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I’ll never look at gummy bears the same again thanks to @madisoniseman! Don’t miss #Goosebumps2Movie in theaters now! And keep watching @31nightsofhalloween on @Freeform. The Final Hunt for @Shadowhunterstv returns Spring 2019. #ad
I am coming down under to Oz Comic-Con and I’m looking forward to seeing everyone. See you in Brisbane September, 22-23 and Sydney September, 29-30 #shadowhunterslegacy
What a ride. I have laughed and cried and experienced a full spectrum of emotion over the last three years. All I can say is thank you for this opportunity. Being allowed to wake up every day and become f*cking JACE!! The hero. The soldier. The lover. The brother. The parabatai. Is more than I could have every dreamed. Thank you everyone for sharing him with me. Hopefully you’ve learned from him as I have. About love and compassion above everything else. I love each and every one of you and you all have a special place in my heart. Keep loving and smiling always. Thank you. 
@shadowhunterstv  #shadowhunterslegacy 
P.s. Here is a picture of me being a goof in make up. I don’t even really know what’s going on here. Your welcome.
Boo knows what’s up!!! Voting for @teenchoicefox is almost up. GET YOUR LAST VOTES IN FOR @matthewdaddario!!! Also!! I’m in love with this girl. Everyone deserves someone who looks at them the way boo looks at her dad. Xx 📸 @lukebaines
This week on @shadowhunterstv does "the owl" take Jace away from everything he lov3s and get him a puppy? Tune in to @freeform to find out... SPOILER: None of the above happens.

PS: Puppies on set=Dom doing no work (Additional question... was it an intentional choice to wear my ring at the back of my neck?) Additional spoiler: No... no it wasn't
New episode of @shadowhunterstv tonight on @freeform ... Does jace go to the beach? Does he stare out longingly at the oc3an,  troubled by his thoughts? Cap backwards? 
SPOILER: he doesn't!
I can’t wait to be attending the Hunters of Shadow 2 convention in Paris in June! Who’s coming along?

Ps...this is an old photo... I look a little different now. Try not to rear back in horror. It'll hurt my feelings.
Maybe Jace goes bavk in time and uses a musket tonight. New @shadowhunterstv tonight on @freeform 
SPOILER: He doesn't
New episode of @shadowhunterstv tonight on @freeform and tomorrow om @netflixuk 
Tune in to find out why Jace doesn't sleep under the covers... Spoiler: we don't find out ...
New @shadowhunterstv tonight!!!! This isn't from tonight's episode... I just think blue is sweet... So here's a post with the colour blue in it. @freeform 8/7c
Get ready for the beautiful @javiermofficial tonight on @shadowhunterstv on @freeform. I cant wait for everyone to experience the excellence he brings. #lorenzorey #lorenzosuuuccckkksss
Classic stare off... also @shadowhunterstv is back tomorrow!!!! Make sure you tune into @freeform to check out the season 3 premiere!!! FINALLY!!