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O r c h i d 🌿 02•24•18
Such pretty colors 🌸 02•24•18
#orchids #orchidsofinstagram
The neighborhood grocery store got in a plethora of orchids. I see an overabundance of orchid photos in my future (and in yours too). 😉 02•24•18
The Javelinas came for a visit. 🌵 02•24•18
It was a cloudy day ☁️ 02•19•18
One of these days the backyard will be something more than just a place to take pictures of clouds and sunsets and shoes. 📷 02•18•18
Yay! Still no weeds in the backyard. I really got my money’s worth hiring someone to come and pull them all. Some were taller than my head. I hope the weeds stay away for a very long time. 🌾 02•17•18
Backyard Lines ➿ 02•17•18
Waiting to pickup dinner. Had a nice chat with a snowbird. 🙂 02•17•18
My Work got a Starbucks. This may be a problem. ☕️ 02•16•18
#stefaniandayearofcups #ayearofcups #coffee #frappuccino
What’s happening? What’s going on here? Where are all these waves coming from? This has never happened to me before. I guess 100% humidity is actually good for something. 🧐 02•16•18
Yay! It’s cold enough to wear my new sweater. That I bought, last summer. ❄️ 02•16•18 | #fromwhereistand