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Find me in the mountains by a campfire 🌱
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And what's your favorite animal?... Always, when I see mountain goats, I must giggle. Such adorable face expressions they show you at all times 🐐
A throwback to this amazing weekend with @fordcanada. It was fun testing their new 2019 Ford Ranger and pushing its limits on rough and flooded backcountry roads near Whistler. Love the smaller size of this truck, fuel efficiency and blind spot detection technology! #FordRanger (I rarely use Photoshop and play with layers, but the sky in this shot was quite plain, so it was a great opportunity to try a composite. Apparently, I didn't aim for natural look but rather a painting-like visual, which was quite fun :). Shot with Canon 6D + 16-35mm 2.8 III)
Paddling through the Valley of the Gods was something else. Once we got past the Spirit Island, the quiet was deafening. No traffic hum, no cell signal. Just you paddling in 'Zen-like' rhythm, hearing only roiling waterfalls and swoosh of paddles.
Golden sunset light over the Kananaskis Country. In frame the one and only @vagabondhearts 💕 This special shining soul was truly born for the  mountains 🌄
A fleeting rainbow over Mount Tekarra in Jasper National Park.
Last weekend (woohoo, time surely flies) we got to spend some special time in Whistler with @fordcanada offroading in their new Ford Ranger. We made sure to push its limits that weekend and the truck kept blowing our minds. Especially its new traction and safety control systems that make driving both in the mountains and in the city a breeze. All I could think about was of how many nearly unreachable hot springs in the backcountry I could now reach with this beauty.

It was so great to meet such beautiful and like-minded people who embrace nature and outdoors as much as I do, and I am already so looking forward to meeting some of them very soon on a different adventure. Thank you guys, you all were awesome and I wish we’d have more time to get to know each other. Thanks to the Ford team for making this weekend possible.

And don’t let this peaceful picture fool you. My dearest Lizzy Fizzy @elizabethgadd literally lost lots of blood when posing for the photo. I mean a lots. If you’d zoomed in, you’d see hundreds of little black dots - thirsty mosquito females. While Lizzy was trying to send them away with such a grace, I was laying in the dust surrounded by the black clouds of thirsty little monsters. Biggest thanks to you Joel @joelschat for saving my butt (also literally 🍑 ) by dancing around me with the bug spray. You're the best! :) I could have never done this shot without you two heroes 💪 I hope  we all can jump into #FordRanger soon again and disappear somewhere in the woods together, leaving the mosquitoes behind 😁

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A throwback to magical nights in Northwest Territories at the one and only Blachford Lake Lodge ✨ @blachford_ll
I am such a beach bum when it comes to this kind of beaches 🏖 😅
I hope you, my dears, are doing amazing and planning to spend some time on your favourite beach soon.

Finally, I have received my Canadian permanent resident card and woohoo! I can leave the country and drive the car again. I am close to be finishish building a van that we named Juniper - the main reason I was offline for a bit, and it feels so wonderful to be able to stand up in the van and make the tea without leaving the van. The best thing tho is that my best friends and family are coming to visit me aaaaaall the way from Czechia this summer for the first time and I can't wait to show them this incredible part of the world. Cheers to summer and cheers to life indeed ♥
On this September day it has been raining all day long. For good two hours I was deciding whether to go for a little hike and very likely to get wet or whether I should finish reading my book instead. Luckily, I am in fond of rain and one hour later I made it to this gem, with no other soul in sight. Heavy rainy clouds suddenly and very unexpectedly opened up a bit so the light could reach the surface of the lake, making the turquoise waters shining like a real gemstone. After ten minutes snow/rain storm rolled in, so I ran back to my tent and back to my book. I still made it to the last page that day, yet richer in one more blue memory.
It was lovely to have you again winter ❄ and so lovely to see you spring 🌱🌻
What lovely and freezing powder days at @ferniealpineresort we have had! If you'll ever head to Canada for skiing/snowboarding, Fernie should be at the top of your list. They have insane amount of runs suited for everyone, it's not crowded at all and the powder snow feels like a pure stardust ✨❄. Tip: If you're still quite a beginner and the sign down at the chairlift warns that there is no easy way down, trust it. There isn't😌. But what wouldn't you do for 360° panorama views... #lovefernie
Where or what is your quiet place? Regardless of me talking a lot when I have things to say, often, especially when in nature, I love to be quiet (except of pointing out all the amazing plants and animals and rocks and clouds). I breath fresh air deeply in and let it fill my lungs, my cells, my whole being. I am quite a master of being fully present when I am in the mountains, near the water source, under the tree or surrounded by blooming flowers on a meadow. On the other hand, I am a total disaster when in the city, at the festival or at the party (yes, I am one of those that can be found in a quiet corner with a doggie or talking to alike soul escaping all that buzz). When there's a lot going on and things get noisy, I get overwhelmingly nervous and I easily loose a track of who I am. At that moment, all I wish is being elsewhere. Or even better - being someone else, someone, who enjoys these places - oh, how my life would be easier when I could JUST enjoy those things!, I often think to myself🙈😅. 🍃 We live in a loud world where TV, music, and smartphones fill the void with white noise. Silence and solitude are broken by the buzz of technology while we call, text, and email to feel less alone. We don't feel comfortable being quiet, so most of the time we fill those precious silent moments with unnecessary words. However, how often do we take the time to sit and enjoy silence? A while ago I mentioned this documentary In Pursuit of Silence and I really really recommend it to everyone.
🍃 Evolutionary, our bodies and minds haven't had time yet to adjust to all the recent artificially created noise around us, therefore we must make an effort and go to our quiet and peaceful place, and feed our mind and body... whether it's in our room with no technology distractions or better - in nature, which is still the most natural place to be for us, humans.
🍃Silence and solitude give us the space to think, act, and play "catch up" with our mind, and can be very healthy for our physical and mental wellbeing. Some of the benefits that silence can provide us (all backed by science) is improving memory, helping to heal our bodies when sick, (continue in the comment below)