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Standard eyelid surgery can reduce the appearance of ageing short term, however only the most advanced surgery can return the eyelids to their natural proportions, prior to the onset of ageing.
The Centre for Plastic Surgery use the safest,  most advanced surgical techniques to achieve long-lasting results without a trace of surgery.
Visit our website (link in bio) to discover more.

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Pictured are some of our favourite @cosmedix_ products available at The Skin & Injecting Clinic on behalf of Dr Bryan Mendelson.
Define and Refine by @cosmedix_ are the perfect additions to your skincare regime, helping to fight the signs of premature ageing.
To discover the full range of clinical grade skincare products available at The Skin & Injecting Clinic, call (03) 9826 0977.

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Dermaplaning is an exfoliation skin treatment in which a dermaltherapist uses a surgical blade to gently scrape the surface of the skin, removing dead skin cells and unwanted facial hairs. Dermaplaning is a completely painless treatment that assists to even skin tone, improve makeup application and overall complexion. To book a dermaplaning appointment with our dedicated Dermal Clinician Leanne (pictured), call (03) 9826 0977.

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Few skin treatments can treat conditions associated with sun damage, vascular concerns and natural skin ageing in one visit.
BroadBand Light (BBL) ™ uses gentle heat and light energy to stimulate cell regeneration and boost the body’s natural ability to fight the appearance of ageing. 
Visit our blog (link in bio) to discover more about BBL treatments from our Dermal Clinician, Leanne.

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How To: Brighten Your Outlook. RATIONALE’s luxurious PhotoDynamic Eye Cream SPF15 nourishes and protects the delicate eye zone with its light-filled formula, while dialling down the look of dark circles.
Come and visit The Skin & Injecting Clinic on behalf of Dr Bryan Mendelson to find out how RATIONALE’s eye creams can boost your Essential Six routine.
Dr Bryan Mendelson is a world renowned facial surgeon, dedicated to the individual journey of each and every patient.
To discover more about Dr Bryan Mendelson or the procedures available at the Centre for Facial Plastic Surgery, call (03) 9826 0977 today.

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Honey is one of many foods that benefit the skin both inside and out. It is the perfect substitute for refined sugar and a great addition to homemade facemasks as it is naturally antibacterial and helps to fight impurities.
To learn more about the benefits of skin nutrition, book a consultation with our Dermal Clinician, Leanne, at The Skin & Injecting Clinic on behalf of Dr Bryan Mendelson. Call (03) 9826 0977 today.

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Did you know, the average person touches their face more than two thousand times per day? This can lead to an avoidable build-up of impurities and bacteria. 
Regularly washing your hands and avoiding the face throughout daily movements, can reduce the occurrence of breakouts.
Our dedicated Dermal Clinician, Leanne, at The Skin & Injecting Clinic, can help to improve the health of your skin. Call (03) 9826 0977 to book a consultation today.

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Skin rejuvenation (pigmentation) removes undesired pigmentation on the skin, such as sun and age spots using focused, broad-spectrum light applied to the skin. 
The Skin & Injecting Clinic on behalf of Dr Bryan Mendelson offer a range of non-invasive treatments that help fight the ageing process and even skin tone.
Visit our website (link in bio) to find out more.

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Strawberries are grown all year-round in Australia, which means we can enjoy a fruity smoothie in summer and delicious jams in winter. Rich in vitamin C, strawberries assist in boosting the immune system without the winter calories.
Discover how to nourish your skin inside and out by calling the Skin & Injecting Clinic today on (03) 9826 0977.

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Today, Dr Bryan Mendelson attends the 16th International Congress of the Oriental Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (OSAPS) in Bali • “Leveraging Innovations, Collaboration, and Technology to Fulfil High Standard of Service.” #osaps #bali #facialsurgery #aestheticsurgery
Discover how the Centre for Facial Plastic Surgery can assist you in looking your very best, by making an appointment with one of our dedicated Patient Coordinators. Call (03) 9826 0977 today.

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