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Kicked cancer's butt and now I wear clothes on the internet. #THRIVING

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If I absolutely must Summer...
Most people go a bit more casual on Fridays. Me? I like to get dressed up for my favorite day of the week! 💃🏻
One of the suggested locations that pops up on Instagram when I’m at home is “Appealing Party.” I’m intrigued.
Sharing my favorite linen jumpsuits on the blog today because don’t we all just want to be wearing linen right now? #linkinbio
Giddy on the inside because I took this photo in my...wait for it...backyard!
Little by little. #thriveabode
Snapshot from this weekend in my new favorite @madewell shirt. T-minus three days until we move. 😳
Coffee is NEAT! ☕️👌🏻
Yeah, this baby came home with me. Can’t pass up a great collared shirt! What’s everyone doing this weekend? Comment your plans below using only emojis! 👇🏻
This photo was taken only a couple of hours after we said, “goodbye,” to Raisins. We had just eaten breakfast and were walking to the car and these flowers looked so lovely, I actually plucked one off to keep for him. It’s currently being pressed in a book.

I miss him so much and find I’m often caught off guard by my grief in the most unexpected moments. While the pain is still immeasurable, it dulls a little bit with each passing day.

There will always be the most special place in my heart for my sweet Raisins Bean. ❤️
Beginning to feel a tad bit more like a human today.
Currently learning that it’s vitally important to take care of myself in a really big way. What do you do to care for your mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical well-being?? Drop a comment! 👇🏻