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What can I say? I know! NOTHING! NOTHING AT ALL! That will show them.

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Fall/Autumn my ass...
First Gino’s dies, then where I buy at hot bread is gone, and they sell this crap...
Well because it Michael Walter Mouse....I approve of the flavor
What kid wouldn’t want this as a gift. Action figures of Peg, Norm, and of course Alice from The Brady Bunch
Ric Flair got married for the fifth time yesterday. Guests included The Undertaker, The Rock’s mom, Michael PS Hayes, and Michael’s fanny pack
After 2 weeks the newest member of the family is here....
Look what they have in Macys now
RIP - The Bandit
#FLAmber #Pinellas #AmberAlert
I’m up early on This Saturday and what do I find on, one of my favorites growing up as a kid. Garfield on Saturday Mornings on CBS was must see TV for me...
#SelfExplanatory #Sausages #SausageDiet
Remember that night when Brian Pillman ruffled Bobby Heenan’s feathers and Bobby dropped the F-Bomb LIVE on TBS?