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Just an Ariz🔆na girl taking photos of what I see 🌵
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My 2016 1 Second Everyday (1se) video:


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I ❤️ Ipsy! I love trying samples of stuff I never would consider buying. Like that orange colored eyeshadow that I would never give a second glance to, that ends up being a really pretty peachy pink. The only thing I do not like about Ipsy is falling in love with an item and finding out the full-size costs an exorbitant amount. 😬 06•16•17 | #ipsy #juneglambag
Yummy! 🍒 06•15•17
Wispy ☁️ 06•14•17
The view is so pretty from where I stand 🌼 06•10•17 | #stefaniloveschucks
Not a happy camper. ☹️ 1-year annual vet visit. You would have thought she was being murdered. 😆 06•10•17 | #lilmissizzygrey
June selfie. 📷 Plus, I was wearing a new top and my hair looked pretty good. 😉 06•09•17
So, I made some eggs. 🍳 06•08•17 | #pepperfail
My current obsession. 😍 If only I didn't have to wait to get the disks in the mail. I could watch the entire series in one go. ~ 06•07•17 | #outlander
I could stare at this Bing page all day! It's mesmerizing! 👁👁 06•07•17
Lots and lots of cards everywhere! ~ 06•03•17 | #stefani🔖icad
So many index cards. They really do pile up. My first ICAD was in 2012. This is the first year since then that I haven't participated. I'm looking forward to next year though. 🖍 06•03•17 | #stefani🔖icad
Yay! It's wear your Converse to work day! 👍🏻 06•02•17 | #stefaniloveschucks