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Cold paws and icy casts last week with @whitepinegear for @nrsweb #flyfishing #pnw #idaho #lab #pup @nrsfishing
I've been fortunate over the past year to help document the progression of a very cool project spearheaded by my friends at RMI (a custom design machine shop based in Tennessee) who are developing a long-distance, fixed-wing hybrid autonomous aircraft. With a 9-foot wingspan, it takes off (and lands) vertically like a drone but, once in the air, transitions to a rear-mounted gas motor allowing it to travel up to 350 miles on a single tank, with all sorts of implications for search and rescue, rural autonomous deliveries, and replacing out-dated stork baby deliveries (that one I made up). The research, development, design, manufacturing, and testing, from start to finish, is being done by two really smart and highly-motivated individuals out of east Tennessee and north Idaho. Props to Shane Roberts and Ryan Pope for your passion and dedication. Exciting things to come from The Hybrid Project! #drone #aircraft #autonomous #flight #vtol #RMI #idaho #tennessee #thehybridproject @rmi.machine @rallyeverything
@jessroskelley climbing next to the beautiful aqua waters of Bull River over the weekend on a quick day trip with @alliroskelley and @samuel_carter12. #climbing #canada #iceclimbing @thenorthface_climb
Happy Valentine’s Day.  #vday #bighorn #sheep #bc
About 7 years ago, Darrell Anglen and his son, Nathan Anglen, got into paragliding together (Darrell considered it a nice, low impact alternative to spending long days with heavy packs pounding the trails in the Idaho backcountry). Not long after learning to fly Darrell was diagnosed with cancer and began prolonged, years-long treatment. The doctors said he probably wouldn't fly again. Not a duo to be told "you can't", Nate recently purchased a tandem paraglider. Last Friday I was lucky to be able to witness Darrell's first flight in 5 years. Thank you, Nate and Darrell, for your dogged determination to make the best of life even when circumstances look their bleakest. @n8_2you
Did you know? 9 out of 10 Pacific Northwest, folk-americana, singer/songwriters choose Picky Oats to start their day. 
@PickyBars recently released the crowdfunded deliciousness that is Picky Oats. As a self-taught foodie, I can honestly say all the flavors are inspired and tasty, without the sickly-sweet choke-down of traditional flavored oatmeals, or the day-after bathroom destruction of the overly fibrous ones. Plus, the good people at PB have continued their underappreciated tradition of flavor puns such as: HOW ‘BOUT DEM APPLES, CAN’T BEET CHOCOLATE, and GAME, SET, MATCHA! 
If you're keen to try them you can use my fancy coupon code "oatsfromherndon" to get 20% off until 2/28. Thanks to @bartbudwig for the exceptional modeling. Check out his page for an underwhelming Behind The Scenes look at our shoot this afternoon. #pickyoats #pickybars #northwest #PNW
August sunset thunderstorm over the Snake River along the Idaho-Oregon border.
A paraglider makes a low pass over some aesthetic 'S' curves in the highway below. #paragliding #Scurves #fly #idaho @n8_2you
A white male mandarin duck at the Pioneer Park Aviary in Walla Walla, Washington. Normally quite colorful (see the one I posted a few weeks back) this drake is the result of a mutation that is only found in captivity and is suspected to be caused by selective breeding and limited gene pools resulting in albinism, similar to that of the Spirit Bears of British Columbia or TBS late night host Conan O'Brien. Photo: 12/2017 #duck #mandarin #teamcoco
The Martian landscape of Death Valley at sunrise. Photo: 1/2018 #ca #california #deathvalley #nationalparks #nationalpark
One of the stark differences between rock climbing and ice climbing is how wildly-varying atmospheric conditions can cause ice to form and behave in different ways making the routes easier or more difficult from week-to-week and year-to-year. Sometimes it's uniform and plasticy with every swing ending in a satisfying and secure stick, the ice screws going in quick and smooth. Other times (like those pictured) the ice is steep, globular, brittle and aerated forming a challenging, chandaliered veneer that has to be hacked away to find smooth ice for ice screw placements. Pictured is @jessroskelley excavating ice blobs during an impressive ascent on some of the more challenging ice this past New Year's Eve in Washington State with @clinthelander and @samuel_carter12. #climbing #pnw #ice #wa
@bartbudwig just released his 6th album, a soulful, solo, fireside record called "Sabai", "recorded with one microphone in a small cabin surrounded by the Eagle Cap Wilderness." It is available on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, etc. Photo: 2/2015 at the historic O.K. Theatre in Enterprise, Oregon where Bart records his own music along with many other great bands/musicians. #BartBudwig #music #album #sabai #release