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This is one of my inspirations and a Legend to me the Late Mohd Rafi. I found this instrumental on YouTube and made this cover while practicing a year ago. Finally mastered it and made it available on my sound cloud for free download. You can get it on the link mentioned below :
I just had to post this one as I know it would drive my sister mad. 🤣🤣🤣 Available for Free Download on my sound cloud :
I keep on practicing so just sharing this here with out tags and mentioning the link on my sound cloud where you can download this song :
Well I found this instrumental of the song Diwana by the Legend Bohemia with the hook on YouTube back in 2017 and made this cover song just for practice. Mastered it today so made it available for free download on my soundcloud. You can get it on the link mentioned below :
The way I am Not is a remix I did over Eminem The Way I Am beat just to practice. This song is about fake friends and I mastered it so I put it up for free download on my soundcloud. You can get it on the link mentioned below :
This is a cover song I did back in 2017 of the Legend Late Kishore Da. I was practicing and thought to practicing over this song that I grew up on from the film Don that starred another great Legend Sir Amitabh Bachchan. Free Download link mentioned below :
Just throwing out different type of noise.
Does happen to the best of us. Just sharing my truth.
Truth according to some examples that I have witnessed. Boosie tells the truth and this does happen. When they are alive no one notices them but when they are gone everyone acts like they knew them. Just reposting this from @akadmiks page as this is true. #boosiebadazz #akademiks #repost #hiphop #rapper
Tere Bina a Freestyle I did on my first album and well let’s just say I revisited songs from my first album and it really is surprising to see how far I have come Thank GOD 🙏 I just have to keep on evolving and learn a lot more.
Everyday Struggle is just a song I go back to and revisit how I could do something better than what I have put out in the recent days.
This was me harmonising in a rock style over a hip hop beat. The song is jhoom barabar and This Version is a new mix I mastered as Running Wolf 1989 mastered previous version of this song of mine when I was on his label much thanks to him for that. I chose to put this sound out which is a bit different sound from his mastered version.