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Monday!! Welcome to the institute @hijackylai @shadowhunterstv #shadowhunterslegacy
@alexkinsey one of my dearest friends has new music out today! Check out the vidoe! Download. Share! Tell you mum. Dad. Siblings. Friends. Dogs. Cats. #simple #kinsey 
Link in bio
February 25th... #shadowhunterslegacy
You will be missed coach. RIP. Love ya bud.
Check out @president_street 
Dope band with an exciting year coming up. (Also very nice guys)
There not wrong... #seeingittwice
Totally candid. They just caught me turning up. @richarddennen and @tatlermagazine Thank you! 😘 #rentedthecartotryandlookflyandfailed
Thank you very much @richarddennen and @tatlermagazine for including me. This was a lot of fun with some really great folks. Pick up a copy Jan 3rd.
Merry Christmas xx

Feb 25th.... The beginning of the end... #shadowhunterslegacy 
@freeform @netflix @netflixuk
Hey fellow prankster @hijackylai!! You’re all going to be very impressed. x
What can I say about @ted_baker and @ted_baker_menswear. Well you were lovey enough to dress me up all proper and more importantly make me feel comfortable. Thank you guys. Thank you @peopleschoice for the whole night and the badass entrance.
Congratulations to this incredible cast/ crew and most of all the fans. We are so grateful for all your tireless hard work from everywhere in the world. Thank you to @peopleschoice for having us. What a night.