeoff
Sometimes I let #ladykatetheaussiemix drink the rest of the water from my glass. So worth it 😂 do they make dog braces because that under bite is out there. I just love her so much.
Happy Monday! Wow this weekend was super productive. We spent Saturday  planting new #boxwood, #loropetalum and two #yewpine trees. We lost all of our front yard landscaping during the freeze and Harvey. Oh and I pushed Kate around in the wheelbarrow for a little bit too.  She loved it. Just look at her face. I'm back at work today and it's going to be a great one.