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What can I say? I know! NOTHING! NOTHING AT ALL! That will show them.

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I always say she brings good luck @misy04 love you!!!
Excellent find....for those of us who love Benihana but can’t go all the time...
Happy 4th....#RabbiesAlert
What the hell is this bafoonery?  Hellman’s Ketchup?  Pistachio Oreos?  I need a time machine to go to an era where this crap didn’t happen....
The fight may not be over...#ToysRUs
Geoffrey is ready for retirement. He got a nice condo in Boca where he is gonna be with a bunch of yentas talking about the good ol’ days...#RIPToysRUs
Yea I am 35 but I had to give it a shot #DoubleDare
I was in the bathroom 🚽 relieving myself and I look out the window to find this beast...#AlmostHadAnAccident
There is a woman walking around in Pembroke Pines either shredding tracks from her weave or this was yanked in a fit of unbridled rage in the Publix parking lot over a sale on low fat cottage cheese
I’d like to know when “Salted Caramel” became a wing flavor....#YUCK