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Our indie band full of drummers 😄

Thx for the video @evansdrumheads 👊🏻 One month ago at #PASIC18 with @thebigtroublemusic 
#tbt #percussion #drums #marimba #evansdrumheads #singersongwriter #thebigtrouble #throwbackthursday
Making drummer faces with the band 👀 💚

@thebigtroublemusic 📸: @hpkcreativearts
All smiles with these two in Indy for #pasic18 😁

Next stop is Florida in January with @thebigtroublemusic and @unfpercussion ☀️😁 @ivan.drums @madeleinemcqn 📷: @hpkcreativearts
A year ago I wrote a song with @ivan.drums and @madeleinemcqn that would become Echo Chamber. After the election, this line kept repeating in my head: “you go into your room, and I go in to mine” ⁣
I felt like as a country we weren’t using the same words to argue about the topics. We’d just go into our separate rooms and commiserate or celebrate depending on which room you were in. And that broke my heart a little bit.⁣
Anyways, the opening lyrics became: ⁣
You, and your echoes / go into your room / and I into mine /⁣
Echoes, are all we’ve got so / I still can’t hear you / fall into line ⁣
So, easy to see / what I already / know to be true ⁣
But, steppin’ outside it / something familiar / starts to shine through ⁣
And then the song moves to this 11/8 + 4/4 overlap, and gets loud and overtaken by a big drum jam which is fun and also maybe a little symbolic? 🤔⁣
Thx to @hpkcreative for this shot of the @thebigtroublemusic closing our show at #PASIC18 And thanks to the amazing musicians joining us on stage to shred on this tune. I’m still riding the high. Song starts with smiles and claps and ends with a big drum jam. How it should be 👊🏻⁣
📸 by: @hpkcreativearts 🎶 by: @ivan.drums @madeleinemcqn @thebigtroublemusic @aaronstaebell @gmc_drum @laganpercussion @mariafinkperc @elliotcole @mrmarimba @gabriella.mayer @stella.perlic #percussion #drums #pasic #marimba #voice
Where’s 1?!?! 🤔 Another clip from Andrew Morales (@amorales13). Probably one of the trickier sections I’ve written, and honestly I wasn’t entirely sure it was going to work... until he sent me this! Rock on Andrew. ⁣
Sheet music for WAKE UP is now available. If you’re at #PASIC18 swing by the Steve Weiss booth to check out a hard copy. ⁣
#percussion #marimba #drums #audio #newmusic #mallets #percussive
For 5.0 marimba + drums + track, WAKE UP is available at Steve Weiss Music at #PASIC18 and from my website 🎶 ⁣
The phrase sounds totally different depending on how you say it:⁣
“It’s time to wake up” to a loved one in the morning.😃⁣
“WAKE UP!” To the driver drifting into your lane.😡⁣
“She won’t wake up...” 😥⁣
After stubbing my toe “Gah! Wake up Worden!” 😖⁣
This music is named for the tone behind the words more than the words themselves. We say wake up because we want something to change. ⁣
I wrote WAKE UP for Andrew Morales (@amorales13), who commissioned the work and has been an awesome collaborator. Especially as I try some things I haven’t tried before... Thanks Andrew 👊🏻⁣
#percussion #marimba #newmusic #wakeup @steveweissmusic #drums #sheetmusic #music #mallets #composition #percussivearts #pasic #wakeup

Really psyched about this clip from Andrew Morales (@amorales13), who commissioned WAKE UP for 5.0 marimba, drums, and track. Thx for bringing this music to life Andrew! And yes, he plays kick drum, tom, wood plank, and freakin 4-mallet marimba at the same time 🤭

Sheet music available from yours truly, and hard copies are at Steve Weiss Music, just in time for #PASIC18 😁

#percussion #marimba #newmusic #wakeup #pasic #percussivearts @steveweissmusic #steveweissmusic
Morning hoops🏀We still on for our 3v3 at PASIC, right? 🤔 @ivan.drums @itsnotaxylophone @joshuaquillen @liquidrum @gmc_drum 
1. The jump shot so I can shoot over all you short percs.
2. The reverse, for when it gets physical in the paint. 
Aaaaand, commence trash talk. 🗑
Hey! Honest talk: I’ve been rejected for more opportunities than I’ve been awarded — jobs, grants, competitions, etc., and that’s part of our industry, and part of being a musician, and part of being human. It took me a long time to learn this and even still, rejections are never fun for me. And I hope young musicians especially, remember that this is normal while they’re starting their work, and maybe extra challenging if they’re surrounded by people who appear to have it all together — in person, or online. So this is a friendly reminder to keep persisting at whatever the dream is right now. And to be patient. I wrote more about rejection and what I do about it in a two part op-ed for Rhythm Scene where I also talk about my job at NEC and building a life in music. I hope you’ll check it out and let me know what you think (link in bio). Happy weekend ya’ll 👊🏻 #rejection #success #music #entrepreneurship #percussion #drums #percussivearts #pas #rhythmscene
Here’s the end of my tune BOLT. 🎧It was such an honor to write BOLT for my high school to premiere at Carnegie Hall. Thank you to the students, teachers, and parents who brought this music to life. Extra special that we could dedicate this in memory of our friend and faithful Band Dad, Craig Dorste. @dvpercussion .
BOLT for 18 percussionists is published and now available for performance. .
About two-thirds of the way through a run, if I’m lucky, I’ll get a bolt of energy. Sometimes it’s triggered by music, sometimes by pushing through fatigue. I start to run faster. I smile without even trying, and all possibilities feel like opportunities — it’s euphoric! Science says this is a mixture of biology and psychology, with endorphins and other hormones coursing through the body. Runners call it “runner’s high.” Artists call it “flow state.” Call it what you will, but the bolt is elusive. It doesn’t always come. In fact, many times it won’t. But I think that’s part of its appeal.
P.S. You may find it interesting to keep an ear out for a broken heartbeat rhythm woven throughout this music. It's heard most clearly at the end, but is always there in some form. To me, this connects the runner's heartbeat to this work's dedication.
Very happy to share I’ve been promoted to Assistant Dean & Faculty of Entrepreneurship at NEC. Teaching 2 new courses this fall (Musicians’ Health + Grant Writing) and co-leading the Entrepreneurship department with my colleague Annie Phillips @annieclarinet We even have matching blue headshots! 🤓

Grateful for my first two years working at @necmusic and looking forward to a great year 3 here in Boston! .
#entrepreneurship #newenglandconservatory #music #arts #highered #NEC #herewego #boston
Thanks @adamdetour for this new shot! 📷🙏