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😎😘 ~ 03•06•18
Just your friendly neighborhood Spiderman.🕸 03•06•18
Our first time at Disney California Adventure. The last time I was here, California Adventure was still a parking lot. We had just gotten off our first ride of the day, Grizzly River Run (a whitewater rafting ride and my new favorite) and we were SOAKED! Perfect time for a picture. 🐻🌊 03•06•18
These feet have had enough. Only one more ride to go. 🎢 03•05•18
Because there is no such thing as too many shoe pictures. How awesome is that tiled floor, though? 😍 03•05•18
Nighttime comes to Disneyland 🏰 03•05•18
This place may or may not be haunted. Enter at your own risk. ☠️💀☠️ 03•05•18
#hauntedmansion #disneyland
I was told that I must get a Dole Whip. So, that is exactly what I did.🍍 03•05•18
#disneyland #dolewhip
Big Thunder Mountain Railroad...perfect first ride of the day! 🚂 03•05•18
Look at those happy faces! They have no idea what’s in store for them. Disneyland as an adult is so very different. 😂 Just got off our first ride of the day. Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. One of my favorites. It didn’t even exist the last time the husband was there. 🎢 03•05•18
From where I stand at Disneyland 🎠 03•05•18