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Happy 45th Birthday my love (yesterday #lategram) - we’ve grown so much & I’m forever grateful for the space we have been able to hold for one another. You’ve held me through grief, have been the rock for all of your girls, and have taught me so much about finding joy in being & in simplicity. I’ve loved how we’ve evolved together & am so excited for what’s to come. Can’t wait to celebrate you & our life together in the years to come. 🎂❤️😘✨
Happy 40th Birthday Franky, 
Today I celebrate you & all of the joy you brought me and my girls.
The pain of you not being here is etched in me. Yet, 38 years of beautiful memories make me feel so immensely blessed that I was chosen to be your sister.
You always made me feel like you were rooting for me. Like you saw me. Like you understand my pain, my dreams and believed I was worthy of having all that lived in my heart. I felt the same about you. And our friendship continues to bless my life.
In this new chapter of our relationship where I get to talk to you daily with my thoughts, your contagious smile and infectious laugh play on and carry me forward.
Thoughts of you & David being together only fill me with hope and possibility.
Thank you for helping me tune into your energy and your larger than life love - the two forces larger than death. The two that keep you with me always.
Sending you all of my love today & everyday.
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Your body, your heart & your mind is communicating w you all day long - which one do you most tune into?
Our minds try to convince us that ego is in control. Our bodies reveal our physical needs & our heart - our ♥️ is our connection to truth
Basically we have to undo what all of our conditioning has done - we have to learn to discern our rational mind & find the hell yeses in life w our hearts - all while taking care of our bodies
\\ It’s honestly a daily practice to rise above the mental chatter, to tap into the inner wisdom, to pause long enough to hear it
// But when we do MAGIC happens
It’s worth the daily time - so, so worth it
When clients come to me for weight loss
\\ I truthfully struggle - because really, in the grand scheme of things who cares if you’re 10 or 20 pounds lighter? Yes, I know ego does & no, I’m not discounting the health benefits of not burdening your body with extra weight (literally and in every other way)
// BUT letting go of the external shoulds & instead tapping into loving your body, thanking it for all it does, nourishing it with real food - this...
\\ This opens the gate to your soul - the inner you that’s been pulling at you, trying to get your attention while you’ve been in your head about what you should do, or what you should look like
// Reconnection to myself & for you to yourself is my highest desire
Today, this weekend - watch you mind. See who’s in control - your heart or you ego mind?
// I challenge you to tap into that inner knowing, see how that feels & if you’re open share what it says 💛💛 there is power in writing it 🙏🏼😘 much love 💛
Just simply love this & hope you do too. Happy Love Day ❤️💕 Thank you for your insight & sharing your journey @laura_mckowen
“There is nothing wrong with being a pig," says Shenzhan Liao, director of education at China Institute’s School of Chinese Studies.
This year I’m getting more connected to my hubby’s heritage. I decided to do a little research on what the year of the pig is expected to bring - hope you find some fun in it like I did 🤗
As life continues to move full speed ahead, from New Years to Chinese New Year, to now on the brink of valentine’s days...
It’s nice to remember to slow down. To take it all in and have fun along the way. Some of the year’s 🐖 reminders: 
1️⃣Pigs aren’t known to be the most active animals. If you’re feeling a little lazier this year, let yourself have a little slack and give yourself some time to see what you actually enjoy besides working your tail off. 
2️⃣ Let things be fun and entertaining rather than always disciplined & don’t force things to happen.
3️⃣The old saying, ‘happy as a pig in mud’ means we may subconsciously be more focused on laughing, playing and living through our senses than solving the deepest darkest secrets of the universe.
4️⃣It’s a great year to release the pressure to be perfect. 
5️⃣ It’s a good financial year & a year to be generous.
The year of the Earth pig hasn’t come around since 1959. This was the year Fidel Castro came to power in Cuba, the Dalai Lama fled Tibet, Hawaii became a state, and the peace treaty of Antarctica was signed. It was a pretty monumental year and those changes were lasting.
The pig is said to be festive and stable, which is a nice break for all of us. The energy is happy to enjoy the company of close loved ones, grounded and practical. It’s a year of getting closer to loved ones and finding a sense of home while still holding onto a sense of spirituality.
Embrace your inner pig & enjoy 💕What pig traits do you identify with 🐷⬇️
New week, new month, new possibilities
Every day we have the opportunity to start again
☀️ To release what is no longer serving you
To let go of limiting thoughts
☁️ To believe in your dreams, even if you’ve tried and failed, even when life details you, even when you really just don’t feel like it
Start again 
It’s a blank canvas
Have fun
Create what you’re scared to create
Release what you tell yourself others may think
Or how hard you think it may be
And simply enjoy creating - let it unfold
Release expectations, forced outcomes or staying stuck in your head 
Move & allow things to flow ✨
Get lost in the process & release the destination 
That’s where the magic happens
What are you nervous and excited to create or release this month👇🏿❤️❤️
Holy crap 🤦🏻‍♀️
You know those days when fear wants to win, when so much doesn’t go as planned
When maybe your reaching a new level in life but fear keeps trying to convince you it won’t happen
That’s your not enough
Not worthy
The internal battle is real
That’s when you need to embrace fear 
When you most want to push it away
So when I’m a big jumbled mess of anxiety 
I go to the beach & today I stumbled on this beauty @rockartfortheheart 🏝 #powerofnature #powerofkindness 
In moments....
I’m laughing 
Reminded to get out of my head
And back to this moment
Where everything is actually pretty 
Fing amazing
Yes in the past there’s pain, in the future there’s fear & uncertainty but
When I’m actually here
Life is pretty great ✨#upperlimitproblems 
What moves you from anxiety to joy🔽
Got this from one of my favorites @lewishowes.
This is pretty much my mantra. I make sure I get up before anyone else daily so I can fill my cup - for me that’s journaling, working out a few times a week, meditating, #matcha....without #mymiraclemornings I wouldn’t be able to show up for my family, my clients...anyone....and when I don’t a grouchier version of me shows up.🤷🏻‍♀️
I’ve been so inspired to see my #zenandtoned challenge women show up for themselves.
It’s funny, as women we think we can give, give & give - forget about our needs, wants, desires....
But if we forget to give to ourselves first, to take time to tune in....eventually everyone misses out on getting to experience the best version of us because stress, burnout & resentment take over.👎🏼
Women wear a zillion hats - we deserve to reconnect w ourselves daily + everyone wins.🙌🏼
What lights you up, sparks joy for you? How do you build it in daily? I’d love to know 💛✨🤗👇
This week doing my zen + toned challenge I am reminded of the power & strength of community & sisterhood.
Feeling especially blessed for all of the women that have been there for me during so many stages of my life - motherhood, career change, homeschooling, grief, joy - all of it.
We truly are so much stronger together.
Please tag a woman that inspires you✨👇
Let’s take a second to honor all the women that lift your soul. ✨
If I tagged you it’s because I value you, appreciate you & am thankful for your inspiration.💛
Loving yourself and remembering you are always enough is the path to freedom. As @daniellelaporte beautifully reminds us...”The journey has to feel the way you want the destination to feel.”✨💛 📷 @drwillcole
Going into 2019 with a lot of appreciation for all of the moments in 2018. Wishing every one of you a glorious 2019.🥳
If optimal health is one of your goals, like it always is for me, my gift to you is my #freehealth quiz (link in bio).🤗
This picture was 2 years ago - Christmas Eve. We all gathered like we do every Christmas Eve....full of family and all that entails like all of the previous years. Yet what prevailed most was a sincere joy to all be together. My brother & his wife were expecting their second baby. Our extended family was growing and we all looked forward to future Christmas Eves together as one big extended family.
We had no idea that would be our last Christmas together...all of us. My only brother was supposed to be around to watch his son grow....To hold his daughter. To be with us this year and every year that followed. This is the second Christmas without him.
Yesterday we all still gathered. Last year the pain was still too raw. We are now in the full swing of life going on...there’s no other choice. We celebrate, we cherish one another, we rejoice in the kids & we honor him as well as our other departed family and what was. Yet, we remember to be here now.
We still find joy. 
As anyone that’s experienced grief knows the pain is folded in between the creases of life.
Sometimes the pain overtakes you and you simply lose all control. Other times, you make space for grief and let it in.
Yet, regardless, you are left to accept a new normal. And surrender to it.
Franky, I know you’re around. I know your spirit is bigger than death. Yet, my flesh longs to see your smile, to hear your laugh, to hug you, to see you kiss your babies.
There’s something about this human experience that makes you grateful when you feel someone understands what lives in your heart.
Grateful for strong women using their voice @jennakutcher @elizabeth_gilbert_writer & @thefreckledfox - thank you for sharing your grief journey. Thank you for being an example of letting grief coexist with joy. Thank you for stepping into what’s possible. Hearing your stories offers hope.
Today once again reveals happiness and deep grief can coexist. Strength and fragility can both prevail.
Here’s to overflowing gratitude and deep’s to feeling it all and loving all of those that forever live in our hearts.
Merry Christmas.🎄