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is a volunteer-based organization in L.A., committed to feeding families, homeless, at risk teens, veterans and the elderly on a daily basis.

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Doris Cares working Memorial Day @ LAX with a huge load ready to distribute to a bunch of hungry souls. 😊
Program for the luncheon where Doris was honored for her work in the community.
Party favors from Doris Cares for 150 attendees of the event where Doris was honored.
Doris was honored, along with 12 other women, at The Pearls and Lace Awards luncheon, for having an impact on their community.
Volunteers & Food Donors...U are our heroes. @letty_gogo @elizabeth.rw3 @mistersegal @thelakitchen @westsidefoodbank @lafoodbank
Caravaning the encampments around Martin Luther King Blvd. and Grand Avenue. Taking us into the encampments is Michael Grissom, from
Let the games begin! First stop, the caravan is at the South Los Angeles Women Shelter. @letty_gogo @mistersegal @thelakitchen @westsidefoodbank @lafoodbank
DORIS CARES Feeding Caravan was an amazing success. Thank you volunteers and are the heroes. @westsidefoodbank @lafoodbank @thelakitchen @letty_gogo @mistersegal @elizabeth.rw3
Thank you, Allison @westsidefoodbank! for all the bread for our event tomorrow! D.C. ❤️ 's you!
Thanks @thelakitchen for helping !!!
"If decomposing food were a country, it'd be the third largest source of greenhouse gases on the planet, right behind the United States and China. DORIS CARES wants to get that food into empty bellies, instead of landfills - fight hunger and climate change at the same time, at no cost to the taxpayer."
Estelle Van Meter Senior Center on Avalon Blvd. in South L. A.  Amazing woman...Amazing center. Look for our event with them on May 13th!