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The shocking green of another spring. #palouse #spring #seasons #pnw #wheat
@jamesengerbretson and @lizzengerbretson enjoying a pleasant Sunday afternoon picnic yesterday despite the park being a bit damp from recent rains and snowmelt. #SUP #palouse #pnw #picnic #sunday #park @nrsweb @rallyeverything
Nate Anglen getting one last flight in under pastel skies a few months back. Paragliding is one of those neat sports that you can shoot in any season. Photo: 12/2016 #paragliding #flight #pnw #idaho @rallyeverything
There's still a few days to see the legend Hildebrand Richwine in Das Fischer at the @filmfestivalflix Mountain and Adventure Film Festival. The online festival continues through March 19. Hopefully some more showing info soon! #DasFischer #film #comedy #pnw #fishing #indie @andyabrams24 @captainandclark @soundbrigade @bartbudwig
You don't always have to be dangling from a rope to get fun climbing photos. Sometimes just a quick walk leads to some inspiration. It didn't take too much wandering around the crag at Cuenca, Spain a couple weeks ago to find a nice composition using the curving branches of some beautiful leafless trees to frame @haps_1 mid route. Nature is generally the best creative director. #spain #climbing #nature #photonerd #cuenca #europe #lamancha
It's good to be back home in Idaho. Beginning the process of wading through a month of shots with what I'll call the jet lag shakes. Modern airports are basically first world coliseums, providing a unique glimpse into human behavior when people are ripped from their comfy lives, shackled into a skinny jail for 9 hours and then tossed, dehydrated and irritable into a poorly-ventilated arena at the other side. After 40 hours of nearly no sleep, the body receives lots of mixed signals about when it's okay (or not) to pass out, eat, poop, curse, assault strangers, or sprint to another flight. I fortunately escaped the feared and often-violent "businessman shits" which can strike unsuspecting travelers with plague-like speed. The odor of recent victims hovers over nearly every airport bathroom no matter what the hour or location. Here's another photo of the Moorish castle in Chulilla, Spain to bidet this post from your minds. #spain #airports #anthopology #cleanse #businessmanshits @negunda @erikpallister @mctapioca @bekahherndon @haps_1 @genderpunk_ @ggyoung93 @coachdjaj
Great last day in Chulilla. Thanks to our many wonderful friends and hosts who made it an extremely enjoyable few weeks. Here's Miriam Schlotzhauer on Hipotermia (7c). #chulilla #spain #climbing #europe @haps_1 @negunda @erikpallister @mctapioca @coachdjaj @ggyoung93 @genderpunk_ @davidvijuescas @valkissel
Climbing "rest day" run around Chulilla, Spain for @bekahherndon. #lifepoints #run #running @pickybars @tandemstock
@haps_1 climbing into that glorious Spanish sun this evening. Big thanks to @negunda and Henry for rigging the rope and for tolerating my harassment about not missing the good light and wearing good colors : ) #spain #climbing #chulilla
We were very fortunate to hang out with our Chulilla Airbnb host David Vijuescas and his family last night. They showered us with an endless stream of delicious tapas and authentic Valencian paella! I felt honored by their generosity. #spain #valencia #paella  #chulillaslow
Mac working a beautiful arete on El Agente Naranja (8a) last night. #climbing #chulilla #spain @negunda
@bekahherndon's Spain climbing send rampage continues with her first 7a+ (5.12a)! We are having mimosas with fresh squeezed valencia oranges to celebrate. #climbing #spain #chulilla