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“Nothing looks or wears like a DOXA...” And how better to get a sense of a watch’s character than using it as intended? @afarmelo does just that in his SUB300 #Sharkhunter review for @wornandwound – don’t miss this one!
The SUB is still as collectible as ever, evidenced by this pair of family shots, some fifty years in the making. | 📸 by ⬅️ @chronosydivers and ➡️ #vintagediver #divewatch #tgraph
With a leather jacket and a proper well-worn SUB 600T Professional, @classicwatchca is doing Dirk Pitt proud today. #instrumentsofadventure #divewatch
Want to learn to fly? Strap on a tank and try scuba diving. Want to stop time? Try freediving and leave it all on the shore. 
#freedomintheblue #divingwithlegends | 📸 by @mari_free_to_flow via @girlsthatfreedive in Mexico
Kicking the week off with one of a few survivors #builttolast #neverobsolete #vintagediver
Be good to each other out there this weekend, but just remember – you can’t use a torch to light someone else’s way without first brightening your own 🔦 🍋 #doxafam #poseidon #divewatch #watchfam | 📸: @muyshondt
A very rare shot of a fully kitted Swiss Army combat diver – wearing none other than a SUB 300T Pro – standard issue for this elite commando division in the early seventies. How’s that for a throwback? 🍊 #vintagethursday #doxaprofessional
The mighty #4000t introduced several firsts for the DOXA SUB: not only was it the first to exhibit a new three-link bracelet and sapphire glass timing bezel, it was also the first to feature a luminous power reserve indicator, letting the wearer know if the watch had been sufficiently wound to safely time the dive ahead. A uniquely capable instrument, in every sense of the word. #instrumentsofadventure #sharkhunter #triviatuesday | 📸: @uhrforum
Unmistakeable even at a distance, the “orange faced DOXA diver watch” remains the preeminent totem of adventure for those in the know. | 📸: @cafemclean 
#clivecussler #dirkpitt #divewatch #instrumentsofadventure
How any good adventure oughta begin: aboard a float plane bound for the Caribbean horizon. #gonerambling #seeyououtthere | 📸: @thechristiannegron #🛩
#TBT to entering the Aquarius Reef Base for the first time, joining @fcousteau and his team of @missionthirtyone Aquanauts. On @tydes1972’s wrist: the #M31 Professional, tailor-made for this historic, record-breaking mission. #divingwithlegends #doxaprofessional #instrumentsofadventure
Help us settle a bet #DOXAfam: Are you on ❌ Team NATO or ⭕️ Team BOR? Asking for a friend 🧐
| 📸: @thewatchdude2 #divewatch #thegreynato