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On this September day it has been raining all day long. For good two hours I was deciding whether to go for a little hike and very likely to get wet or whether I should finish reading my book instead. Luckily, I am in fond of rain and one hour later I made it to this gem, with no other soul in sight. Heavy rainy clouds suddenly and very unexpectedly opened up a bit so the light could reach the surface of the lake, making the turquoise waters shining like a real gemstone. After ten minutes snow/rain storm rolled in, so I ran back to my tent and back to my book. I still made it to the last page that day, yet richer in one more blue memory.
It was lovely to have you again winter ❄ and so lovely to see you spring 🌱🌻
What lovely and freezing powder days at @ferniealpineresort we have had! If you'll ever head to Canada for skiing/snowboarding, Fernie should be at the top of your list. They have insane amount of runs suited for everyone, it's not crowded at all and the powder snow feels like a pure stardust ✨❄. Tip: If you're still quite a beginner and the sign down at the chairlift warns that there is no easy way down, trust it. There isn't😌. But what wouldn't you do for 360° panorama views... #lovefernie
Where or what is your quiet place? Regardless of me talking a lot when I have things to say, often, especially when in nature, I love to be quiet (except of pointing out all the amazing plants and animals and rocks and clouds). I breath fresh air deeply in and let it fill my lungs, my cells, my whole being. I am quite a master of being fully present when I am in the mountains, near the water source, under the tree or surrounded by blooming flowers on a meadow. On the other hand, I am a total disaster when in the city, at the festival or at the party (yes, I am one of those that can be found in a quiet corner with a doggie or talking to alike soul escaping all that buzz). When there's a lot going on and things get noisy, I get overwhelmingly nervous and I easily loose a track of who I am. At that moment, all I wish is being elsewhere. Or even better - being someone else, someone, who enjoys these places - oh, how my life would be easier when I could JUST enjoy those things!, I often think to myself🙈😅. 🍃 We live in a loud world where TV, music, and smartphones fill the void with white noise. Silence and solitude are broken by the buzz of technology while we call, text, and email to feel less alone. We don't feel comfortable being quiet, so most of the time we fill those precious silent moments with unnecessary words. However, how often do we take the time to sit and enjoy silence? A while ago I mentioned this documentary In Pursuit of Silence and I really really recommend it to everyone.
🍃 Evolutionary, our bodies and minds haven't had time yet to adjust to all the recent artificially created noise around us, therefore we must make an effort and go to our quiet and peaceful place, and feed our mind and body... whether it's in our room with no technology distractions or better - in nature, which is still the most natural place to be for us, humans.
🍃Silence and solitude give us the space to think, act, and play "catch up" with our mind, and can be very healthy for our physical and mental wellbeing. Some of the benefits that silence can provide us (all backed by science) is improving memory, helping to heal our bodies when sick, (continue in the comment below)
Charlotte little wolf @charlottelittlewolf & Flora big fluffy wolf. This talented and loving lady I've met only two moons ago would love to get on an expedition to Antarctica and she needs our help to make her dream come true. See her astonishing artwork and also click on the link in her bio to vote for her. We all want to see some amazing photos she could take in faraway lands, don't we? ❄ 🐧
The forest-lake-island-lake-forest magic of the Northwest Territories. Always having my nose and forehead glued to the icy cold window on the way to Blachford Lake Lodge @blachford_ll ✨
No matter how many times I go to the very same places, the nature always plays a different game of tones, so at the and I often feel like being there for the first time. Just like the other morning along the Bow River. Our toes, fingers and noses were freezing, but we didn't care. Trees and ground was covered with heavy blanket of ice crystals, so when the sun reached us through the thick fog hovering above the river, we felt like in a fairytale world ✨❄ Thanks so much @banffcentre
for hosting us in your cozy Creator House. It was nothing short of amazing to have such a lovely place to relax after long days exploring the mountains.
#BanffCentre @travelalberta
#explorealberta #sponsored
One of those places where I let go of everything. Where I forget myself for a while, totally absorb the moment and let my thoughts flow away with the glacier blue water 💦
Find me in my Beaver cabin, sometimes under moonlight, sometimes under dancing lights, always next to the crackling wood fire. @blachford_ll is such a dream place to be ✨ ❄
The world seems to be so much quiter and peaceful when it's snowing✨ ❄
And there is a reason for it. Snow has an effect on the way sound travels, specifically, it muffles noise. Snow stacks up with between flakes, which means that sound waves have less surface area to bounce off than, say, raindrops. Thank you snow :)
P. S. There's a documentary about silence and I really recommend it if that's something that interests you ☺️ - In Pursuit of Silence (2015)
In a week I will be on the plane back to the Northwest Territories and to @blachford_ll where I volunteered three years ago. I have never seen more beautiful northern lights anywhere else in the world, so I am truly excited to see this magic again.

On a side note - we all wished each other happy new years, so let me share a quick thought on the happiness.
A few days back I was listening @timferriss podcast with the guest 'Mr. Money Moustache' Pete Adeney. They talked about living frugal yet highly fulfilled life and Pete mentioned something I can't get out of my head and I really really love it and think it's worth of sharing - "... Because it’s pretty well studied that happiness is not very much affected by adding positives to your life. Especially in a rich world environment like we live, it’s mostly accomplished by removing things that are a strong negative to every day. So getting myself a remote control photography drone is unlikely to make me happier because my life doesn’t currently suck due to the absence of a photography drone, quad copter thingies. Whereas if there’s something that every day I’m like, dammit, I just wish I didn’t always trip over this broken dishwasher or whatever. Then replacing your dishwasher is probably going to be a happiness boosting proposition." So I guess for 2019 I wish you to be able to remove/replace lots of negative things in your life, whether it is a broken dishwasher or people that don't value you as much as you deserve 😉
Soul piercing eyes of Flora, the wolf 💦