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My life consists of bugs, frogs, turtles, wildlife, woods, beads, fabric and pixels ~ sometimes all at once!


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How lucky are we! First day for beer at the Arboretum 😋❤️🍺
Breakfast 🍳 now it’s time for a productive day! Happy Thursday y’all 😎
My Angel Wing begonia cutting is starting to bloom ~ looks like it’s time for a pot! 🌸😋🍃❤️
Inspired by the rain yesterday ❤️💕💦some people enjoy the rain ☔️ and others just get wet! #rain #ilovetherain #kathyhardyphotography #myhandmadelife #iliveinthewoods #lifeintheforest #artoftheday
View from my studio window right now ~ I’m loving all the new green 🌳🌿🌱🍃
Honoring tonight’s New Moon 🌙 by making some New Moon jewelry! The rain has sparked my creativity 💕❤️😊
Breakfast always tastes better eaten outside 🍳☀️❤️ #iliveinthewoods #lifeisgood #lifeintheforest #myhandmadelife
My current situation 😊⛺️
Nothing better than sitting in the woods and drawing in my journal! #iliveinthewoods #lifeintheforest #lifeisgood #kathyhardyphotography #myhandmadelife
My current situation 😊❤️
Found some Foam flower 🌸 getting ready to bloom on my walk in the forest 🌳 today!