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Embracing self-care and all that it entails. Loving the new Jasmine. Sea. Sun. scent from @wearlively. #livinglively #wearlively
Step into my office...
Survey: What’s your favorite store/brand for lazy day loungewear? Asking for a friend.
These joggers are from @aerie and they’re darn near the softest, most comfortable thing I own. They also strike the perfect balance between casual and semi-put-together.
What other lazy girl brands should I know about? Drop a comment 👇🏻
Clearly having a very good hair moment. 🌬
Thank you, @daniluecht, for making all of my wall basket dreams come true! 🙌🏻
You know it’s a good day when we’re early enough to stop for coffee on the way to work.
The real question though is, hot or iced?
YES YES YES, but with white upper cabinets, a very dark shade of charcoal lower cabinets, and some pretty brass hardware. *Mic drop*
The only thing that could get me out of the air conditioned house on a day like today.
Some nice lighting in the office this morning. ✨
I think we need to get this guy a commercial deal because the camera loves him almost as much as he loves it.
I guess you could say I enjoy neutrals.
Putting the finishing touches on Raisins’ Corner with this sweet little half-circle shelf.
Cozy little corner dedicated to the one and only #RaisinsCheeseburger.