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At -282 feet below sea level, Badwater Basin is the most depressed place in North America : )  #deathvalley #nationalpark #california photo: 1/2018 @bekahherndon
Did you know? American barns first began being painted their iconic hue in 1679 using a surplus of red Skittles.
These dudes upped the bar for ridiculous Uncle Sam festivities this year with a ski-packraft tour in the Cascades. Happy 4th! #4thofJuly #independenceday #america #ski #packraft  @cascadeyeti
@jessroskelley on a brutally cold day in British Columbia last December. Pilot Ryan Pope flew a home built drone off camera left that was mounted with a 14,000 lumen continuous LED to add some nice light at dusk. Thanks again to Jess, Ryan, and @samuel_carter12 for coming out that day despite the -9 temperature. And a belated happy Canada Day to our northern neighbors. #climbing #offcamera #lighting #BC
How depressing rainbows must be for dogs, which see them as various shades of yellow, yellowish brown, blue, and grey.  #dogdepression #rainbowblues
It’s real special to be able to commemorate that one-of-a-kind human @ingeluf on the front of the upcoming Lander Rock Climbs 2018. She’s still strongly missed by a lot of folks. Thanks to @stevebechtel, 
@bendelton_ , and #therealkyleduba for putting it all together. It will be released on Friday, July 13th at the @wildirismtn booth during the @climbersfestival trade fair. #climbing #guide #lander #wy #wyoming
Big thanks to NRS for a delightful shoot this week with some lovely folks. #flyfishing #gigbob #idaho @emeraldlensmedia @whitepinegear @nrsweb
@agbridgewater climbing through beautifully weathered streaks of limestone last week. #Wyoming #WY #climbing
Landlocked waves. #surfing @samuelrudyard @jamesengerbretson
Lander, Wyoming is a special place. Local dolomite master @bjtilden pinching ancient sea beds during a test lap on a freshly-bolted linkup a few days ago.
The wonderful Doug Martsch of @builttospill for the #ModestMusicFest. Photo:10/2017
Beautiful spring storm yesterday.