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These are my favorite emails where my patients problems stem from losing weight and needing new clothes! “Happy Sunday! I am off the detox now and rarely break out in hives anymore thankfully. I only notice it when I eat a whole lot of sugar. I’ve noticed that I’ve lost 17 pounds since December and I’m down from a size 4 to a 2. At what point should I be concerned about my weight loss? I’m cheap and don’t want to keep buying clothes. 

Imagine if having to buy clothes were your new problem?! I love my patients and their commitment to their health!

To jump in on my FREE weight loss webinar, click the link in my bio!
Tired of carrying around extra weight, not having enough energy, or feeling bad? I’m committed to doing whatever it takes to get the message of real health to as many as possible! 
Check out the link in my bio to sign up for a FREE weight loss webinar!
Tonight we kicked off the 21 Day Weight Loss Challenge with Hope Community Church in Jefferson, Ohio, 9-1/2 hours away! Excuses stop people from taking action, not distance! Can’t wait to cheer them on and see all the life change that happens! 
Why just let the kids go down the slide!? #livingooddaily 💚
The Mayor of Cary, Harold Weinbrecht stopped by the Real Health Experience: Make Fit Happen this evening! He encouraged the audience to make their health a priority, that it affects everything!
Love this woman! Talking life several 1000 feet up! @jessicalivingood
Sharing the heart of what we do never gets old. 
You get one life and we are committed to helping people take that serious! 
Are you ready to lose weight, Get Freedom From Meds, Overcome Conditions, and Finally Get Healthy, see you all in just a few hours!

We need to fix our focus. What are you focusing on, your sickness or building health?
A site full of recipes, natural remedies for health conditions, fitness tips, resources to find people the care they need, and more. 
Go check it out, kick it around, share it with your friends and family and watch it unfold! I'm pumped if you can not tell! 
I know the impact will be so far reaching!
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We will be closed today, but that doesn't stop you from doing a 10 Minute Workout wherever you are! Get the whole family involved, enjoy your time off the roads and make the most of your day!