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😷 GP with a special interest in #medicalaestethics @antiagingart 💉 Key Opinion Leader & Trainer for Institute Hyalual, Dermav & Biofibre☎️ 0114830881


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Recent statistics show that 43% of Women experience some level of sexual difficulty and it is estimated that 30% of woman have no sex drive at all 😱Furthermore 11.4-73% of women have reported experiencing urinary incontinence 💧as a common health problem 😐
The V-shot aka Vaginal rejuvenation using PRP is offered at Anti-Aging Art 🌟by Dr Elfrieda Fourie. She is a KOL for DermaV and a trainer for the V-shot procedure.😷 The V-shot is a simple and quick procedure aiming to help rejuvenate vaginal tissue🌸enhance sexual response 🌸and help with urinary incontinence 🌸
✌🏽How it's done : After sufficient numbing, activated platelets taken from your own blood source are injected into the area.
✌🏽Down time: NONE
✌🏽Results: can be immediate, but may take a few weeks to be fully realised. 🌟Proven to last up to 18 months. 
Patients can expect to see a difference in improved 🌸sexual function, 🌸decreased urinary incontinence, 🌸improvements in post menopausal vaginal atrophy and 🌸reduced episodic cystitis .
📝NOTE: results may vary between patients.

Contact us ☎ 011 483 0881 | 🌎 info@antiagingart.co.za to book your consultation 
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My Motivation for the weekend 🌟 "The box doesn't exist" 📦
I've often been asked why I try to do new things all the time, instead of sticking to the old ways. Or, why is a doctor building a plane? 🙄 It does sometimes almost affect me, but then I remind my self that the box that people use to define roles in our world only exist in their own heads. Don't let anyone else define your barriers & limitations or tell you what your capabilities should be😁Work hard to remove self-limiting beliefs to push your boundaries everyday and realise that there are no limitations to your creativity and capability, except the ones you allow to exist. Have faith in yourself and the Universe 🚀🔝😊💥
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Dr Reza Mia 😷 and Dr Elfieda Fourie 😷have been named KOL's for DermaV, and will be offering training on various procedures💉 including the V-shot, P-shot, Diamond Facials as well as Platelet Rich Plasma for Tissue injuries in combination with our Physiotherapist's treatment strategies for both Sports 🏌️🏼‍♀️⚽️🏈🏊🏼‍♀️and Women's Health indications✌🏽 Contact us ☎ 011 483 0881 | 🌎 info@antiagingart.co.za to book your consultation and to find out more info on training 📝 @dermav_pharmaceuticals 
Thanks team anti aging art and everyone that helped with this effort. Really hope that we can do this every year and do more of this type of stuff throughout the year. A little bit goes a long way. 
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🌟 We would like to say a big thank you to The Soul Provider as well as the following people for assisting with all the blanket donations and deliveries @ginaathans @drelfriedafourie @raziabmia @drrezamia @jasonspirit @mano9166 @blush.southafrica @cherise_theron  @911ashen as well as Dr Dawjee, Lavida Fatima, “N” , “Blanket Drive” , Raeesa Hair , Thamaray Naicker, Mr Nunes, Hezla, Julie Blankets who we were not able to tag. We were able to donate almost 700 blankets to people all over Johannesburg to help keep them warm this winter ❄️
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Yaaaaay, we did it! I’m your new Miss International South Africa ‘18... 1st of all I’d like to thank God for entrusting me with this title. To the  @kingandqueenofsa organization, the judges, my family, friends and everyone who believed in me and who supported me, your kind words and motivation has seen me through it all and without all of you I wouldn’t be in this position! I truly appreciate it, love love love you all... we are going to @missinternationalofficial baby🎉💥❤️😘❤️#missinternationalsa18 #missqueenofsa18
Presenting our unique combination treatment results yesterday at #FaceCongressUK 🌟🚀🔝🇿🇦 #UltraRederm with @roxanneashkarphysio 👍🏻 @hyalual_sa @hyalualuk It has been a great conference 🌟
Today at #FaceCongress2018🇬🇧 So nice to have SA supporters in our presentation today in London 🇿🇦 #Friends #Support #UltraRederm @hyalual_sa @hyalualuk
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Eid Mubarak 🌟 to all our colleagues, patients and friends celebrating ☪️
Learning a lot today at the Pre Congress Talks at FACE Congress UK 🌟 looking forward to speaking tomorrow #FaceCongress2018🇬🇧
Thank you @a2magazine for featuring our research on #Redermalization and #TherapeuticUltrasound. Get your copy Winter 2018 Issue 26 @roxanneashkarphysio @drelfriedafourie @antiagingart 🚀🔝😀🌟
We will be presenting at the FACE Conference UK 🇬🇧 this week 🌟 excited to take our research and methods abroad and bring back some new and fresh ideas  #FaceConference #Learn #Teach #MedicalAesthetics #Physiotherapy #Skills #MondayMotivation #MondayInspiration 🇿🇦🇬🇧🚀🌟👆🏻🔝
Thank you to all my followers for your unwaivering support, please check out our new 🌍🌍 interactive websites for more info 🌟 and don't forget to follow my business page @antiagingart for info on the latest products and promotions 👍🏻🌟 Happy Sunday 🚀🔝🌟☺️#Repost @antiagingart with @Rep0stApp
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🌍🌍🌍UPGRADE ALERT 🌍🌍🌍Thank you to all our social media followers, we value and appreciate your support, comments and DM's and we will continue to keep you updated on the latest happenings in our practices 🌟to find out more detail on certain treatments, processes, products and therapies, please visit our new and improved interactive websites 🌍antiagingart.co.za and 🌍drrezamia.com to find out more #website #socialmedia #antiagingart #drrezamia #physiotherapy #skin #skincare #antiaging #medicalaesthetics #health #beauty #sunday