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it's not about how long you live, it's how you live long. 💉Anti-Ageing and regenerative medicine, optimum healthspan inst. butter in my coffee-really!


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Precise and to the point , the body needs sufficient resources to function optimally replace what it needs and remove Wht doesn’t belong there. Still think you need a flu shot? Think again #drhaff
External counterpulsation therapy added to our therapeutic suite, enhances the  circulatory system, in chronic heart disease ; and improved performance and recovery for athletes,3 sets of cuffs are wrapped around your legs. These cuffs inflate and deflate within the diastolic phase of your heartbeat allowing more oxygenated rich blood to circulate around your body.  Email or call to setup an assement, high performance cardiovascular enhancement. #drh#ecpjohannesburg
Life is full of choices. #drhaff#healthiswealth
Technically the glass is always full....🤔#staypositive
Non-invasive and FDA-Cleared Nexalin Therapy Helps Treat Anxiety, Depression & Insomnia 
Nexalin is a FDA-cleared program that helps to treat anxiety, depression, and insomnia. The noninvasive Nexalin device transmits a relaxing frequency waveform that reaches the hypothalamus (see image), the area of the brain responsible for normalizing brain chemistry without the potential harm of pharmaceutical drugs. 
Studies indicate that a three-week Nexalin treatment can change the levels of various neurotransmitters, including dopamine and serotonin, leading to long-term relief from the underlying causes of anxiety, depression, and insomnia. The success rate of the Nexalin therapy for these symptoms is 80 percent.

Appointments are available at 0113153283 #nexalin#depression#anxiety#insomnia#drugfree#drhaff
Fasting  is an ancient practice now being studied for some of its incredible health benefits. A recent article from CNN (Is Fasting the Fountain of Youth?) outlined some of the research coming out about this practice as well as different types of fasting (including Prolon's Fasting Mimicking Diet). If these research findings are any indication, fasting may reduce the risk of obesity, non-alcoholic fatty liver, diabetes and cancer while increasing lifespan. It's out of the box, but could it help patients move away from chronic disease and towards wellness? -

Thinking outside the box of traditional one-size-fits-all medicine opens the door to optimal wellness. Fasting, personalized diet and exercise recommendations, genetic and other lab testing are just some examples of how practitioners can uncover and resolve root cause. How practitioners can potentially prevent more serious conditions down the road.

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Professor Valter Longo's book, "The Longevity Diet", is the result of decades of research on the mechanisms of aging. Get the book today to learn about the easy and cost-effective methods to slow the impact of aging, build resistance to illnesses, and lose visceral fat!##fmd#fasting#prolon#drhaff
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#MondayMorning in the #hyperbaric tank @hyperbaricoxygentherapyuk for a one-hour boost of 97% #oxygen to try and clear away the cobwebs of the weekend and get over some ouchy #DOMs from a tough few weights sessions in #Dublin. 😬
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Movie premier 🍿 🎥 @zahra.haffejie
Yay it’s spring day🌸 allergic rhinitis/sinusitis is a common occurrence , don’t let  congestion symptoms run you down.  Clincally proven drug free solution for long term relief “Up to 150,000 treatments in tens of thousands of patients worldwide, Rhinolight® offers a new and exciting non-drug treatment for nose and sinus allergy sufferers.” #rhinolight#allergicrhinitis#sinusitis
State of high performance ....💪🏼real ketosis , ketones at 2.4 glucose at 3.8 and steady, love the convenience of continuous real time glucose monitoring. Contact us if you would like to hook up with the most advanced glucose tracking monitor.#ketosis#antiageing#bulletproof#performance#continuousglucosemonitoring
Best place to nap 😴, #sleepdebt#healing#recovery#lupus#hyperbaricoxygentherapy