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We had our first vision board workshop of the year! Even for introverts, getting together in person to open up and share our deepest desires can be a very healing, empowering and liberating process! Other people act as mirrors and possibly express what we have not been able to give voice within ourselves. We bless each other and lift each other up. We meditate. We hold space. And then we get to take away that memory as a visual masterpiece! 🥰🥰🥰 #allthefeels
Doing tiny little things out of alignment every day can add up to a whole lot of hurt in the long run!🚨 :
I noticed something funny. When I drive for some reason I put my foot on the gas pedal and 45°. I noticed randomly that my knee was starting to hurt and I’m wondering why? Then I noticed my foot in the car and just straightening it to the 0° position, things got so much better. I didn’t even realize the pressure I was unintentionally putting on my knee!
How many little things do we do like that every day? That’s how our lives get out of alignment, tiny little behaviors at a time. When stay present and just notice things, we actually have a fighting chance at fixing them! The goal is to be present and stay aligned in every area of our lives.
Watch where your emotions are telling you that something isn’t right. Watch where your body/mind is telling you something isn’t right. Honor those feelings. That information is important. 🙏🏼
Aside from an occasional rant or political commentary, my IG feed is full of positive, interesting, funny and helpful content. That is by design! So if your Instagram feed is full of junk... consider that you have designed that by allowing those things in. In this New Year, what will you let in to nourish you and what will you allow to poison you? Our thoughts actually CREATE reality... not the other way around. So be conscious of what you are thinking and the stories you are telling. Be sure that you know that whatever you decide, you’ll be right! ❤️🙏🏼
I love the honesty of children. I loved talking to NYC public school system second graders about dreaming BIG, what that means, and how we can each help others in the world. In this first pic I showed them a picture of myself in the second grade and asked “How many of you would have been my friend?” And all but maybe 2 or 3 of them raised their hands 🤣🤣🤣🥰 Giving back to our youth, protecting them, nourishing their curiosity and creative ideas... keeping them safe and loved should be of prime importance to us as a society. Children are the wealth of our future and our legacy. #leaveitbetterthanyoufoundit #youthempowerment #publicschoolnyc #secondgraders #dreambigger #dreamframeworkers #coloringbook #careersforlittlesisters
I’ve been #fangirling @sarablakely lately because I love how real she is (* how real YOU are if you are reading Sara 🙏🏼❤️) We are all on this journey together. There aren’t tiers of people who can do it and those who can’t. It’s teirs if those who are committed to making things happen and those who aren’t. And if you aren’t, that’s not bad. And if you are, that’s not necessarily good. The point is you have a choice in life. You can take small or big steps towards your big dreams and risk ridicule, alienation, discomfort and potential reward and fulfillment and happiness beyond your wildest dreams - or you can stay right where you are... I know which one I pick with this wonderful life that I get! What about you?
Two rock star ladies @amyporterfield and @danamalstaff spilling the tea on online course creation! GOING ON RIGHT NOW!!!! #bossmom #coursecreation #passiveincome #passionprojects
I had such a great time supporting local, women-owned businesses in Surprise, AZ today! It’s so important to support people who are reaching for their dreams and taking responsibility for their happiness and the changes they want to see in the world! Especially hard-working mamas who have so many other demands on them! Have you been to @codobesurprise or @my_goodies_rocks lately?!!
There are two schools of thought on this idea of “You get in life what you have the courage to ask for.” @oprahmagazine :
Some say you should hide your dream until you have successfully achieved it and keep your most precious dreams safeguarded. :
Some say you should put it out there, ask for the support and potentially risk public failure.
I was told by a coach that I should have some successes before I put my big dream of becoming a successful voiceover artist out there. I suspect many people, maybe even you, think that way. :
That may also be the reason why many people don’t want to create a vision board. What if I fail? What if they ridicule me? What if my boss or coworkers catches wind of my dreams and tries to hurt me with it?
The honest truth is you only get one life at this time, in this place, with us. Smart, successful people like @patflynn and @brendonburchard suggest the public accountability is really the fuel to get your dreams going! :
Getting support, attracting resources - no one goes amazing places on their own. We help each other. And that’s a good thing! Many people may have resources (or a need) you don’t or wouldn’t know about!
Failure and rejection are a vital part of becoming resilient, persistent, resistant and consistent. But, so what? The alternative is to smoosh and suffocate your dreams OR take a lifetime to achieve them, instead of enjoying the successes now. :
Does this resonate with you?! Let me know below! 👇
Knee deep in planning and strategy today! I’m soooo excited on what I’m creating for you! I’m also excited that I am remembering to eat lunch. 🥗 🍗 😋
Funny how that works ☺️ Even if you are the mama of fur babies... isn’t it funny how everyone needs us when our attention isn’t on them?! 😂 Who else can relate!?!
Do you feel like the world is running you over in a major way sometimes? Yeah... me too. It doesn’t have to feel that way though! Many of the responsibilities we take on and the expectations we have of ourselves are self-induced. For example, do you feel pushed around in traffic? In line at the grocery store? I used to be the FIRST ONE rushing, pushing, stumbling. It took a massive fall on my commute into JFK airport - bloody knees, bruised ego - for me to realize I needed to SLOW DOWN! Let people go around me. Let people go in front of me. And now, with a child, husband, business and home, energy management is of paramount importance. The solution - simple. Focus. What’s most important today? Leave the house earlier. Slow down. Create simpler routines. Economize. Unsubscribe. Dictate your blog instead of typing. Wherever you can do this to take the pressure off yourself - do it. 30 seconds to take a deep cleansing breath will not hurt anyone. 🙏🏼
My name is Melissa and I am just as crazy, overwhelmed & bursting with ideas as you are.
👩🏻‍💻 I married for the first time at 40 years young and had my beautiful daughter at 42 years young. (read: it took so long to manifest, I thought I’d never have my own little happy family 🙏🏼❤️)
🦄  I am a Dreamer (read: dictating a million ideas a minute on my iPhone while driving , running errands and saving the world)
⏰  I am a Time Bender (read: finding time to be as productive as humanly possible and going after my dreams while not beating up myself up with mom guilt to do so)
I am also someone who knows how to help busy people realize their biggest dreams using clarity breakthroughs and accountability coaching.
I have over 20 years of experience as a project manager, a goal achiever and a master manifester. I’ve helping individuals, small start-ups and big companies accomplish seemingly impossible things with relentless success. No dropping the ball with this one.
If you’ve got big dreams and goals for 2019 and would like to capture them on a vision board AND see them through, check out the links in my bio!