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Emmy Award winning actress
Sony/Disruptor artist
Cher in Clueless the Musical


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@sugarbearhair keeps my hair healthy, strong, and helps reduce  breakage. plus i never forget to take them because they’re unbelievably yummy. such a good stocking stuffer !#sugarbearhair #ad
exhausted. happy
thank you Ben Brantley / @nytimes 🌹
tai, cher and dionne. i mean...
always there for every important moment in my life 👼🏻
cher & christian 🌹💍 original otp (i hate that i have to say this but i’m still dating thomas you guysssssssssssss. this is my friend who is playing christian to my cher in clueless who is ALSO taken by a v handsome man who i could never compete w. chill) ((also everyone should learn to kiss their friends w/o it being romantic, it will only affect your life positively))
soul pic ☠️
big mood
too many cute photos from opening night so get ready for me to post all of them
ily @marlysophie 💛
thank u NY theatre review 💘💘