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What can I say? I know! NOTHING! NOTHING AT ALL! That will show them.

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When meningitis takes over the locker room, what do you?  You bring in someone retired and someone from a different brand...
What better way to spend your Friday Night then wait in line at 1am for your $198 to replace your spoiled food from the hurricane.  Doesn't open until 7am. There is a good chance that we have mostly greedy people here since this is the 3rd day in a row that this scene has repeated itself.
It's #FridayThe13th and it's time to feed our black cats. Midnight & Last Night
This is my semi-annual 4 times a year post about Oreos. And now they are just screwing with us making us guess what swill fills these classic and now sullied gems...
Then it's not the boy scouts anymore no? #Confused
What would @Twix do if I open this and find a left piece in here?  These are the hard questions we should be asking these days...
Oy Miley!  Your voice sounds like you have been smoking for 50 years....
Man what a terrible thing to wake up to #LasVegas
People are taking this #pumpkinspice thing too far
Yes...that's a mailbox tied to cinder blocks ontop of a stool. #Hialeah