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#HappyWeekend !! 🎊 Blowing you all a Big Kiss alongside this sweetheart @lizbeth4beauty . 🎊
#ParentalUnits 👨‍👩‍👧 #LurveEm
Presenting at the Directors Guild Awards with wings on my shoulders. 🕊 #TBT #DGA
#Chuffed 👩🏻‍🌾 📸 @_charcharbinks_
🏷 @_charcharbinks_ 🏷
Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers out there, & especially to my fav’rit one... #LaMiaMamma 💋💋
I’ve had the opportunity to play non-fictional characters three times in film: Lenore Kandel (poet), Genya Ravan (rock musician), and Vera Atkins (spymistress). In the 1966, Lenore’s book of poetry was impounded (censored) on the grounds that it "excited lewd thoughts”. She had written about sex from a woman’s perspective. 
The book’s censorship led to one of San Francisco's longest-running court cases. In 1974, finally a federal court overturned the prosecution.
Here are a few photos of my fictional Lenore alongside the real-life, impressive Lenore.
The #KatherineHepburn #CaryGrant & #JimmyStewart film #PhiladelphiaStory was inspired by the family and life that was lived in this bucolic home. Visiting the space was a true gift. #FilmHistory 🎬
Big plans today... I gotsa GOAAAL!!! 🥅
Throwback to fun, fuzzy & colorful... like all the best people I know. 😉 #TBT
#TBT Fun Fact: In World War 2, nylons were scarce (so much was), so women would draw ✍🏻 the seam up the back of their legs. #Beauty #Fashion